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Full Version: Photoshop/gimp Tutorials And Resources
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video tutorials for different effects/techniques.

Tutorials ->

use photoshop filters/plugins in GIMP ->

and finally Flock ->
Flock is one file, containing over 300 files inside. Flock contains 153 Fonts, that self install, 158 brush packs for Photoshop 7 and up, self install, and over 50 additional packs for Photoshop 7 and up. Each pack, contains about 30-40 presets, all in one file, self install. We would estimate that Flock contains over 7000 individual presets, in addition to the 150 fonts. All inone file, one download, one install

Free version of Photoshop -> Photoshop Express
has the basic functionality of the full photoshop software.
Note that the beta is for US residents only at the moment and will be extended to the rest of the world eventually.
Wow, awesome. Thanks for the links, asunder.
No problem, I figured someone could benefit from my time surfing the web.

De-aging in photoshop
Basics of curves
Vanish Objects with the Clone Tool
18 useful photoshop shortcuts:
70 Beauty Retouching tutorials

edit new stuff:
How to master photoshop in just 1 week
Woah! thank you asunder for all the links smile.gif they really helped!
Try out GIMPTalk. Their forums are full of tutorials.

And for renders, try out Planet Renders.

Hope that helps.
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