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Full Version: Requesting Ed X Rose Fan Art For My Fanfic!
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<Edited the thread title from "Ed X Rose Fan Art" to "Requesting Ed X Rose Fan Art For My Fanfic!" to better describe the content of the thread. 03/10/07 ~Tombow>

yo! this is my first post. yay. anyways i was wondering if any good fan artists coud make me some ed x rose fanart since i suck at drawing and i want to see some smile.gif
i've looked everywhere and have barely seen any.
i am currently working on a fanfiction, which i can post up on my FFN soon, so maybe if i get any responses, you can make some for me that go with my fanfic?
thanks in advance! happy.gif
@fullmetalrose - Welcome to the board!!
Umm.. Let me edit your thread title a bit, so that people would know you are looking for Ed X Rose Fan Art.
And, I'm going to keep this thread open for a while so that you may get some responses.
But, normally, it's better if you go to artists' threads, check out each artist's style, and post on the thread of the artist(s) you like, and see if that artist(s) can draw EdxRose art for you. biggrin.gif

BTW, we'd love to have your fanfic on our Fanfics sub-forum also!! ^^ And, since you are new to posting, if you like, come to Newcomers thread, and post your "hi." biggrin.gif
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