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Full Version: Adopting And Not Birthing
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I was watching a tv show (which sucks and ive only watched it once, called Bromwell High) where they made this joke, where a couple was talking about adopting a child. They were asked if they were infertile, but they answered that no, they were in fact super fertile, and the reason they wanted to adopt was that with all those homeless orphan kids lying around, it would be an insult to just have a child. It was just a joke, but later I started thinking about it and it actually made a lot of sense: with so many poor kids needing a home, doesn't it make sense that even fertile couples adopted children instead of birthing more?

I know that people want to have their own children, but it is just a suggestion. What do you think?
Most people thinks that giving birth is passing generations... When they choose to adopt instead of giving birth, their generation stopped... and both the parents will be the last generation on earth...

IMO, child adoption is wise fact there area a lot of homeless kids out there desperate and in great thirst for mom's love and dad's care... They seriously needs a home with their own room furnished with fluffy mattress and a table to study, to play...

In some cases I heard, most people isn't willing to adopt orphans to raise is primary because they always think the parents of orphans are baddies and thus the child they adopt will be a bad guy too when they raise them up... Discrimination, in short...

In some cases too, they[The adopter parents] doesn't want their effort wasted in raising up a stranger's child with the intend of the child to be a successful person in future. But in the end things doesn't turn out the way they want...They doesn't want to be in deep disappointment I guess...
I think too many people want their own child, a little person that has been created by them. Thats not to say they cannot love a child the woman has not given birth to, its all about preference. My great aunt, and then my mothers cousin were adopted and that was because my Great Great Grandmother wanted to help a child who had been left at the Salvation Army, and in the case of my Great Aunt she wanted to adopt because she knew how important it was to children to have a home.
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