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I was just wondering if we should be provided with the latest gadgets at schools such as laptops for studies and other things , for should we just follow the traditional trend with the note-book and pens ?

Many schools in Japan have started using laptops instead of note-book and other study materials and my teacher just tells us the disadvantages !
Indignant Judgment
To have laptops, yes because students wouldnt have to carry around so many notebooks and folders, the only downside to them is that students go onto the internet and do other things instead of taking note or whatever it is that they should be doing. People that have the A's and B's are probably getting D's because of e-mail to their friends and getting online. So they are at a disadvantage and advantage to school society.
Than there can be no need to proved internet at schools !
Indignant Judgment
True, but teachers wouldn't use a copier fo produce worksheets/test, therefore having put their worksheets in a computer folder and one student could sent their answers to a friend to use for cheating by putting a worksheet into their folder, if that made any sense
Thats simple , when your making your school hi-tech , you can just ask the teachers to keep their worksheets and test in pen-drives or ext. Hard disk.
Let the teacher have access to the main LAN system in a class and let her put passwords for the folders and categories she likes !
Indignant Judgment
Yeah, there we go! happy.gif
But certainly there other disadvantages to that too !

I'm if we start using the laptops and computer for doing our projects and reports that would spoil our creativity , and we would be totally dependent on the machines !
Indignant Judgment
Yeah, and if the power had gone out, then what would you do?
UPS system and Generators

But thats a good point there biggrin.gif
While all subjects can be done using laptops and computer, Rules can be enforced to control the usage of laptops and computers... For instance, all art subjects must be 100% human work. Laptops and computers can only be used for researches purposes...
^what happens to referring to books and self opinions and self created studies ?
When given the chance to tap the keyboards and clicking the mouse on LCD screens who bothers to flip thru numerous books for hours and hours?

Just face the reality...we are getting lazier with technology getting more sophisticated...
^yea i totally agree to that, but i still find going through book fun !
Flipping pages feels somehow better than just getting the info on the net !
Just to add another point, flipping thru books actually made people gain more knowledge...for instance when flipping thru the dictionary for a specific word.... there will be a few words that caught out attention... That literally means we learn more using books...
yea , thats right , infact reading stuff at net is somehow less appealing to me than reading books
My former school is among the schools in Malaysia which is categorized in the "SMART School" Category...

My whole school is Wi-Fi enabled and we even have a "Cyber Cafe" to hang in after school... But teachings in my school still uses books and whiteboards and we write using pens on exercise books... Literally...we are required to do projects using computers but homeworks must all be handwritten...

IMO that is a well balanced method if technology should be implement in school... Laptops in schools should strictly only for copying note purposes and homeworks should be done by hand... In a is wise to introduce technology in schools but without making students lazier...
I think we should stick to the traditional pen and paper method of instruction. at least till high school. Technology is really too distracting...not to mention expensive.We should probably increase the salaries of teachers instead.
I agree with Asu, also, by having all your work on one item if it gets stolen or lost then that's all your work gone. Not many people bother burning things onto disc.
Also, if you all had laptops and with increasing use of Wi-fi technology kids will spend most of their lessons IM'ing each other or sending each other Goatse.
people are beginning to rely too much on technology these days. plus, all that money to pay for the labtops..could be going somewhere else where it is needed more, like africa or something. not to mention what about repair costs and upgrades. but, some schools already do have that, laptops for every student.
Night Shadow Alchemist
my school does, most students have laptops and we have smart boards in every class room. ive got a laptop which i use for everything. But the school really rips us off becuase they put loads of crap software on it and then put that into the overall costs. It pisses me off but i love having my laptop its almost worth paying for.
QUOTE(Night Shadow Alchemist @ Jun 16 2007, 05:11 PM) [snapback]553013[/snapback]
my school does, most students have laptops and we have smart boards in every class room. ive got a laptop which i use for everything. But the school really rips us off becuase they put loads of crap software on it and then put that into the overall costs. It pisses me off but i love having my laptop its almost worth paying for.

yes but what about the people who can't really afford to have a laptop? or might not be able to take care of it properly? well that won't be the case for those prestigious schools...
Night Shadow Alchemist
our shcool isnt pretigious, its not private school or anything its a state school i htink so anyone can get it. We have great tec and yeh i know not everyone can afford it so our school pays for half the laptop for those who cant afford to buy it themselves. At the end of the three years when the laptop contract ends we get to keep the laptops biggrin.gif
While tech is indeed good, I personally think we should stick with our pen and paper method. For one, it's easier (for me, not sure about anyone else) to remember any notes I wrote down if I actually physically wrote it.
Money from buying computers/laptops for every student could instead, be spent on hiring better teachers. On the money issue, I'm not really sure that every family could afford a laptop for each child in the family.
Technology keeps changing. To keep up with it would be impossible for most families, money-wise.
And we keep becoming lazier. smile.gif
Plus, when it comes to state tests like the HSC, your examiners aren't going to supply you computers to type your essay on. Now that would just be silly! XD If we don't practice writing now, what will we do if we must write a ten page essay in an hour or so? I really don't think they'll supply laptops for each student..XDD

However, technology can be a real asset when it comes to teaching material. For an example, our school recently installed smartboards in each of our comp rooms. If we have the occasional lesson in a comp room, the teacher doesn't need every student to crowd around a single computer to demonstrate. I still don't agree on the idea of laptops though...XD

I like computers, but I really think we should keep the same system, at least until we have a need for everyday use of tech like in uni or something.. I don't even think I'd want one for uni...

EDIT: Sorry If I sound like I'm writing an essay..
Night Shadow Alchemist
it doesnt bother me anymore cause ive finished school now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sorry for going off topic
That One Dude
In our school, it's required to have laptops. Personaly, I think it's a little more organized, because our books are in CD's and they are soooo much lighter, smile.gif and we can write down our work on WORD and surf the internet for information right in the classroom, which makes everything so much easier.

But when they are reffering to 'technology', it isn't just laptops, it's everything technological in general... If the schools had computers right in the classrooms and it wouldn't be necesary for us to buy it, then there wouldn't be that problem with the money and such. And also, we need not be lazy. Physical education can prevent that smile.gif

Because I can't doodle on a computer. dry.gif

Plus, I'm one of those kids easily distracted by computers. (ADD doesn't help) I tried doing one of my courses online before....didn't work so I did it through traditional correspondance with books. And just look at what I do all day at work. XDDD; At school, I'd be no better.
well I think it's a good idea but I am in a strange situation.
I go to a type of home school where all my classes are online, its considered the same as a oublic school so Im not missing out on anything like a high school diploma or scholarships but its harder then public school. We use an online text book called glencoe and we have passwords to get into our accounts. As for the falling behind thing we go to the campus once a week(and take PE two times a week) then check in with our teachers, if we fall behind our parents get calls from the teachers then if that doesnt help we have to sign a contract and so forth untill we get expelled.
Yeah... just ask if you want to know more.
I think we should use laptops at least just for notes and stuff.At the school I'm at they give us so much home work it's not even funny and I have like 10 notebooks so it's hard to look for a certain one when you have all of them with you.If you had a laptop you could use the word for notes it would help alot for me.Home work should be done by hand though so you could improve your hand writing.This is just my opinion though.
EniviD EiraM
YES ...

reference books are effective but putting up film showing about a subject will gain interest from the students and more information ...

laptops are efficient and handy for busy students

generally, schools that use technology is great but schools must put a limit for someway .. and they should make studying sound interestinf, fun, and educational smile.gif
Katya Martin
I'd stay on the side of moderation. Laptops for the class are a great thing in some instances; my high school English class got to use school laptops occasionally on projects, and they were pretty useful, but I don't think they should be used for everything.

Now that I'm in college (for computer science even) and my laptop's become like an extra limb, I've realized disadvantages to having it out in class all the time; while it's mad useful for notes and such, it also has the internet, and I lose more attention to my email than I do to doodling on notes. It also depends on subject; it's great to have in programming lectures, because I can try out the techniques the professor's teaching us, and history and the like are all right because I can just take notes in Word, but maths and laptops just don't work; it's much easier to write down equations than work with the formula editor, and because of the bad teaching and incomprehensible material of this particular class I just end up on the internet. School machines, of course, would have blocks on the internet (no wireless internet would be impractical for a number of reasons) but in my experience a determined high-school student will usually get around the blocks and then tell their friends how.

Teaching with technology's great, too, if the teacher knows how to use it; Powerpoint is awesome. I don't think laptops in class are always a good idea though.
kikuchan xx
It's better if all campus are WiFi zone. Just bring your laptop and you can surf Internet where ever you go! XD
Technology is a real godsend for schools and colleges in my opinion. Just think at how much time a student or a teacher can save with a simple click.

The problem, however, occurs when people overuse technology. For example I was really shocked when I heard that some kids have never really learnt to write due the fact that they've always worked with computers at school. Use something with consciousness is one thing, being completely dependent is another.
I think the very point of technology is to make our lives easier and as such it would really be nice to have the best technology in school.
The only argument I could think of is that some students might be too dependent to the point that they slack off but then again it's up to the student i my opinion if he/she wants to use the technology he/she has for the best/worst.
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