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Full Version: Fma Fanart [and Some Other Stuff Too]
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Tian Ai
Hi everyone biggrin.gif

I really like drawing.. so I thought I'd post them up for critique rolleyes.gif


Valentine's-Day-Chinese-New-Year Party Thingy

Uh.. it started out with only Winry and Riza XD And the guys didn't dress up..

Ed & Co

I drew this yesterday.. Ed got big!! And Winry looks like she doesn't belong in the picture.. blink.gif

And the Rain Just Won't Stop Falling

This was a Valentine's Day contribution to Royai.. it looks awkward ph34r.gif

Silence Speaks For Us

Another rain theme for Royai ph34r.gif


Riza! OOC biggrin.gif I never finished this one.. haha..



I remember doing this half a year ago biggrin.gif There's so many mistakes in it D8(

Unspoken Feelings

The other side of Naruto ohmy.gif Purple-splotchy.. sad.gif

Uh, I had a lot of other Naruto ones but they're all too embarrassing to show D8(


Imitation off FMWS

There were a lot of parts in Full Moon wo Sagashite that I really liked.. so I basically gathered some different panels and put them together..?? I'm sorry, Tanemura sad.gif I remember I was always feeling sad after this particular incident so I drew a lot, and it was like a journal.


Based off Kaze Hikaru.. good ol' samurai stories biggrin.gif

Mononoke Hime

I drew this a few days after watching Princess Mononoke with my friend biggrin.gif One of the best movies ever!! happy.gif

Haha.. uh, I have this whole drawer-cupboard crammed full of drawings, but it's all over the years.. so most of them have way too many mistakes haha D8(

Critique appreciated biggrin.gif Let the flaming commence.. ph34r.gif
Wow, your works are great! I love them all. happy.gif. They all have very interesting compositions, and I especially love your Royai pictures!
@Tian Ai - I'm so glad you opened your thread!! happy.gif
Your drawings have so much stories and emotions, I love taking time and enjoy each of your artworks!!
They are all so good!! Please post more!! ^^
Tian Ai
Thank you for the praise, Tombow and Edsrhimp biggrin.gif I'm really glad you like them!

I love drawing, so I'll probably keep posting as long as they're not too embarrassing ph34r.gif Hahaha..
@Tian Ai - Your drawings are such a joy to read and see!!
Please keep up!! happy.gif
Tian Ai
Our Love

I haven't been drawing for awhile, but this one came out okay so I was glad... it's also from Fullmoon wo Sagashite... just a few minor changes XP

FFX aeons

Ifrit and Valefor! I sort of doodled this for a friend... biggrin.gif
@Tian Ai - Nice to see your drawings again!! happy.gif
Drawing from Fullmoon wo Sagashite is very lovely!! ^^
And, Ifrit and Valefor came out very nice!!
The girl is very cute, too!! I like it biggrin.gif
I love all of your drawings that have been posted! They look wonderful and I love the style that you use. smile.gif
Tian Ai
Tombow and ScarMySoul - Thank you very much! >< I'll keep drawing - but it looks like my scanner's down for the time being... uh-oh ph34r.gif
Wow blink.gif all of your drawings are wonderful biggrin.gif!! You are very talented, and i would have to say my fav drawing of yours is Our Love. The girl in that pic is drawn beautifully happy.gif!
Indignant Judgment
Wow, you do have some great art here Tian ai happy.gif I especially like the Unspoken Feelings one smile.gif Very nice job!
Love the first pic you posted and the "our love" the most =D
aww I like how you draw! I like the last two you put up ^^ particularly our love. It's cute >w<
keep up the good work!
Tian Ai
Haha woops my thread died ph34r.gif Not that it was very alive in the first place... uh...

Well anyway, the fact that I haven't been on here in a couple months and the fact that I haven't been drawing a lot.. so I don't have much to update here! Plus, mysteriously, a couple of my drawings disappeared from my Photobucket ph34r.gif Poop. Ah, well, less torture for your eyes to endure.. hehe, just kidding biggrin.gif

Never Forget Them [pink]

Did this a couple months ago.. proportions are bad, I don't like it much.. AND you can see my homework on the back! NOOO! wacko.gif Oh yeah, my eraser was hot pink after this, too..

This Song

Reverted back to the style I'd used for awhile, I don't like this piece either! Craaaap! mad.gif


I didn't like this one that much either.. nothing much to say about it, it was mostly for stress relief at the time hehe ph34r.gif

... Where did my other drawings go, dangit!?! mad.gif

@Tian Ai - Welcome back!! ^^
I missed seeing your drawing plus nice writings!!
Those are very nice!! You don't like them?? I do!! ^^
Nice to see your post with your drawings again!! happy.gif
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