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~ The Ishbal War, Conspiracies? ~

I've been rereading the manga and there are differences to the Anime Ishbal war and the Manga Ishbal War.

1. The Manga Ishbal was tolerant of other people's cultures even alchemy. As opposed to Anime, Manga Ishbal didnt go around banishing and exhiling their own people just because they studied alchemy. Alchemy was a major factor that helped trigger the Ishbal war in the Anime, the anime Ishbal dispised alchemy and anyone practiced it and it was also one the major tensions caused the Ishbal war to escalate. Amestris was also tolerant of the Ishbalan religion and they even acknowledged their god Ishbala.

2. It's hard to believe that the Ishbal War in the manga was started just because a Amestrian soldier shot a kid. I mean today in the Middle East, there have several times where US forces accidentally killed innocent civilians and the people there didnt snap and rebel against stationed US forces. Amestris must have been doing a build up of some really bad things in the past to make Ishbal want to rebel (Kind like how America wanted to be free of over British's tyranny).

So what really made Ishbal wanted to rebel against Amestris? In the manga, Amestris discovered that the country Aurego from the south maybe supplying Ishbal with arms to help them in their rebellion. Kind of like how America formed an alliance with France during the American Revolution.
Ishbal and Amestris had strained relations. They tolerated each other, but that's about the extent of it, and both sides could be arguably highly suspicious. In such a powder keg environment, it wouldn't take much to spark a war. And in any case, we know the Central Military has a knack for taking minor conflicts and turning them into full-scale wars.
And in any case, we know the Central Military has a knack for taking minor conflicts and turning them into full-scale wars... order to fuel the Homunculi's ultimate plans.

Don't forget, Bradley was already in charge of the Amestrian Military at the time of the Ishval rebellion, which means Central had already been corrupted by the Homunculi. It would be in Bradley's best interest to incite conflict in a border territory like Ishval in order to gain another area of bloodshed for Father's plan to build the "Ultimate-Transmutation circle-beneath-Amestris" (Which appears to be Father's goal, as revealed in the most recent chapters of the manga.)

IMO, this is why an event so seemingly insignificant caused such an uprising.
But please bare in mind that by the Ishbal Rebellion, Ishbal was already a boarder province of Amestris. They had already conquered it. They needed a reason for the Ishbalians to start a conflict that they could escalate. If they had just went in for no reason and started slaughtering people, a lot of eyebrows would have been raised and it would have caused problems. They needed a reason for war, and they needed the Ishbalians to start it so they could appear as a "Reactionary" force. Tensions were high, relations at the straining point; add one soldier "Accidentally" discharging their rifle and killing a child, and boom.

Next stop, Reole.
Remember the chaos location points Ed and Falman mentioned where there are a ton of deaths tolls the military caused throughout history? Why do you think so many people needed to die on those points? Was for realeasing many dead souls around that area as a catylst to get the transmutaion going? Or is it something else like purifying the human inhabitants there because the presence of a lot of humans there would cause conflict to the giant tranusmutaion circle?
I don't know, because Arakawa hasn't revealed it yet. There's probably some reason behind it all, though; I think Father has better things to do then get his jollies off of genocide.
Number 48
~ Ishval Extermination Question(s) ~

I will be working, in a few weeks to a few months, on a project involving the event of the Ishval Extermination Campaign and was curious about something:

-Are there any sources that give us any dates or a specific length of how long the Campaign took?

I know we've been given a year for it but I was wondering if there was any info beyond that. Having just read over it, it would seem like it took a few weeks to a month or two for the actual Extermination, but I'm most likely off.
The war was seven years long. The extermination was one year long I think. Those State Alchemist are really effective...
QUOTE(Sannom @ Apr 4 2007, 11:18 AM) [snapback]525400[/snapback]
The war was seven years long. The extermination was one year long I think. Those State Alchemist are really effective...

Less than one. The war ended the same year the alchemists were sent.

As Number48 said, I think it's a matter of just a few months at most. Can't remember specific dates, tho' sleep.gif (if they were given at all, that is)
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