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This forum is for BOTH FMA anime characters, and FMA manga characters.

Here are Directory of threads in our FMA Character discussion forum. smile.gif

Updated by A Pierrot's Aria 5/02/11


1. Vote for your favourite...
Who's your favourite?
If they fight?
On an individual character

2. Threads for Pondering on FMA Characters
Relationships between characters
Concerning the Elrics
Concerning Mustang and his subordinates
Concerning the Homunculi
Concerning other characters

Threads for Pondering on FMA Characters Continued
You and FMA characters
What if...?

3. "Club house" and "Safe Harbour" threads
What are 'safe harbour' threads?
For Individual Characters
For Couples

4. General/Others - For those threads that fit yet don't!
Picture threads
Vote for your Fav FMA Character, or add your opinion on those threads!!

Who's Your Favorite?:
List Your Top 10 Favorite FMA Characters
Favorite Character (No Poll)
Which FMA Character You Want to Be?

Favorite Female Character
Hottest Character Male, Female
Second Hottest Guy
Favorite Homunculus
Favorite Chimera
Favorite Non-Military Alchemist: Male, Female
Favorite Subordinate
Favorite Bad Guy
Favorite FMA Dog
Favourite State Alchemist? (Poll)
Favorite Anime-only/manga-only Characters?
Favourite Eye-style/colour
Favourite Style of Alchemy (Poll)
Favourite (Top 3) Military Character (Excluding Roy and Ed)

Who is The Most "Puppy" Adorable?
Who Has the Best Clothing?
Best Hair Style: Male, Best Ed Variation, Best Roy Variation
Best Hair Style: Female
Favorite Style of Alchemy
Which Character Taught You Most?
Which FMA Character Would You Want To Teach In Your School?
Favorite Drinking Buddy: Male, Female
Which Character Quirk is the Funniest?
Who is the Most Dramatic Character?
Which Character Do You Pity Most?
Which Character Reminds Of You Most?
If You Could Make Any FMA Character Real (No Poll)
Which Group do you root for?
Most Original Character?

Meaniest Sin Character
Ugliest Homunculus
Worst Father
Most Annoying Female Character
Which Character Do You Hate Most?
Which Good Guy Do You Hate Most? (No Poll)
Which Homunculus Do You Hate Most? (No Poll)
Incest Pairing: Which one is worse?

If They Fight?:
Who's Side Are You On?
Best FMA Rivalries
Which Homunculus Has the Best Power?
Which Homunculus Would Win in a Battle?
If Ed, Al, Roy, & Winry Had a Fight, Who Would Win?
Roy or Olivier for Fuhrer?

Favorite Heterosexual (Male x Female) Couple
Favorite Homosexual Couple
Which Relationship Do You Support?
Which Relationship Can't You Stand?
Ed x Who?
Roy x Who?
Who is the Right Partner for Sceska?
Do Riza and Armstrong Go Together
Is Royai Overrated??
Edwin or Royai
Olivier x Roy: What do you think?
Ed x Hei: Share your thoughts
Ed x Al: What do you really think? (Poll)
Favourite Crack Pairings
Most Popular FMA Couples?

On Individual Character:
Ed or Al, Who is Better Character? (No Poll)
Ed or Roy, who do you love/like better?
Winry or Rose, Who is better Character?
RanFan (manga) or Riza Hawkeye, Which is better "Kick-arse"?
Riza or Winry
Nina or Elysia, Who is cutest?

Ed's Best Assets
What Trait of Ed Describes You Most?
How Do You Like Ed's Hair: Short or Long (No Poll) <May be merge to Ed hair thread later>
Envy's forms, which one do you like best? (Spoiler Alert!!)
How Do You Like Riza's Hair Done? Up or Down
Which Female Character (manga/anime) Is The Most Bad-arse? (Poll)
Manga Ed or anime-1 Ed?
Which or Winry's hairstyles do you like the most? (Poll)
Manga Roy or Anime-1 Roy? (Poll)
How do you prefer Riza's hair? (Poll)
Which One Was The Most Moving Death? (anime And Manga)
Characters Who Probably Aren't Supposed To Be Hot

Updated by A Pierrot's Aria 5/02/11
Threads for Pondering on FMA Characters:

Relationships Between Characters:
Ed and Roy's Relationship (Poll)
Why Does Envy Hates Ed So Much?
Why People Hates Winry or Ed x Win?
Mad Pairing
Which Shows Ed And Al's Brotherly Love Better? Manga Or Anime?
Favourite Roy and Maes Moment
Raven vs Roy
Ed x Winry: Hidden Moment?

Concerning the Elrics:
Ed's Age
Edward Elric and the Mary Sue Problem
Ed factor: Why is Ed So Hot?
Elrics' Race? (Poll)
Might Ed Have Napoleon Complex?
Why Ed Does Not Wear Military Uniform?
Ed's Automail Construction
Can Ed Swim?
Ed: Left or Right Handed?
Ed is growing!
Alphonse And Al Comparison
About Ed's Birthdate
Ed's Clothing
Ed's Facial Expressions
Does Al want a girlfriend in the manga?

Concerning Mustang and His Subordinates:
Can Roy Mustang Swim? (poll)
Would Roy Make good Fuhrer?
Why People Hate Roy?
Riza Hawkeye Character Debate Thread
What Do You Like The Most About Roy? (Poll)
Roy's Defeat
Roy's Origins
Riza's Origins
What should we call Riza and Roy's Children?

Concerning the Homunculi:
Guessing Gluttony's Past
Lust, A Wasted Character
Envy's Jealousy (manga)
His Darker Half: Two Sides of the Same Alchemist
Envy's worst Punishment: Manga or Anime-1?
Gluttony and Lust?
About the Fuhrer's Eye
Greed: An Alchemist?
Additional Conversation By Envy and Greed
Guess The Human Names For The Sins

Concerning Other Characters:
Is Rose Really That Weak?
Shou And Nina - Possibly Alike In More Ways Than One?
Shou Tucker, Love Him? Or Hate Him?
The Dante Thread

Things They Never Say or Do
FMA Character Hight Chart??
Who would you want to see spin-off series about? (Poll)
Which Manga character Was The Least Like Their Anime version? (poll)
Songs For Characters and Couples in FMA
FMA Look-Alikes (Other Anime Character)
Character Names According to Arakawa-sensei
Fma Characters' Ages? (manga And Anime Character)
Character Quirks
Character Astrology Signs

Updated by A Pierrot's Aria 1/02/11
Following are "Club House" threads in the FMA Character Discussion Forum where fans of those characters can post and talk about their fav FMA characters:
Note: These "fan" threads are there as places where fans of those FMA characters can actively discuss about these characters, post pics, and generally talk about their fav character, and NOT meant to be dead threads with lists of member names who post one time saying "I will join!!" Hope you will join and talk about your fav FMA characters on those thread!! biggrin.gif

The following lists in this post are also what are known as "Safe Harbour" Threads. So 'what are "safe harbour" threads?' I hear you ask! Well, in a regular discussion thread, both views about a character (ie what you like and dislike about them) can be discussed. However, in "safe harbour' threads, only one view is discussed with other people who share a similar view. For example, Winry fans can discuss freely what they like about Winry along with other positive things to do with that character without being interupted by anti-Winry members; and threads like these often come with a notice like "anti-Winry fans please stay away". Likewise, threads which are anti-Winry will be free of those who are fans of Winry.

For Individual Characters:
Edward Elric Fans
Alphonse "Al" Fans
Trisha Elric Fans

Winry Fans
Izumi Fans
Scar and Scar bro Fans
Rose Fans
The Tringham Brothers Fans
Black Hayate Fans
Nina Tucker Fans
Elysia Hughes Fans
Barry the Chopper Fans

Greed Fans
Sloth (anime) Fans
Gluttony Fans
Envy Fans
Wrath (anime) Fans
Lust Fans
Greed!Ling Fans (Manga)

Roy Mustang Fans
Riza Hawkeye Fans
Maes Hughes Fans
Jean Havoc Fans
Kain Fuery Fans
Alex Louis Armstrong Fans
Olivier Mira Armstrong Fans
Maria Ross Fans
Fuhrer King Bradley Fans
Archer Fans
Zolf J. Kimbley Fans

Mei Chan (manga) Fans
Ling (manga) Fans

Alfonse (Movie) Fans
Dietlinde Eckart (movie) Fans

For Couples:
Ed x Roy Fans
Roy x Riza Fans
Hohenheim X Trisha Fans
Envy x Lust Fans
Scar x Lust Fans
Ling x RanFan (manga) Fans
Ed x Win Fans
Al x Mei Fans
Roy x Winry Fans
Ed x Heidrich Fans

FMA Shounen-Ai Fans

Anti-Character threads:
Anti - Ed
Anti - Envy
Anti - Wrath (anime)
Anti - Olivier Mira Armstrong

Anti-Couple threads:
Anti - Ed x Roy
Anti - Al x Mei

Updated by A Pierrot's Aria 2/02/11
General/Others - For those threads that fit yet don't!

More Casual Clothes Ideas
Army Alchemists Are All Males!!
Brothers brothers everywhere!
FMA Character Q&A

Picture threads:
Post Ed Pics Here

See FMA Manga Thread Directory for threads in the FMA Manga section!

Updated by A Pierrot's Aria 5/02/11
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