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After debating with myself for over 3 day, (rolleyes.gif) I've decided to open my own signature thread/shop/thingy. Basicly to show you guys the stuff I make, but if anyone wants to request something, I'll be more than happy to do it. laugh.gif

So take a look and tell me what you think! Comments and suggestions are welcome since I could improve quite a bit

All the stuff you see here was made with photoshop (my fav by far.)


And I made my current set, ofcourse happy.gif
Like I said, comments/suggestions anyone?
@Keoni - Congrats for opening your own sig shop!!
Your sigs are so beautiful!! I especially love the first one!!
Love the soft and flowing feel of the pic!! happy.gif

ETA: I added your Sig Shop to FM-A Board Sig Shop Directory!! ^^
I agree with Tombow, I love the first one ^^ good job on the other ones as well.
My best compliment for your "official opening" of your new shop~ ^.^
Wow so much praise! *blushes*

Thanks Tombow *hugs* I'm really glad you like them, makes me really happy smile.gif *nods* that was the feeling I was going for with that one.
We have a sig shop directory? Coolness biggrin.gif

@ Zarpia: Thank you! The first one is one of my personal favorites. And I'm really glad you like the others, too. I was really worried people would say they're crap. It's one of the reasons I hesitated to make my own thread happy.gif

@ Kenji@KAzE *giggles* You make it sound so.. official. Thank you very much! I really appreciate it:D

Man, I say "really" a lot.. sorry about that! :rolleyes

It's not a sig, nor an avi, but I wanted to show it all the same. This is the wallpaper I made for my little sister today (10 years old, huge chobits-fan) *points @ attachment*

Keoni: Congragulations on opening your first signature and avatar shop. I'm really impressed by the first signature and the renderings on the Kingdom Hearts signature. The avatars are also beautiful; I especially like the antique look. The Chobits wall-paper that you made for your sister is really sweet. Lovely job!

Ps- Are you currently taking requests? I am looking for a HohenheimXTrisha avatar...
Thank you so much for your sweet comment Edamame! I'm really glad you like them biggrin.gif
Ofcourse! I'll be more than happy to make you an avatar. I'll get started on it right away. If there's anything specific you'd like me to use, please let me know happy.gif
Good luck with your sig/avatar/graphics shop!
Keoni's sigs are TEH WIN.

I may have to commission you for something in the future...
(Is a Roiai fanart for a Roiai sig a fair trade? LOL!!)
Tian Ai
Keoni - Woww!! wub.gif Congrats!! I really love the first sig and the one with Kairi biggrin.gif Plus your Chobits one!! biggrin.gif And all of your avatars are soo pretty.. I like your style!! biggrin.gif Good luck with your shop happy.gif

Don't mind me but I'm just a little surprised that a 10-year-old would like Chobits because I read it at that age and the.. weird stuff in there.. XD

If I need anything I shall be sure to come to Keoni happy.gif

Thanks Blitz! I wouldn't be any good if it wasn't for your help at the test your sig-thread happy.gif

@ CodenameElizabeth: LOL too much praise, seriously *blush* Thank you!
I'd love to make you a Royai siggy! Just let me know, okay? And you don't have to do anything in return, it'll be my pleasure smile.gif (Still if you want to, I won't stop you tongue.gif )

@ Tian ai: Thank you! I'm really glad you like them. Like I said, I'll be more than happy to make you one happy.gif
LOL, I don't think my little sis understand half of what's going on in there. laugh.gif but she thinks Chii is really adorable, so yeah.. biggrin.gif

I'm done with yours Edamame. I made two, because I didn't know which one you'd like best.

Please let me know if you'd want anything changed/modified happy.gif
Sleeping Forest
Your sigs are really nice, and the avatars you just made are awesome. Keep up the good work! laugh.gif
Thank you! That makes me happy, I wasn't too sure about the avatars, you know happy.gif Anyways, I'm really glad you like my work smile.gif *goes yay*
Thank you for the lovely avatars Keoni! Best of wishes!
Sleeping Forest
I want to request a sig using the picture below [You can trim it if you want...]. Can it say '日番谷 隊長' in white lettering on the left side...?

Sorry if my request is too specific... tongue.gif I promise to love you FOREVER if you make me this!!

OMG!!((sorry tongue.gif)) I really need a banner of Envy for my signature... Please?? Pretty please??? Can I have it say, "This is Envy. He belongs to me. --Squishy-chan"?????? wub.gifwub.gif and an avatar... if it's not too much.. I don't really need the avatar though. ( not as much as the banner that is tongue.gif) As for specifics... Is any cool picture of Envy specific enough???... hmm..... maybe edxenvy... *day dreams* whoops sorry!! I didn't mean for the randomness to occur... happy.gif alright!! I will luv u 4ever and ever!!!! (( oh no!!!!! noob speak!!!!!!!!!!!)) ohmy.gif blink.gif whatever is convenient for you is good enough for me!!! wub.gif arigatou-gosaimasta!!!!!!!!! wub.gif
I'm glad you like them Edamame!

@ Sleeping Forest: Just to be sure: Do you want me to take that pic and put some text on there, or do you want me to make another background as well? unsure.gif (I'm sorry I'm a little slow sometimes..) Neither is a problem, I just want to check happy.gif

Sure I can, Squishy I'll go picture hunting right away smile.gif
Sleeping Forest
Can you just take the pic and put text on it? If you can, I'd like the background to be different shades of blue.
Sure, no problem! I'll get started right away smile.gif
I was wondering if you could make me an Envy icon. All I ask is that it's from the manga, thank you.
Actually, I have a request as well if you aren't busy...

Can you make me an icon of Andrian Andrews smiling? Preferably the first image with her blue outfit, if you can.

Thanks if you take this up =D

<Closing the thread due to the shop owner's extended vacation. The shop will re-open when the owner comes back. ^^ ~ Tombow>
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