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Full Version: What Are The Saddest Songs Ever Written?
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The first song that came to my mind was Supernatural by Flyleaf. Makes me cry almost anytime I hear it.
I know plenty of sad songs, but for me the saddest are:

Slipping Through My Fingers (ABBA. I can't hear it without tears. Well the version I know is from the Mamma-Mia movie, but I imagine the original is sad too)

still by Janne da Arc. This is one of those songs that'll make you feel so empty inside and makes you just want to lay down in a corner and give up on life. Seriously. I love Janne da Arc, but I can't listen to this song because it's just too depressing. If I hear it I'll feel hollow and like there's no point in life for quite a long time. x___O; It took a LOT of happy bubbly songs to undo it. xD
This is what I listen to when I want to cry:
American Tune by Paul Simon
Hallelujah by Rufus Wainright
Drink by They Might Be Giants
Nightswimming by R.E.M.
Changes by Phil Ochs
and of course, my newest one, Let It Out by Miho Fukuhara

I'm just kinda weird that way, but I have a lot of trouble just crying when I'm sad. I have to be alone, and I have to give myself permission by playing a song.
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