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Full Version: Anime Sloth Fans!
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For some reason, I just can't stop fantasizing about her wrapping me up and not letting go...

I kinda need to know I'm not crazy here.
Triple Soul
I like anime!Sloth.

...Just not in that sense.


Maybe I'm Craaaaaaazaaaaaaaaaay-- *bricked*
Well, we're all rather crazy here, Mjcool.
Homunculi Fan
umm..uh *gulp* if it's okay ...then can you post some sloth pictures for me? please
if it's alright SRY!
I Love Sloth!!! She is the best sin ever!!!

Homunculi Fan, here are some pix.....

Click to view attachment

Click to view attachment

Click to view attachment

Needless to say I have a lot more (and better) pictures but they are all on my laptop which i currently have no access to.

Edit 2 seconds later - woah. those pix are big. mellow.gif

<^^Yeah, those are big pics, so I changed them to Attachments. ^^ 07/21/07 ~Tombow>
Homunculi Fan
thank-you they are big you have any more pictures of sloth?
if so will you please post them ? thank you very much ... unsure.gif ...SRY!Click to view attachment here is one i found unsure.gif
I'm trying to make an album devoted to Sloth, but the computer's being difficult. Grrrr..... mad.gif

ETA: July 26
Well, I'll keep trying.

Ok, well, i still couldn't get my album on here to work. (it's being so gay) But if you follow the link in my signature, you'll see "sloth pix" in the Nav bar. click it. that should take you to my sloth album.

Hope that helps!!! biggrin.gif

Sloth is one of my favorites in both series, she's so multidimensional and has a cool power. cool.gif

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