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Full Version: I Am Terrible With Relationships.
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What is the worst thing to say on a date or around your boy or girl friend.

This is just a little role playing sketch.

I sit in a chair waiting for class to begin. I get board and read some in my science book.
Athena walks up behind and starts yapping about something but I am too busy to listen an say Whatever.
Another person walks into class. Athena says isn't that right Travis. I say Huh?
Slap!!! Apparently she had asked me to be her boyfriend and Whatever meant yes. And the person that walked in asked her if I had said yes. And by saying huh meant that no I change my mind in her lingo. So what i am trying to say is that I had a girlfriend, we went steady, and broke up in just five minutes.

worst thing to say
EX: Huh?
it is the worst thing to say on a date or around a girl for some reason.

Start: Can we just be friends?
I want to drink your used bath water baby
QUOTE(Chiyo @ Feb 13 2007, 10:32 AM) [snapback]504635[/snapback]
I want to drink your used bath water baby

I can deal with that. You'll have to wear it, though.
I have terrible time connecting here...some other members suffers frequent disconnections... and since you have forgotten the rules in the Rule Book...

"Spam is not tolerated anywhere, with the exception of Spam Central. Even so, you should try your best not to spam, or you will look stupid. "

Creating so many games is eating up all the bandwith... Why create it when it won't add up your total posts?? =.=

Sorry if this sounds hoarse...
"..but now I can fit my whole fist up there without wincing."

"Wait, you like TV as well?"

"Wanna share my crayons?"

"I'd love to sleep with you, I was getting bored of digging up fresh bodies."

"Your drink tastes fine, it's the rohypnol that's off."
^He's looking stupid Kenji, and so paying the penalty
"me watching wrestling isnt as faggy as you watching one tree hill"
'I love to make love to of the pinball machine.' HUH?!?
I think the wrost thing iv'e said is when i was making out and watching tv at the same and i by mistake i said in the adds
patkk the dictator/ninja/fish
um there are plenty of horible things you can say

hmm... like whats mothers maiden dog's licence plate number?
or i know
*smirk* Idiot...
or the classics
do theese pants make my butt look big?
"I want [number here] many kids" (If we're talking first dates)
"...and by swallowing you pledge your soul to Lord Xanadoo, God of Swedish music."
"I used to translate Naruto."
"You eat their hearts you get their power!" (For best effect this should be said while leaping at the prospective partner with a table spoon or other such utensil.)

If in doubt, just stare at them without blinking until they give in. That's a sure fire winner wink.gif
"You're the only girl who wouldn't say 'no'. Or 'baaah'... or 'STOP IT, ASSHOLE, I'M A COP!'"

(C.O.T, ILU~)
Dark Butterfly Demi89
i think saying anything about appearance like

Whoa you've got a long head! or That's the biggest blackest mole i've ever seen!!!
alchemist x
Guy: "Sense when did you have a mustache?"
Its been five years but stalking you has finally paid off
Dark Butterfly Demi89
its not u its me...well okay it is all u!
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