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Full Version: Radiohead
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Great stuff. Could listen to it all day.

And lulz at Void if he looked in this topic. NOT METAL ENUF RITE???

Carnal Malefactor
I enjoyed The Bends and OK Computer immensely. They kinda lost me after that. Not that the later albums are bad... just nothing special.
I lol'd.

Paranoid Android is just great when it goes into the harder riffs, Karma Police and Climbing up the Walls are just amazing tracks, and Electioneering was official proof how Green Day crapped Holiday.
their live shows.....are simply divine~
Yeah, they're just plain amazing when they improvise their songs with different instruments.

I have their live recordings "I Might Be Wrong" with the True Love Waits on it. Simply amazing.
i dont like thom yorkes solo album. except his acoustic version of the clock.
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