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Full Version: Fma Puzzle Game On Adult (cartoon Network)
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I don't know if this was posted already, but I am gunna post it anyway. (Posting it here cause it is on and since this is the adultswim/cartoon network american audiance forum.. I figured it was ok... move it need be.

I am on hard, I beat normal...
Hard is... hard O_O
I beat the game a few times, and I still think the hard level is one of the easiest.
BTW, I posted all the faces Ed makes during the game in the gallery.
And if you want to know what clips you get:
-Ed transmutes his spear (ep 1)
-Edward makes a Sand Al to scare Havoc and Breda in Ishbal
-Ed's final transmutation (ep 51)
This game is easy tongue.gif If you remember all the symbols, then it would be piece of cake.
When I just started playing this, I always had to look up every symbols >_>
Me too. xD
But now it's going okay.
yippe i finished all lol
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