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~ Internet Memes, What are some of your favorites? ~

So, if you've been around the intarbuttz for a while, you've probably come across a number of internet memes. Which are your favorites?

Some of my favorites:

"im in ur base killin ur d00dz" and various offshoots of that
"jesus christ its a lion get in the car"
"my hed iz pastede on yay"

And a few other relatively famous ones:
"But what are your thoughts on yaoi?"
"All your base are belong to us"

And for the record? I think Longcat is annoying.

So, what are everyone's favorite memes?
I sense a lock coming this way...
Carnal Malefactor
...or a move to spam central...

Anything with cats. or Domo-kun is okay by me.
I tend not to like whole Memes though.
Some O rly Owl pics are funny, some aren't. Some All ur base are belong to us references are funny, a lot aren't. I
hahahahhaha leroyyyyyyy jenkins.

makes me sad tho becuase i cant afford world of warcraft.
....nope its still a world I can say I've avoided.
Triss Hawkeye
O rly?
Ya rly.
Any sort of "Fact" meme. Chuck Norris jokes are the most prevalent example, but I've seen them for other people too.
QUOTE(Nepharski @ Feb 6 2007, 11:31 PM) [snapback]501884[/snapback]
Any sort of "Fact" meme. Chuck Norris jokes are the most prevalent example, but I've seen them for other people too.

Mr.T isn't Black, the sun is just afraid to shine on him.
So i herad u liek Mudkipz all the way for me.

Maybe I just find that one amusing because it just so happens I DO like Mudkips. XD They're my favorite. XD

And Pedobear just amuses AND scares the heck out of me all at the same time. ph34r.gif
Carnal Malefactor
Pedobear is awesome!

Hah, yay. XD Someone else loves that scary bear.

Btw, about Leroy Jenkins, which WoW inspired meme is that? I've heard it before, I don't believe I've ever heard what it's about. Unless he's the guy who got pwned (grounded) by his mother on a WoW message board after she caught him on past his bedtime or something. XD
^Void, is that pic big enough? laugh.gif
Carnal Malefactor
Did you know that the term 'meme' comes from "mīme´sthai", a term meaning 'to imitate', coined by Richard Dawkins in 1976?
Oh now I understand the Leroy Jenkins one. XD (friend explained it over the phone last night when we got talking about memes)

Anyone else find the 'desu' meme annoying? >>
I am now in love with Epic Fail Guy.
Carnal Malefactor
QUOTE(Abstruse Eulogy @ Feb 7 2007, 09:26 AM) [snapback]502149[/snapback]

PSH. XP Up yours Suiseki!

Did 'no da' ever get this much attention? >.>
The churuya thing amuses me; various Nyoro~n and smoked cheese jokes can make me giggle when applied with good judgement.

Also rather fond of Shoop Da Whoop.

Actually, I'm a bit of a trend whore, so lots of them will slip into my jokes, since I'm unoriginal and all that. "TIME PARADOX! OH SHI-"

Fun fact- I once used the 'mudkips' line in real life, since there was really no other way to respond that wasn't boring when some freshie girl in drama came to me beaming "I've heard so much about you!"

When I just smiled and nodded and said "Oh? I heard you like mudkips." She gave me a confused look and turned around to yell, "Mary, what have you been saying about me?"
QUOTE(Toby-Chan @ Feb 7 2007, 09:28 AM) [snapback]502156[/snapback]
Also rather fond of Shoop Da Whoop.

I still don't know what that's from.
Carnal Malefactor
Long cat is loooong.

Him name is Hopkin Greenfrog
Would anyone mind explaining what is a"memes"?...
Carnal Malefactor
I remember Hopkin Green Frog from way back.

love, Terry

p.s. I'll find my frog
QUOTE(Nepharski @ Feb 7 2007, 05:16 PM) [snapback]502145[/snapback]
I am now in love with Epic Fail Guy.

Hey guys, what's going on in this thread?

"Bitches don't know" is pretty fun;

Blank version for fun.
And here's a blank Machine Code template.
I forgot, isnt there a respose to "I herd you liek mudkips?" i cant remember
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