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Full Version: The Trauma Center Series
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Triple Soul
Mmkay, since I can't explain things worth a crap, I'll direct you to Wikipedia's entries of the two current games.

Trauma Center: Under the Knife
Trauma Center: Second Opinion

On one hand, I was surprised not to see any topics concerning TC (then again, I was distracted by the Superbowl blaring from my living room TV, so forgive me if this does turn out to be a repeat). Then again, I wasn't, since Under the Knife is in relatively short supply, and Second Opinion is on the Wii, which not alot of people have as of yet.

So, anyone here played Under the Knife, Second Opinion, or both?

I've only played Second Opinion thus far (I do plan on obtaining Under the Knife someday, though). I rented it on a whim on the way home from school one day on a whim, after reading a positive review of it in a gaming magazine I had, and lemme tell ya, I was hooked. What can I say; Atlus takes surgery and makes it fun and addictive. Dr. Derek Stiles is also the sexiest thing to be on a Nintendo system since Zelos Wilder in Tales of Symphonia back in 2004.

So, discuss.
I have played the DS game. I like the stylus control. Very intuitive. I enjoyed it.
Got mostly S and A ranks in DS and Wii systems. But I got some Bs on the Extra Mission XD.
This series is awesome, instead of killing people we actully save people XD.
Triple Soul
Got mostly S and A ranks in DS and Wii systems. But I got some Bs on the Extra Mission XD.


I get mostly C's....with some B's and A's, and a couple S's. And that's on easy mode. D:

I'd be thrown out of the hospital if it were real life...
lol thats because I'm mostly spending my time when I am sick at home instead of being at school. In other words I practice a lot.
You'll get there XD
SO TS is not a shooting game... OK..I will check it out in stores then.. ^.^
Kal Rommel
^ ..... not really...

Triple are indeed great for making this thread...

But really.
I'm with Triple...I usually rank C...scattered B's, some A's...a couple S's...-is pathetic-
But I love the's one of my favorites that I've played on DS...

If I had a Wii, I'd get Second Opinion...but alas, I'm not lucky enough to have a Wii...>>;

All in all, wonderful game.
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