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Full Version: Funniest Thread
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Being British I don't have a sense of humour but apparently some of you do.
Your choice only serve to baffle and confuse me but here they are:
What's up with Ailuro, Forum Nemesis and Boyfriends and girlfriends.

Who will win?
Triss Hawkeye
I'm British - I pride myself on the fact that we can laugh at ourselves.

Who said anything about no sense of humour?? O.o
@Triss Hawkeye - I think Popo is only joking about having no sense of humor..
He is known for having quite a sense of humor. smile.gif

Interesting choices!! biggrin.gif
Ironic humour Triss...thats what Brits do best

I knew right when I saw it which I'd pick.
I voted for What's up with Ailuro. Although the nemesis thread was close it lacked the brilliant group effort of seeing a joke and running so well with it.

(I also don't see what's so funny about the boyfriend/girlfriend thread... unsure.gif )
I voted the same with Popo. It is a funny thread. laugh.gif
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