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Full Version: Best Mod?
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They delete our posts, ban the noobs and keep the forum running somewhat smoothly.
Whether you love them, fear them or stalk them while they walk their dog, now is the time to show how you feel.
Vote for the bestest mod ever. Will it be Void, Ailuro, Envy's lil' Miniskirt, Toby-chan or Tombow?

Damn you mods for doing your job so well! *shakes fist*
I voted for Tombow-oniisan!!!
Tombow works hard but Aily, Mini and Void have been doing this longer and deserve their praise. Aily's been doing it the longest of all on the list.
This being the case I voted for Ailuro (Mini was a close second though).

(or Ailuro.)
Carnal Malefactor
So it appears that I'm the worst mod in history.


'Tis better to be feared than loved.
Triple Soul
I should vote for Void, simply because he has Albedo in his avatar and sig, and anything Xenosaga is automatically awesome in my book.

But alas, I will consider this - and all other categories - carefully. P:
Carnal Malefactor
nyorero~n =3---
Hey don't you complain, I'm in last place here. Not like I've exactly been a mod long enough to make any mod-riffic impression whatsoever, so no suprise there.

I don't see how this is any contest though, really. (Aside from my bias towards my sweetie pie. wub.gif) Face it, Tombow was the best mod before s/he even was a mod.
I met you on the first day...You replied my Question extravaganza-ly fast!
People just vote for Tombow. He is good, but he hasn't done it for very long.
I thought Tombow might head this, but Tombow communicates with the newbies far more than the others
That is true, but is there anyone better to welcome newcomers?
^ Not really, but that will be where many votes are coming from (no offence to Tombow) because they haven't met the other mods
If anyone would like to know, I voted for Ailuro. She has done it the longest and does a good job to what I have seen. Tombow hasn't done it long. That cannot be his fault though, but it is the truth. Also, Chiyo, I do agree with what you say. They do get acquainted with him first.
Rock and a hard place here. I'm caught between Tombow's ability to cheer me up, and Void's ability to make me feel small and insignificant.

Decisions, decisions.
I concur that AIluro is awesome and deserves much praise, and since Aily's been doing it the longest, that's pretty awesome, too. Tombow's been a great asset and help to the forums even before he was a mod, and since then has been really helpful and is the nicest person, imo, on the forums. It'd be cool if they could tie...
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