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From Sloth in a bikini, to Lust in a bikini to the women of FMA in bikini's there have been many great works of fanart.
Here we praise the person who's talent and imagination has amazed and pleased us most.
Toby-chan, mudkipbladder, edshrimp, Fushigi Rockna and Melriza have all shwon great talent. Now is the time we choose our favourite.

Toby-chan's fanart,
Edshrimp's fanart,
Fushigi's fanart (these were the pics named in the nomination)
Melriza's fanart.
Eheh. Did you have to link to the old thread with my crappy art in it? happy.gif;;
I could use your DevArt account if you want.
Thank you~ :'<
Done. I also fixed your name so you are no longer "Tony-chan."
I'm so good.
... I must have missed that. Heh!
QUOTE(Popogeejo @ Jan 30 2007, 10:05 PM) [snapback]498966[/snapback]
Done. I also fixed your name so you are no longer "Tony-chan."
I'm so good.

My new mental image of Toby :

more info here: :x
Whoa, I got nominated for this? O.o

Suddenly, I actually feel like posting more of my stuff for once. O_o;

Some people obviously like my art more than I do.
Fushigi's on a roll, I see.

However, yay, Edshrimp.
ohsnap hahaha

thanks for the nomination whoever did that, o__o;. wow. XD;;.
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