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Full Version: Hottest Anime Characters
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DarkWater Alchemist
I can't believe I just made this topic... ph34r.gif

If it already exists, I apologize, I only checked the general anime forum.

I'm curious... you could also post a link in your replies for others to see your favourites.

I don't really know. From what I see, I like more characters, not one in specific.
I can't say who I like most, or why^^

RoyxRiza BigFan
whoa how ya wanna start..i mean there just too many hot female and male chars to me well i would call males more like cool or badss though @W@
Kokoro no Hana
Edward Elric! ^^
RoyxRiza BigFan
arrrgh i thought those guys from Weiss Kruez or Yuu Watase chars were hotter...esp the girls were nice @W@
Kokoro no Hana
Christopher Armalite (Scrapped Princess) & Katsushiro (Samurai 7) ^^
RoyxRiza BigFan
fine i'll add to the list!!

Amuro Ray<- Chick Magnet, Camille Bidan, Char Azanable <- Chick Magnet (UC Gundam)

Harman Karn, Cha Nagi, Sayla Mass (UC Gundam)
Kokoro no Hana
Roy Mustang, Riza Hawkeye & Winry Rockbell (Fullmetal Alchemist) - Pacifica Kasull, Raquel Kasull, Shannon Kasull & Leo (Scrapped Princess) - Chrno (Chrno Crusade) ^^
Oh, definitely Shannon Kasull!
Let's see... who else... hmmm... do anime computer game characters count? In that case I want to add Citan from Xenogears.
I like Sanosuke from Rurouni Kenshin. Haha, I just realized he used to be an "older guy" and now I'm older than him. tongue.gif
Riza Babe
Edward,Riza,roy,winrly, Isumi (fma)
Edward,spike,ein and faye!!! (cowboybeopo)
Trunks, vegeta, goku, gohan, goten (dbz)
RoyxRiza BigFan
aoshi shinamori, saito hajime, kenshin himura, shogo amakusa

kaoru, misao makamachi, sayo amakusa, tsubame, Tai-san

all from RK
ran from detective conan !!!!
RoyxRiza BigFan
oh yah ran was real hot in detective conan! shinichi is sure one lucky guy to have her around tongue.gif
and taht girl from Full Metal Panic is pretty hot too biggrin.gif
Kyo when he's doing his sword technique from SDK
Winry = Hottest
male: Edward Elric
female: Narusegawa..from Love Hina

no I'm not gay, lol
Gee, for some reason (likely to be common) I'm unable to think of someone of my gender as "hot". ph34r.gif

Cool, maybe (e.g. Misao of RK and Hikaru of MKR --> I seem to have a thing with people with braids ph34r.gif ).
really? Thinking someone in my own gender as hot is ok, but it ends there.
Eheh heh heh.

I think Gluttony's a pretty hot stud wink.gif . I mean, who couldn't love a guy as cute looking as him?

Naru from Love Hina is okay in the anime..I like her better in the manga.

There are so many cute girls out

Chi = Chobits
Mahoro = Automatic Maid
Misao = Rurouni Kenshin
Yukino = Kare Kano
Tsunada = Naruto
Winry, Hawkeye = FMA

Heck? Why not? Pinako looks like a fine woman herself. If you ignore the wrinkles and aging face, she may have been a good looking lady at one point. Who knows?
I didn't exactly understand... was it supposed to be hottest male, hottest female, or just many of the hottest ones? And just from anime... not manga?
Oh well, it would be hard to just name one of each... so I'll just list some of the hottest male characters in no specific order....

Tasuki, Hotohori, Tamahome (Fushigi Yuugi)
Ryuichi (Gravitation)
Eagle(Magic Knight Rayearth)
Dark, Krad (D.N Angel)
Bakura, Marik, Otogi (Yu-gi-oh!)
Seshoumaru (Inu Yasha)
Sanosuke (Rurouni Kenshin)
Kyou, Hatori, Shigure (Fruits Basket)
Mikagami (Flame of Recca)
Ace (One Piece)
Trunks(DragonBall Z)
Kiba(Wolf's Rain)

Can't remember anymore(well there can't be that many) and... I'll edit this post later when my mind is fresher.
I must say almost all the girls in Final Fantasy were hot, and I like the girls form Lodoss of War, deedlit and that other girl. I haven't seen enough anime to say I know who I think is the absolute hottest. I like the way rikku looked for the longest time though.
The Flame Alchemist LuckyANBU
hottest female: Naru, Temari, Riza, Chidori (full metal peanic), winry, (from bleach - rukichi the former shinigami, Orihime, most of all though i think tasuke orihimes friend)

I think that none are hot, cool yes cool ones = Ichigo, souske (full metal panic) roy, mugen, most of the guys in Naruto are pretty cool, Anddd, I dunno lots of em are cool i just cant remember all the animes ive seen, and all the manga's ive read.
Major Armstrong
I'd have to go with Hawkeye(Full Metal Alchemist) and Kaname Chidori(Full Metal Panic). I wouldn't want to get hit by the paper fan though.....
Kokoro no Hana
Edward Elric (FMA) :3
Omakase Shimasu
Awesome topic. X3

Ai no Kusabi - Iason & Riki (+ Guy) (Iason - blonde, Riki is brunette (Guy is shadow-face <__<))
Petshop of horrors - Count D & Leon, D and Leon, can't resist X3 (D - black hair, Leon - blonde hair)
Sotsugyou M - M-boys 1 2 3 (Shimura-kun's cute, not hot though -__-;;;)
Under the Glass Moon - Luka (o.o I can't find a better image at the moment)
Weiss Kreuz - everybody, duh (and everybody prolly know them already $__$)

Burn Up Excess - Ruby (can't find picture)
Excel Saga - Excel (everybody knows her $_$ Hotness)
Houshin Engi - Dakki ($$____$$ Supreme hotness)
RoyxRiza BigFan

Very hot together!
Omakase Shimasu
Oi, how could I forget LOLA BUNNY?? *____* Sexiest WB bunny rabbit girl I've ever seen.
Riza Babe
Edward ELRIC
RoyxRiza BigFan
lola bunny ain't anime but ya she is sexy alright *O*...hope bugs does hits with her better!

if thats the case i'll say this are the hottest cartoon chars!

Sarah- Dinosaucers(Very Pretty and cute, a bit anime looking!) wub.gif
Carly- Transformers Season 1, as anita sarawak would say..You go girl! *U*
Daphane- Scooby Doo (The first hot cartoon babe)! JINKIES!!! *+*
(there was another cute girl from jason and the wheel riders..but i can't remember her name sad.gif and also another from monster in my pocket)

Optimus Prime- HE'S GOT ABS! HE GOT ABS *U*!!!!!!!

Skeletor- THe first villain with an arnold scwarznhegger body!!! *O*
Hordak- Another cool villain, smarter than skele boy! ^W^
He man( Early 90 type)- This one was cool, looked like bon jovi rocker! >O< even skeletor look sleek sexy!
Jason (Jason and the wheel warriors)- This would have been the bishonen of cartoon america 80s smile.gif
Omakase Shimasu
biggrin.gif;; Oops, cartoons weren't allowed? And hell yeah she's sexy! *__* I wouldn't mind having her as my pet. X3
Okay right... male 7 female of my fave animes:

FMA: Roy Mustang & Liza Hawkeye
G-WING: *sweatdrop* Really hard 2 decide... ummmm... 4 me? Probably Trowa Barton or Wufei Chang... Dorothy Catalonia is pretty...
Vision of ESCAFLOWNE: Van Fanel and Dilandau Albatou tied... Millerna's okay...
WEISS KRUEZ: Bradley... and Manx
RUROUKEN: Enishi Yukishirou.. and Megumi Takani

NB: These are NOT the pairings that I like, 'cept for ROYxLIZA...
Carnal Malefactor
IPB Image
i dont know there are so many I would have to say Kanme Chidori from Full Metal Panic
Kagome, The Silent Mobius girls.
Heh, I just realized this... is it even ok to consider girls under 18 hot? laugh.gif
DarkWater Alchemist
Cartoons are allowed too (i mean, why not, biggrin.gif )

If you don't like saying a girl under 18 is hot, you could call her pretty or some substite... Frankly, I don't care. I mean, all shounen-ai with gundam boys should be forbidden then, right? ph34r.gif
love bishounens, they all are very very hot to me, but my favorite got to be Tezuka-buchou~
he's SO HOT~ >__<
Omakase Shimasu
mellow.gif Can't believe I forgot... OK, nevermind. There are too many hot persons to list in here, 'tis not fair. The anime/manga world's basically filled with bishounen/biseinen/bishoujo? blink.gif Srrrrry, don't know the girl-variation of the word...
Lady Battousai
Mostly I prefer funny kinds but since you asked for hot then I'll give my opinion.


Full Metal Alchemist: Roy...he's cool and funny! *giggle*
Riza...she so...I don't know...serious...

Full Metal Panic: Kaname Chidori...she cool too but not so hot
Naruto: Definately Uchica Sasuke!
Samurai X: Everyone says Kenshin's cool when he's a bad boy. But I think Sanosuke Sagara is the best cause he's funny.
Jubei-chan the Ninja Girl: Rarely anybody knows this but here my opinion...Jiyu.
Chobits: Chi

If allowed:


Rurouni Kenshin: Enishi...but I'm not his fan.
Naruto: Kakashi-sensei...I know what you're going to say, Kakashi also appeared in anime but...he's even cooler in mangas!


Chrono Cross: Of course it's Kid!...she's so hot!
[B]And...Serge...not! In this list he's not one of them but I like him
for his kindness.[/B]
Final Fantasy 7: Cloud, I think?

Cartoons: I don't watch many, so here mine...

Totally Spies: Sam
Kim Possible: Well Kim herself of course

Spoiler: (Click here to Display)
Id have to say Haruko(FLCL) is pretty my personal screwed up opinion anyway....and a guy.....uhh....sephiroth(FF7) or if i had a list with the 5 hottest anime girls that i think are hot it would go like this

1.Mamimi(just cause shes a whore...gotta respect that)
2.the principal from the manga soccer...(shut up i know its manga)
5.Milly(she has a stun gun...ya...that sounds pretty wrong...)

and the ugliest one is the lieutenant lady with blue hair in gundam seed you ever hear her say fire it sounds like *gets best accent* FURRRERR!
Vx Tao Ren xV
Roy Mustang (Hagaren), Uchiha Sasuke (Naruto), Chrno (Chrno Crusade), and Kaiba Seto (Yuugiou DM) for me..

*squee* ^_^
Full Metal Fan14650
Kagome wub.gif
I like Faye Valentine of Cowboy Bebop.
I think Midori, from Midori No Hibe is real hot. I hink it's kind of a new show in Japan so you might not know what i'm talkin about.
RoyxRiza BigFan
QUOTE(Full Metal Fan14650 @ Nov 8 2004, 11:43 PM)
Kagome wub.gif

From inuyasha? Yeah baby..she is babeliciousness OUO
For my hottest anime characters I`d have to say...

YYH: Kurama, Yoko Kurama , Hiei , and Yusuke
Shaman King: Yoh , Lyserg , Hao , and Tao Len
DNAngel: Dark Mousy and Daisuke
Spiral: Eyes , Kousuke , and Ayumu
Rave Master: Haru
Gravitation: Yuki , Shichi , Hiro , Ryuchi , and Toma
X: Kakiyo , Kamui , and Yuto
Inuyasha: Inuyasha , Naraku , and Kohaku
Chrono Crusade: Chrono ( human and devil form )
FMA:Ed Elric

Yeah , that just about covers it for me
Definetly Vash from Trigun....
Kind of a freak though... *sigh*
Heero Yuy from gundam Wing...
noi wait...
Akabane from Getbackers.....
hold on.. >.<
Itachi from Naruto heh... maybe kakashi as well.. LOL
Omakase Shimasu
See? Told ya there are too many hot anime characters to list.

Oh... how could I forget about pop-idol-turned-one-day-fly Taki? o.o But Nuriko's certainly not bad to look at either... And Kanoe from X. *__* Sweet. Mama.
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