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Full Version: How Did You Find This Site?
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a friend told me about it. smile.gif
Yup i googled full metal alchemist forums too
I was looking for FMA pictures and news and this placed looked nicest.
Trying to find something out with that time I guess it was the only big FMA site ^^
looking for spoilers...>.>..... <.<
Broken Chouchou
I was, some time before christmas, desperately searching for a region 2 boxed set of FMA, (which was impossible to find at the time!) after recently having discovered the anime, which I loved.
Kaori Ayanami
When searching for FMA news in Spanish, I used to get some of the newest and most accurate credited to this site. So I thought "I can read English. Why not going to the source?" So here I am. smile.gif
EniviD EiraM
I just keep on searching Full Metal Alchemist Site and without anything to think, I just register then whooosh ... I am already a member ! wizard.gif
I was trying to look for FMA pictures, and I came here. When I couldn't get look at them (computer issues), I became a member.
I am surfing round the net to search for something . . . . then I saw this pure PLAIN LUCK that's why I am so grateful that I saw this forum -ing site laugh.gif
I had come across this site several times before, while searching for FMA-realted anything but I didn't get to see any stuff, because you had to join, so after ending up here many times, I finally joined! Yey!
Google search "FMA fansite"
Through the almighty Google while searching for information on chapter 100.
kikuchan xx
@kazare and @naumi kumiko recommend this site to me and I am having fun here. smile.gif
I was searching FMA pics on the Internet and suddenly...*poof*
I landed here x)

Nice searching that time lol xD
Delta Δ
well 4 years sgo I finally watched the last episode of FMA, the first series obviously,
anyway, still obsessed with it's world I searched te internet for anything FMA, eventually I stumbled upon this website and then /forum...ofcourse I didn't know what a forum is, judging by a continuous chain of responses, I thought it was a cool chat or something.
then I registered and became intoxicated by the Idea of interacting with organasims...of the same species even! "these are real people!!" I thought.
then I kept posting like crazy, still intoxicated with power, unlike a certain beverage, this intoxication lasts folds more... I made a fool of my self by involutarily posting without verifying the amount of common sense it posessed, thus gaining the reputation of ******.
then four years later I got into prison tasted the forbidded "treatment ", got out alive covered with tattoos of a bad arse...

PS: that last part may not be true. heh heh
Well when I finished the first FMA series sometime in 2008 (oh yeah, late fan. I am awesome like that. x3) I got interested in a Fullmetal Alchemist RPG. But everything I found was either not satisfying (one liners piss me off...) or was completely dead. Then I stumbled upon this place, completely active and found a role-playing section and joined in hopes of a fullmetal rp. And even if I didn't get one, this seemed like a good place to express my crazy fandom to its full extent.

All this with the help of one search engine: Google.
Delta Δ
All this with the help of one search engine: Google.

you sure bing didn't help you?
Full Metal SHORTY!!!
It didn't take me too long to find this site. As others have said, Google!!!!!!

I was looking for a FMA site of some description, and I found this! Which made me happy smile.gif
i was looking for and FMA picture i could draw and came across the fansite smile.gif thnx to google lol
The wonderful Google brought me here! tongue.gif
I just googled Fma and this came up, then me and Lunar_crescent_45 joined, i found this once before but only looked at the banners before joining
The almighty Google. \o/
Envy's Lady
My b/f was a member here first.
Searching google for FMA forums!
Looking for some good images to make wallpapers and collect <3 and taaadaaa
I'm here o/
btw, the gallery is awesome *_*
Google -> Fullmetal Alchemist forum
Well yeah, it was the first or second link biggrin.gif
A Pierrot's Aria
Good old Google! I'm pretty sure I initially joined to look at the gallery. laugh.gif

Answering this late because I'm awesome like that! biggrin.gif
Lucky Lucy
I was searching on Google for a FMA forum biggrin.gif it was the first one on the list biggrin.gif
Google Image searching for Scar's Arm Tattoos.
Strawberry Soul
Found This Site When I Was Searching For 'FMA Role-Play' And It Brought Me To This Place smile.gif
i got on here by accident cause i was looking up random fma pics.......I WAS BORED!!
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