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Full Version: Can't Dowload Manga Chapters
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I can't download the manga chapters from yous site.

I allways get this errormessage:

"The connection was refused when attempting to contact"

Am I doing somthing wrong?
Chibi Viki
hmmm... are you using a program to help you download stuff from the net? i use "getright" to download and encounter some problems when downloading with it from this site. so if you do have download support software, you might want to try disabling it first and download it the old fashioned way.

if not, then.... oh boss bryantq...
I'm using Firefox maybe I should try IE

Edit: IE not working too.
Omakase Shimasu
You could always try downloading from Evil Genius' site... I had to resort to that, because I can't get the zips either. biggrin.gif;;
Chibi Viki
i've been testing it for quite sometime now and so far the links are working...

anyway, just click on the link to download (don't right click and save as o open link in new window, if you have download accelarator software like getright, turn it off). a small window should pop out or a new page should open saying that if the download doesn't start in seconds, then click this link... i'm using IE, btw...

if it still doesn't work, hmmm...
Omakase Shimasu
Whenever I try downloading them I get a bunch of garbled Java text. blink.gif
Chibi Viki
garbled java text? i used to get them too, but not aymore.

anyway, if it still persist, PM Bryantq he'll know what to do.
Omakase Shimasu
biggrin.gif OK, thanks anyway.
when i tried downloading FMA ch#13 i get the usual:

Your download should start in a few seconds.
If it doesn't start automatically, click here.

But after the few seconds the download doesn't begin. Instead the window shows me this:

The page cannot be displayed
The page you are looking for is currently unavailable. The Web site might be experiencing technical difficulties, or you may need to adjust your browser settings.

can someone please help me? i could download the chapters just fine before!!!!
i cant dl chapter 11,i started dling last night and thi morning and everything was fine up till chapter 11 and it went through the regular stuff than it said web site not responding,so i dont know wuts goin on ><
omg i cannot belive tis i cant get the images on the website if anyone knows how to fix tis problem pm me please with alot detail
I have downloaded the fullmetal-alchemist manga on this site up to chapter #17 and now, all of a sudden, this window pops up and says "file is corrupted or invalid" I would really appreciate if this problem was taken care of. Thank you happy.gif
Chibi Viki
byrantq just announced that he resolved this issue... please try it again.
This morning I was able to download one chapter, but now it's saying the same thing as before: "this file is corrupted or invalid" I would really appreciate it if this problem was fixed again. Maybe its just me, but I can't download any manga chapters. Thank you
For some reason the only part of the sight i can access is the forums. Ever other area and I get a message saying the my browser couldn't load any data for that location. What's up with that?
All manga's download after the gaiden01 are corrupted or invalid... ph34r.gif *cry*
Omakase Shimasu
penguin|tired just made an announcement concerning the manga in another thread:

biggrin.gif Worth to check it out.

canīt download any of the manga zip files, I always get an error message that the file is broken... sad.gif

tasuke ga hitsuyou desu.... Y-Y
I know this is completely off the subject, but I didn't want to make a new topic just for this one question. I want to put a picture in my signature. Hagane no Tokage helped me out with explaining how to use it, but I don't know how to get to the website were you go to upload your pictures sad.gif . If someone could please give me the link to it, I would be very thankful.

P.S. I'm sorry if I'm spamming this sad.gif I just didn't want to spam the topics. I think spamming a post is better then a topic... Wait... No... I'm wrong. Spamming is bad, no matter what... I'm very sorry sad.gif
i use, hex. it's a real user-friendly layout, and you can organize your photo galleries and all kinds of fun stuff. happy.gif not sure how much bandwidth they offer (i didn't check recently) but i recommend that server. biggrin.gif if you have any trouble, PM me or email me, kay? happy.gif
@Tokage: Thank you so much smile.gif ! *huggles her* Your the best! You've helped me out a lot. I'm in debt to you ol' pal biggrin.gif . Just remember I owe you one. wink.gif
to quote ren in a chapter of my story you haven't read yet, "don't worry...i'll collect on it in due time..." wink.gif *squeeeze* always happy to help. still working on your drawing tho, sorry it's taking so long... happy.gif;;
@Tokage: It's okay if your taking time on the drawing, 'cause I know the longer I wait the more better it will turn out biggrin.gif . Okay, I'll stop posting in this topic for awhile. I feel like i'm spamming. I'm sorry! sad.gif
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