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Full Version: En Francais, Let's Talk French!
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Despite the blatantly obvious title, I feel it's my duty to introduce you to the french thread.
For you... 3 bilingual people out there.

So, whether you plan on brushing up your French, Learning it, or are previously fluent, to so here in the comfort of the forum.


Unfortunately, this will be the sole English message for those who cannot yet read french itself.

Alors, oui. C'est temp. Allez-y!
sur la table!
zut alors!

my french has gotten quite rusty after years of not using it...

though in my last visit to france, i was able to give a person directions in french!

in programming lingo, one uses the terms "foo" and "bar" . The french equivalent of that is "toto" and "titi" >_>

sacre bleu!
parlevou franace'?


parlevou jaman?


I laughed when I saw "Viva La Fromage". XD Gotta love cheese.
Enfer ouais.

I don't know if I'm supposed to say that in french. v_v

Non! C'est parle vous! VOOOUS!
Head explodes onto keyboard yet again.
Ca va?

Je vois que ca marche pas. Mais, tu n'inquiéte pas. Je peux parler français pour toi... si on permet ce -topic-. Je vais le demander des autres -mods-.

Key: French -English-
Je pense que 'mods' est le meme en englais.

C'est okay? Comme la topique (Feh?) d'Espagnol, pas chaque personne aime a parle en Francais tout la temp.

Forgive me for rusty french. >> And accents don't work on my computer. And that was more of a sarcastic explosion.
Yo !!I speak french !!
OUais sa va les gars ??ouais si vous pigez le francais c'est cool quoi !!!
J'aime bien l'anglais aussi c'est aussi cool que le francais !!
Bon CIAO quoi ü!!
Ratzenheich FMA Super fan

Nope, I don't speak French and I wish I can. I love the language.

Just passing by saying "Hi!" to all you French speakers.
Dark Butterfly Demi89
bom dia!! oh wait that's portugese LOL bonjour!! i'm not french in any way but i think u guys rock!! smile.gif
Since Spanish thread and Japanese thread are in Spam central now, I guess I will make it fair and move French thread there as well. unsure.gif
Oh, man I love speak like days in high I need learning

Je dois parler le français très bien...le reprisent!

*cursing French language*
Winter Phantom
Aha! Luckily for me I'm French!

J'aime trop les Japonais! Tu dois essayer de prendre le francais à l'école,c'est trop bien! L'anglais c'est interessant,mais le francais c'est mieux pour moi!

crossiant? (sp?)

haha that's all I know

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