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my first expression was:
OH MY GOD!! It's the end of the world already!?!?
Queen of the dammed
You guys shouldn't be saying that the dub *killed* the Anime... wfat you should be saying is that it has a comologicaly large roon for improvement....
Interesting. I like Rose, Cornello and Cray, Cornello especially. Somehow, I doubt "SINNERS! *badadadadadada*" will ever get old. That, and Cornello just sounded like a swindling priest; he clicked from the very first line. Ditto with Rose and Cray, to a lesser extent; Rose sounded like a teenager and the lines were well delivered, and Cray sounded good for such a small supporting role.

Ed and Al. I have to admit, it took a few viewings for me to warm up to Vic Mignogna as Ed, since I'm so used to hearing his Japanese VA. However, he sounds more or less like an English-speaking 15 year old, IMHO, and more than that, the lines were VERY well delivered. Aaron Dismuke as Al I still have reservations about; he sounds great for Al, casting a little kid for this role was in some ways genius. His delivery is still a bit off, though. His monologue in clip 2 was fairly, well, monotone... although it is a speech that does lend itself toward a fairly neutral tone.

Of course, as has been pointed out, we've got all of two minutes of show to work with here. We really can't pass judgment of any kind until we see at least the first four episodes, I think. To my eyes, there is promise, however. I just wish they weren't airing it so LATE; if it's past 11:00PM, a LOT of people will miss it.
Yeah but you need to understand if they aired the show earlier they probably wouldn't be able to be as unrestricted as far as content goes.
Oh come on, like a lot of 8 year olds are up at 10PM. I'm not asking for a midafternoon slot, but 12 midnight is a bit late.
QUOTE(SpaceDrake @ Oct 25 2004, 07:02 PM)
Oh come on, like a lot of 8 year olds are up at 10PM. I'm not asking for a midafternoon slot, but 12 midnight is a bit late.

Then this is what TiVo's and VCR's are for biggrin.gif .
I applaud to the people who do ''not'' hate this dub. I thought Edward was done really well, but alphonse will take me some time to get used to. I thought Alphonse sounded wierd in japanese and it kinda sounded wierd in english too, which sets me the same mood. But Alphonse could use a little more emotion regardless of his condition. I hope thats not the final version and that the dub gets better.
Well, keep in mind that English anime, like most forms of theatric expression, tend to improve somewhat as they go on. Actors get deeper into their characters, directors get a bead on what they're doing, etc. I'm pretty confident any worries about Aaron's performance will be ironed out by the time the series gets back to "modern" times in the U.S.

Speaking of which, I'm REALLY curious (and a bit frightened, admittedly) to see what they do with Envy. Full androgyny is REALLY uncommon and hard to pull off in Western voices... it'll be interesting to see if they go with a male or female VA for Envy's default form. Of course, I'll admit that if there's a place for them to really, really screw up it's in casting Envy. Especially later on, the VA is going to need loads of talent to do Envy right; it switches from feminine to masculine back to feminine in a single episode in some cases. They'll need someone who can make Envy sound convincingly male and female at the same time while sitll being obviously the same voice.
I must admit, when I first heard Ed, I jumped up and went "No! Ed doesn't sound like that!!" ohmy.gif (My mom was like, "what are you talking about??")

I absolutely love Paku Romi's role as Ed. Possibly my favorite anime voice role ever. So Vic Mignogna's take on Ed is...well, startling, on first impression. After viewing the clip again (a few times) after some time, I realized that the dub actually sounds pretty good as far as dubs go. Vic Mignogna's acting is good. His voice is just...different. I'm sure it'll grow on me, it's definitely watchable, but I will say that no one can really compete with Paku Romi's performance.

I wasn't surprised by Al's voice at all. Probably only because I knew Aaron Dismuke's voice from his role of Hiro in Fruits Basket (which I LOVE the dub for. My favorite English dub ever). He sounded pretty much the same. I liked him in the role of Hiro, and maybe his actual acting and delivery isn't as good as Al's
original Japanese seiyuu, but I think he fits the role.

Rose sounds fine to me. No problems there. The other voices are okay as well.

Overall I guess I am impressed. But I was expecting good quality, since I think Funimation's most recent work has been quite good.

The other voice actor choices I have seen are interesting...the only other voices I recognize are Laura Bailey, Dameon Clarke and Sonny Strait.

I really enjoy Laura Bailey's roles, and I must admit I was kind of surprised to see her in the role of Lust, rather than a role like Winry. But I do know that Laura's voice work is very diverse and consistenly good, so I'm not worried.

Dameon Clarke as Scar could totally kick ass. Great fit.

Sonny Strait as Hughes scares me slightly...because the only role I know him as is Krillin from DBZ. Picture that voice on Hughes. No thanks. Eeehhh... but I know that's not fair because other Funimation VA's have done vastly different sounding roles. He also had a minor role as the teacher in Fruits Basket, and the voice was different, but still Krillin-ish, which is why I always referred to him as "Krillin teacher." Not really fair to judge until I've actually heard his take on Hughes. And I love Hughes to death, so I'm really hoping I'll like it.

Heheh, this is really long, but I just felt like venting my opinions on the dub clips to someone, even if no one actually really reads it through. wink.gif

Well, that's my take so far. I'm actually really excited to see FMA on TV.

who currently can't be bothered to register... tongue.gif
The Giver
Al's voice is so cute, but Ed's voice....too mature?
Queen of the dammed
Actualy I guy his age WOULD sond simmilar to that in real life... it just needs a little adjustment....

Those people are scary. Regular dubbies dont take much notice, generaly they'll go join the offical US forum where subbies fear to tread, but there are a lot of people like me who watch both depending on what they can get. ;_; The sub-nazis are mean to us.
*trying to get voices*
LOAD DAMN IT!!, Al was ok on opening with is exchange speech, but no verdict till I hear him from the armour.
I saw the clips, and they weren't exactly disapointing. At the same time, I wasn't impressed. I guess this will be another average dub where the voice acting is the only thing to complain about.

To tell you the truth, I guess it could have been a lot worse. Since this is a dubbing, there is only so much they can do with the script so that lip movements will still match up to an extent. Basically, it isn't easy for them to squeeze in perfectly sounding words that still look right, and as a result, the speaking doesn't sound as natural as it did in Japanese because the video was designed to match the Japanese.

On the other hand, Al would have been the easiest voice to act simply because you don't see him speak. And yet, his voice still sounds like the actor or reading some sort of drama script. I can't say I don't like the voice; it's just not as natural as it could have been.

As for Rose and Cornello, they're minor characters, so nobody really cares if their voices are an octave lower than they should be. My main concern is Ed. My first impression of his dubbed voice was Gary from Pokemon or Inuyasha. He reminds me of someone else too, but I can't place who...

I imagined Ed's dubbed voice to be more like Tsukasa from .hack//SIGN. It seems a bit too low. Paku Romi as Edward was really amazing. I can't judge Vic Mignogna from seeing two clips, so I guess how much I like him will depend on how convincing he is playing the part. That's the really importnant thing. There's nothing more annoying than a main character who sounds like he's reading a script.
Queen of the dammed
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YA that would be great QOTD tongue.gif actually since i've watched the series i think its all really well done. biggrin.gif tongue.gif
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