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I finally decided to make a thread here for my FMA artwork! Woot! Most of you who frequent the gallery have probably already seen my album with my drawings.
Well here are a couple to start off:
Ling, Ranfan, Ed & Winry as nekos
A neko Al
A Ling x Ranfan pic
And Ranfan as a homunculus?!
Let me know what you think, and give me your honest opinion, don't say it sucks because you don't like this or that, say it sucks because I made Ed's head too big or Winry is so off, ok?

<Edit thethread title from "My Drawings, Woot!, FMA doodles I did!" to "Neko's art, by Nekokitty" as per the request from the thread author. 04/12/07 ~Tombow>
His Name is Unknown
I like the pose in the Ling x RanFan pic. I like how you don't draw in every little detail, using the power of suggestion to fill in some of the shading outlines. RanFan's neck looks a bit long though tongue.gif

Once again, nice pose in the RanFan Homunculus pic. I really like the style of these pictures (well, the last two anyway). Your light touch with the pencil gives the people this ephemeral quality that I quite like - they are smooth or something. When I draw characters, they always look more harsh.

Nice work!

^ Thank you! Those are the kind of comments I mean! happy.gif
His Name is Unknown
No problem.

Here's a little something of my own. What do ya think?

^ Wow, that's really good, I like the way you do the lines and drew the blood on Greed's hand.
Those are really nice pictures.
Those kitties are so cute, I wish I could have one of them as my pet.
(Specially the Al one)
I have to say that you're good with pencil colouring.
You can give so many details with just your pencil.
Those drawings are great!
-And I mean it-
^ Thanks. happy.gif
The random alchemist
oh excellent pencilwork ^.^ the poses are wonderful smile.gif
^ Thank you, The Random Alchemist. happy.gif
Here's two more of my drawings.
It's Roy as the Madhatter and Ed as Alice, Yup, it's Alice in Wonderland themed.
Samurai Edward
The random alchemist
QUOTE(Ling_chan @ Dec 21 2006, 02:33 PM) [snapback]486932[/snapback]
^ Thank you, The Random Alchemist. happy.gif
Here's two more of my drawings.
It's Roy as the Madhatter and Ed as Alice, Yup, it's Alice in Wonderland themed.
Samurai Edward

oh my very nice. Ed better be careful with that sword or he might need more automail xD

PS: isn't a samurai sword called a Katana? Oo or is that ninja
^ Thanks, again! And a katana is a Japanese sword. It's used by both ninjas and samurais, I think!
Wow, those are very nice!!

I like the last two, Roy as the Madhatter, and Samurai Ed the best!! happy.gif
I really like the samurai Edward one. And the neko ones.
You are really talented. smile.gif
Cheez_n_ Maeve
Well done indeed. You have talent and alot of potential. I like your style. Simple and cute! That's my favorite way to draw too.
My little constructive criticism to you is to continue working on human anatomy (i suggest the older "how to draw anime" books. They show you all sorts of awsome and weird poses and point out things that you wouldnt notice in a reg anatomy book.Beware of the new ones... some of them are..... weird.... and ..... stupid.), perspective, and clothing. Clothing will improve with anatomy, perspective and, of course, practice. So don't worry about it too much.
I definately would like to see more work from you.
Thanks, all of you, I really appreciate it. *hands everyone here a cookie*
I got around to scanning some more of my drawings so here you go:
Ranfan holding a neko Ling
Pride Ed with wings
Ed as a vampire
Cheez_n_ Maeve
YAY A COOKIE!!!! *devours it in one bite*
I like the Vamp Ed. Very amusing concept.
You are very good at capturing the character traits with those pencil strokes!!
I love RanFan with neko Ling!! biggrin.gif
Hey!! Where's my cookie!?
I like the Al neko the best!! It's so cute!! O.o Vampire Ed scares me.....; _ ;
I don't think Neko Ed likes being pet by Neko Ling...
Nice art!
Bleh, haven't been on this thread in a while. I'm so lazy.xD
Thanks to everyone who commented, I really appreciate it.
New drawings:
Inspired by the Sleeping Beauty cover RoyxEd!
Click to view attachment

Ling in a panda suit!
Click to view attachment

I drew this after finally seeing the movie Howl's Moving Castle.
Click to view attachment

Too lazy to put them under a link. xD

<Edited to change three oversize pics from Image posting to Attachment. ^^ 01/26/07 ~Tombow>
Gahhh!! Those are infinitely cute!!! I love them!! happy.gif
I wanna see more!! biggrin.gif
Returned with more fanarts
Ling x Ed Don't click if your not into this pairing.
Olivia Armstrong Armstrong's older sister from the manga. We need more stuff of her in the fandom. xD
In case your wondering I'm opening requests now. So if you want me to draw something for you, let me know here or by PM.
Don't worry Tombow-san, I'll get started on Ranfan and Riza soon! = D
@Ling_chan - That is a handsome looking Ling and a cute Ed!! biggrin.gif
And, I'm glad you are making Armstrong drawing!! She is such an interesting character!!!
Looking forward to your RanFan and Riza drawing!! happy.gif

BTW, I edited three pics in post #19 from Image posting to Attachments because the oversize pics were stretching the forum page sideways. Hope you don't mind. biggrin.gif
You know in the RoyEd(sleeping Beauty style.) Roy kind of looks like Lust to me. XD That would be a weird pairing.

There where a couple pictures that weren't as good as the other ones. But they were still really good. A true artist!

I think my favorite is the neko Al. (Who didn't see that one coming?) *Glomps neko Al.* MINE! lol. Probably the only cat I can tolerate for 14 years. sleep.gif;

Keep up the good work!
ooh -squee-
That Panda Ling is adorable.
-huggles it-
Two new fanarts:
Roy Lion Guess what movie I was watching?
Rose with a neko Ed I don't draw her alot that's why.

@Tombow : Sorry, I'm going to take forever with the Riza & Ranfan picture. D:
And it's ok if you changed the Pics I don't mind, I couldn't figure out how to attach something anyway. XD
@ Mercy Alchemist: Thanks. It's ok if your honest and tell me which drawings are bad. I'll eventually improve.
@Mudkipblader: Thanks for the comment! I luv the Ling panda too!

Edit: Don't forget I opened requests, I'll draw whatever you want me to.
Just let me know here, through PM or on my DA page.
Omigosh. Ling panda is so cute!!! I wanna hug him! If you're good with a needle and thread, a Ling panda doll would be the best idea! I like the Ed dressed as Sophie! The Roy lion was really cool! The Ling x Ed drawing was really great, too! (although I'm not a big fan of the pairing)
@Ling_chan - That Roy lion really looks like Roy!! The hair, the eye, the expression!! Nice!! biggrin.gif
And, I love "Rose with Neko-Ed"!! I love your Rose very much (more than the canon Rose!! tongue.gif ) and nice work with Neko Ed... love the antena!! laugh.gif
Nice works!! biggrin.gif
Oh, and please take your time with Riza and RanFan drawings!! No rush!! happy.gif
Thanks, Tombow & Steel heart Alchemist.
Blergh, it's been almost two months since I've updated this thread.
Peh, I'm such a lazyass.
Anyways, new fanart here.
A picture of Ranfan I drew for the contest being held at my FMA guild over at Gaia.
Winry x Ranfan Er, it's just mild shoujo-ai nothing bad.
Olivia Armstrong & Riza Hawkeye Nothing bad, really, it was just inspired by a picture someone posted at the Royai thread.

@ Tombow: About the Hawkeye & Ranfan pictures, sorry I haven't started on them. I just can't get inspired. =_=;
I'll let you know when I finish them.
@Nekokitty - Nice drawings!! I like Winry-chan in Wonderland!! So cute!!
And, Olivia Armstrong & Riza Hawkeye is so funny!! The expression of Riza is priceless!! XDD
Nice jobs!!
And, don't worry about Hawkeye & Ranfan pictures!! I'm enjoying all your drawings!! happy.gif
If you have time could you change the title of the thread to neko's arts. Thanks. happy.gif

And now an update.
Ed in shadows
It was inspired by a picture of Syaoran in one of the Tsubasa volumes.
Forget which one....sleep.gif

Alright if I post a photo I took because I was bored. = D
Happy Friends
It's my Ed plushie with my stuffed animals. happy.gif
@Nekokitty - Great job on Ed in shadows!!
Nice fusion, and I love the contrast!! And, nice clean lines!!
I like it very much!! Nice to see your work again!! happy.gif

And... haha, the Happy Friends is so cute!! biggrin.gif
(You can post that on Photography thread. I bet they are gonna love that one there!! ^^)

BTW, I changed the thread title as requested. Let me know if that's how you like it. ^^
Glad to see you back on the thread!! happy.gif
Thanks Tombow. happy.gif
I didn't like the original thread title, I was always like WTF was I thinking?! xD
I was feeling unmotivated to update this thread for awhile. ^^;

Anyways new art.
Sketch of Rabi from D.Grayman
Hughes Homunculus sketch I drew this thinking wouldn't it have been interesting if Hughes was Pride.

Ling & Ranfan pandas
A quick doodle I did during class.
Nice stuff here, Nekokitty!

The panda drawings (especially the first one with Ling in a suit) are so cute they are making me squee!~
^Thank you! happy.gif
@Nekokitty - Very nice!!
Rabi sketch came out very nicely!! Clean lines, and nicely balanced proportions!!
Hughes as Pride looks cool, and Ling and Ranfan pandas are soooo adorable!!
I love them!! Nice jobs!! happy.gif
Thank you Tombow. smile.gif
New Drawing for now. Plan on uploading more later.
MOMO sketch.
MOMO from Xenosaga, thanks to a certain someone in this forum, I'm getting a little obsessed with this game and I haven't even played it. :B
@Nekokitty - Cute Momo!!
I love it!! happy.gif
You drew that during the Spanish class?? You're very good!! biggrin.gif
Thanks Tombow. happy.gif
That's right, during Spanish. On a test. :B
QUOTE(Nekokitty @ Apr 22 2007, 02:18 PM) [snapback]534293[/snapback]
MOMO sketch.
MOMO from Xenosaga, thanks to a certain someone in this forum, I'm getting a little obsessed with this game and I haven't even played it. :B
really good drawing Neko, is really cute^^
Thank you, Zarpia. smile.gif
That Ling and Ran Fan panda drawing is too cute! Please colour it. =D

It would have been great if Hughes was Pride.
Although, I'm now obsessed with Ed!Pride. xD
Thank you, Mudkipblader. Don't worry, I will upload a colored version soon. Hopefully on Friday. happy.gif

Colored picture of Sakura Kinomoto

Yet another edit: I just recieved 1000 hits on my Deviantart page! Yay, me! = D
Wow blink.gif Nekokitty i didn't know you drew. Your so great at drawing, i mean the pencil sketching is amazing biggrin.gif! I love the kittys there so adorable, and Ed is drawn so perfectly happy.gif! Keep up the great work oh, and my favorite drawing of yours is would have to be Ed holding the sword wink.gif.
yay for the 1k hits Neko.
Nice colors in the Sakura Kinomoto pic, looks really nice and clean
Thanks, you guys. happy.gif

Here's two more I haven't posted on my DA page yet.
EnvyEd One of my first attempts in Photoshop. It's not great.
James from Pokemon Plan on coloring it later. I got the idea from a Haruhi Suzumiya picture. >.>
Your welcome happy.gif! Aww, and those 2 new ones are great specially James from Pokemon cause hes so cute tongue.gif.
Your EnvyEd pic looks great for a first attempt in PC, nice work^^
@Nekokitty - Congratulations for the 1000th hit on your DivArt account!! happy.gif
That Colored picture of Sakura Kinomoto is beautifully done!!
Wonderful drawing, and nice coloring!! I think it came out beautiful!!
EnvyEd was your first attempts in Photoshop?? I think it came out great!!
And, I think James from Pokemon would be great with coloring!!
Very nice works!! You're such a good artist!! happy.gif
Thanks. smile.gif
No update right now since I'm at school.
But I'm almost finished with that neko Ed I posted a few weeks in the Beauty of Your artwork thread. Promise to post it as soon as I can.
Indignant Judgment
Nekokitty, you have some really amazing artwork, I looked at the front page post, and you have some real talent, keep up the good work happy.gif My favorite is the Neko Al, of course wink.gif
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