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The description pretty much explains it. Just post random facts.

I'll start: *ahem* Did you know that your eye has three layers? Oil,water, and mucus(aka snot). And when you go to sleep the layers mix and pool together in the cornes of your eyes. TA-DA! The creation of eye boogers!! xD lol!

hmm...I guess that was more of a explaination...
not realy!

did you know that if you get "cow pox" you cant get "small pox"
Do you know how little I give a damn

did you know that if you eat to m uch spinich you will get a kidney stone

did you know milk has a very low Ph value

did you know sharks have been known too eat Big metal objects (*ed screams something about his arm*)

did you know autistic people are more likely to be geniouses than normal people

did you know Napolean kept his arm in his shirt becuase he had a terrible rash (hence, his diary)
QUOTE(lone @ Dec 4 2006, 06:43 PM) [snapback]480879[/snapback]
did you know Napolean kept his arm in his shirt becuase he had a terrible rash (hence, his diary)

I thought it was a cellphone. XD

Did you know that Belgium has three official languages

did you know that cats can be really annoying. *coughminechough*
no i did not know about belgium

did you know cats are 40 % more likely to respnd to a name ending in a "ie, y"
than a name ending in another sound?
Triss Hawkeye
Did you konw taht as lnog as you keep the fsrit and lsat ltertes of a wrod in the rgiht palce, yuor biarn can udstenrand wtirnig lkie tihs bcuesae the barin rdaes the wolhe wrod at ocne isntaed of lteter by ltteer?

Of crsuoe, taht's olny wehn Egilnsh is yuor frsit lguanage.....

EDIT: Tell me if you need a translation. smile.gif
*cough cough* i got it but im dislexic so it was pretty hard *eyes hurt*

did you know that your cells use cholestreal to keep the plasma membrane from imploding on itself by sticking together
Did you know that it is impossible to lick your elbow?

Almost everyone that reads this will try to lick thier elbow. Percentage in the seventies or eighties, I think, or above.

Did you know that you could die from drinking too much water? Cells can only absorb so much fluid before they burst.

Did you know that your foot is as long as your wrist to your elbow? Also, most adults' thumbs are two inches long, so you can use them as mini rulers (mine are two inches long wink.gif )

Did you know that galium (Ga) or however you spell it, is an element with such a low melting temperature that it will melt if you hold it in your hand? Unlike mercury, it's not fatal or dangerous to do this.

Did you know that if two rabbits were to procreate with no limitation of the population, as in predators, disease, etc., then the world would be overrun in like, ten years (Kill All Bunnies!). Hmm, maybe I should make a club called KAB...

Did you know that though there are more females than males in the world right now, males are more likely to be born? This is because sperm that xy sperm have a extra barrier at the head that allows them to survive the acidity of the vagina better. The key to getting girls is, ahem, deeper penetration, so that the sperm doesn't have such a long journey to make.

Did you know that I have way too much free time on my hands?
well my friend can lick her elbo (really long toung)

my foot is smaller than my wrist to my elbo

and the XY gene is the male gene, the Y is shrinking causing more XX(female)

dId you know that if you brather arosal it covers your lugns and you die from lack of oxigen

did you know that bacteria can split every 20 minutes on average

did you know that some species of lizard dont need males to reproduce

did you know wolves track down weak animals out of a herd from something as suttle as 1 longer leg than the other (giving that animal a disadvatage)

did you know african elephants can smell water 12 miles away


Her tongue must be huge.

What do you mean about the y shrinking? I always thought that it was small to begin with.

Did you know that the speed and capacity of computers were predicted by some guy to double every eighteen months, and so far this has been true?

Did you know that milk is made up out of dead skin cells, fluid, and other wierd stuff that has nutrients with it?

Did you know that hair has three layer: Cuticle, medulla, and cortex? And that the outer cuticle layer is made up of clear scales? It's the center that holds the pigment. When you get your hair colored, the peroxide in the solution opens the scales. Small molecules of color get inside, then expand so that it can't get out. The amount of molecules that get inside determines how long the color stays on.

Did you know that the main ingrediant in perm solutions is ammonium thioglycolate?

Did you know that the nails on you middle finger grows the fastest?

Did you know that human hair grows an average of 1/4 inch a month? And that it grows faster in warm weather?

Did you know that there are only twenty amino acids that make up every protien in the world, in any organism?

Did you know that one kilobyte = one thousand characters, while one megabyte =one million characters? So one megabyte =about 1000 kilobytes.

Did you know that when tweezing the eyebrows, when the hair comes out, theres a little bulb on the end. If the bulb is white, that hair has never been plucked. If it is dark, then it has. This is because the trauma of tweezing causes a tiny clot to form.

Did you know that there is a grape ant, where certain ants in the species will have the duty of sucking up a honey/necter type thing, and then hanging from the ceiling of the ant hill for the rest of their lives, feeding any ant that comes by? In some parts of the world, this ants are dug up from where they live, up to six feet below the ground, and eaten as a sweet delicacy?

(No, I rule "Did you Know?") tongue.gif
lol good job (bio freak! lik me!)

did you know that 6% of people put on the lethal injection die a slow painful death

did you know 30% people put on the electric chair die a slow painful death

did oyu know a chicken survived 18 months 3 3rds of its head cut off (fed through a eye dropper)

did you know that cancer of the brain can go as many as 19 years without being giving negitive side effects (lucky lucky!)

did you know that adrenolene can brake down tissue as well as stop your throat from closing during an elergic reaction

did you know that your body produces less adrenolene as you get older

did you know you start to lose flexibility at the age of 4

did you know the longest living woman ate 2 pounds of chocolate each week

did you know chocolate full of antioxidents which neutrolizes free radicals

did you know free radicals are responsible for 68% of negitive effects of aging past 39
Whoa. All these science facts are making my brain hurt...

Anywho, Did you know that a cat is more likely to survive being thrown off the 7th story of a building than the 3rd(not that I've thrown cats off of buildings!! xD) ?

Did you know that a red shirt is actully every other color BUT red? This is beacuse the shirt absorbs all colors and reflects red. So, a red shirt is really blue. Whoa...thats deep..

Did you know that white and black aren't really colors? White reflects all colors (so it appears white) and black absords all colors (which is also why you get hotter when you wear black).
Kal Rommel
Did you know African elephants only have four teeth to chew their food with?

Did you know that a dog was the first in space and a sheep, a duck and a rooster the first to fly in a hot air balloon?

Did you know that the heart of a blue whale is the size of a small car?

Did you know that the first written account of the Loch Ness Monster, or Nessie, was made in 565AD?

I was bored and felt like looking some stuff up...><;
i dont have to look up stuff lol

did you know that the first live and cought giant squid were babies that died in a matter of days

did you know that your brain can stop functioning at any moment

did you knwo 1 in 70 people have the albino gene

did you know the largest trees in the world are a breed of red wood called secoya

did you know that cyoties are sub breed of wolf

did you know wolves were once the most widely distributed of all animals

did you know foxes evolved from dire wolves

did you know humans and sabertooth tigers lived in the same era at a time
.:Edward's Hunter:.
Oh! I got one that is...Stupid.

DYK: E = mc2 means Energy = mass x the speed of light (186,000 mi/sec.) squared.

Wooooooooow! ohmy.gif
My brain hurts...x_x


Did you know that apple seeds are actually poisoness?

Did you know the only bird that can fly backwards is the hummingbird?

Did you know almonds are a members of the peach family?

Did you know it would take 31.7 years to count off one billion seconds?
My 6th grade science teacher wrote the book:Zippo: The Great American Lighter : Including the Poore Guide to Zippo Prices.
DYK: that men have a higher percentage of being struck by lightning than women?
Did you know that : because any object cant reach the speed of light , the concept of time travel and time machines is not at possible !
DYK: The left side of your brain controls the right side of your body and vice versa
Did you know?

Near the first stages of WWI, the American government was actively looking for a way to detect and destroy German U-boats. A certain scientist, Nikola Tesla, suggested using energy waves underwater to find them. The board, led by Tesla's "Archenemy" Thomas Edison, tossed the idea out on its ear as ludicrous.

25 years later, Radar was finally invented and put to use.

Did you know Einsteins brain had the part used for mathematical reasoning and thinkning
was larger than that of ordinary people !
Did you know that Mozart was a scatologist? >:D
Did you know that . . .
orange juice has more calcuim in it than milk

a chocolate bar called 'the rejuvinator'(sp?) was made and sold with radium in it

bearded dragons can hiss
patkk the dictator/ninja/fish
DKY: twinkies will explode in the microwave after aprox. 45 seconds

DKY: Barbie R 's last name is roberts

DKY: that neji said you were a loser
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