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Ok. First of all, I didn't write this alone. I wrote it with my friend. And you can find the whole story on, but I want to put it in chapters here, so I won't give the link until I put the entire story here. Oh....and the story is on my website, too. But that's the not-so-good-not-yet-edited version. Just because. Although, I suppose you could look for it. It wouldn't be that hard to find, I suppose.....
Oh yeah, and the account is my friend's, not mine.

And the story does get better.


"Where am I? Everything is black... Am I dead? No, then I wouldn't be thinking right now... Where is everyone? Al? Roy? Anyone? WHERE AM I?"

"Ah! Alphonse! I wanted to see you. How are you doing?" Roy asked Al. After moving back to Risembool, Al had decided to visit everyone here at the military.

"Fine, thanks." Al replied.

"And how is Edward?"


"It's okay, I understand. So, have you come to visit us here?" Roy asked, feeling sorry for Al.

"Yes, I haven't seen you in a while, so I thought I would visit. After all, I haven't seen you since... that happened." Al told him. Nowadays, he really had no one to talk to...

"Well, then come in. I don't think anyone is busy at the moment."

So Al walked inside the building. Everything is just like it used to be... except Ed isn't there anymore.

Wandering the halls for a short time, Al looked back on all the times Ed was late for work here and had to grab breakfast while running out the door, eating it on the way and getting a stomach cramp.

Smiling to himself --though it was a bittersweet smile-- he timidly let himself loose into all the other memories:

Ed and himself fighting over drinking milk;

Ed whacking at a spider in the corner of the room;

The two outside, watching the stars;

"What kind of a question is that? Must there be something wrong with my brain every time I offer to cook!"


"Hey, Al..."

"...Isn't that right, Al?"

...And another smile, yet cold and quiet as the grave...

"Alphonse-kun, what a surprise to see you here." Riza Hawkeye interrupted his memories, and brought him back to reality.

"Oh, yes, I decided to come and visit." Al said.

"Well, you know you're always welcome here." Riza told him.

"Oh, I'm sorry, my break's over. Maybe I'll see you again before you leave. By the way, you might want to go to the library and pay Sheska a visit. A bookshelf collapsed this morning, and she's been busy putting all the books on other shelves. She could use some help."

With that, Riza left. Al decided to follow her suggestion and visit Sheska.

" Alphonse, where are you? Where is anyone? I want to go home! Oh, great, now I'm crying. A mental breakdown is all I need right now... I miss them, I miss them all..."

"Sheska! Hi!"

"Hi Alphonse! You haven't been around here for a while--Ahh!" Sheska screamed as all the books she'd just put on a shelf came tumbling down on top of her.

"Oh, here let me help you with that--ahhhh!" Some more books fell, landing on Al this time.

"I think you need to get another book shelf, Sheska."

"Al, you might be right."

After cleaning up the books, and fixing the broken bookshelf, Al told her he'd better leave soon.

"I understand, you have a life, too. Thanks for helping me with those books, Al." Sheska said. "Come back soon--you never know when another bookshelf will break."

"I'll keep that in mind. Goodbye, Sheska."

After going back to the train station, Al remembered how many times he and Ed had gone on trains, back then.

"Train to Risembool, leaving in a few minutes!" The train engineer yelled.

Al hurried on the train. After he found a seat, he thought about all of the adventures he and Ed had gone on. So many great times...

"Do you really know how to cook?"

"Ha! What are you talking about? It's not like cooking is any more difficult than alchemy!"

"Even though that's the case... Brother... you..."

"Just sit here and let me take care of things!"

"Umm... Okay..."

Loud clashing sound of pots and pans was heard

Listening closely, Al could also hear the following…


"What's this...?"


"Agghhhh what do I do now!"

"So many great times." Al said to himself. And there were also scary times...but somehow it always seemed to end up okay.

"Next stop, Risembool!" The engineer called. Al got off the train.

"I'm back, everyone." He whispered. And with that, he started walking on the road to home.

"Why am I all alone? Where is everyone! Gah, idiot, stop crying! This is hopeless! There's nothing here! It's all black! An endless maze... Why am I here?"

"Winry! Ed! Granny! I'm back!" Al called through the open door. Silence answered. Quietly, Al walked to where Ed sat. It almost looked like he hadn't changed position at all. Al felt tears prick the back of his eyes, but rubbed them furiously and forced a smile.

For Ed's sake.

Aaaaand that concludes the first chapter. I shall wait until someone comments before I post the next one.
Princess Ying
Is really nice, try to make another one smile.gif
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