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Full Version: Dramatic Recreations
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You're flipping through the channels and you notice a documentary about General Washington at Valley Forge. Watching it, you see a nice dramatized speech from Washington to his men at the fort. It's so inspiring that even you feel you could sleep in the snow with no food. But then you realize, this is fake and who knows if Washington even spoke like this to his men.

The point here is whether these documentaries, which are meant to educate actually mislead people because of their drive to teach through entertainment rather than offer a boring factually accurate narrative of the events in history.

There's a lot more to the tv documentary style and really any other entertainment based educational material that causes problems. These things get taught to our children and also form the basis of many people's total education level on many topics. I also enjoy many documentaries and find them to be informative, but I do question the accuracy of any dramatic recreations.

The same applies not only to history, but science as well. How much of science based educational materials are interpreted in a dramatic way to appeal to the masses and actually are misleading about the facts of scientific data/conclusions?
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I sometimes wonder how many facts are in shows such as this. Often I will be watching a reinactment of something I'm well familiar with and notice it's nothing like what I'm familiar with.

However, is it different because it contains new facts I'm unaware of or is it different because it's inaccurate and the producers are taking too many liberties?

As far as things like George Washington of course there will be artistic liberties because nobody was there to witness the event and give an accurate report and of course they want good television so they will make it as dramatic and inspiring as possible.

It's what gets rateings.
I am certain most people aren't "fooled" by these dramatizations to think that these events definitly happened the way they are presented. But, I think one danger is this over-psychoanalyzing of historical figures (our culture tends to over-psychoanalyze everything). Dramatizations are based on a culmination of information (mostly expert testimony), but for all we know, they may have got the sense of the person all wrong. A bad acting job or bad script can help people to form unfavorable opinions of the historical persona.
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Most Educational Programs are based on the original version of the story, And then they just make up and exaggerate a bunch of other bull crap . Like Arche said, Most of the people that don't know enough might be watching a bull crap documentary and think its all real, Thus getting an unfavorable opinion on the historical persona. Most documentarys nowadays are just to entertain people, Hardly teach them.
I think informational TV shows and documentaries are interesting. I do not believe all of what I see and hear, but I think certain things are true. I think if anything, it can spark your intrigue, and you should do hard research for yourself if you really find the topic interesting.

I wouldn't put all my money on a TV documentary, lol, even if it is from a reputable source.
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