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Full Version: Can't Upload The Pic To Gallery!
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The random alchemist
ETA: April 4, 2007 by Tombow

Anyone having problem with uploading images to our FMA Image Gallery, please go to

Problem Uploading Images To The Gallery?, Gallery Posting Q&A thread

the thread also has detailed "How to upload the image to the Gallery" instructions.

ok I was trying to post an image of Gluttony into the homunculus catagory and kept getting an error. so then I got tired and posted it in my own gallery. now it appears 4 times and I can't remove any other than the one in my gallery. Help Oo
when this "error" appear, did you just click back and try again? coz if you did then what happened was probably that the image did when trow but you still got that error message. just wait for a mod to see this and delete the other 3 images.
@I am random rawr - Do you remember what kind of error that was??
Because, normally, when you upload the pics for Gallery (except your Personal Gallery) they do not get posted until each pic is approved by the Gallery Mod-sama, and it takes for a while, and so the uploaded pic does not show up in Gallery right away.

As for your Personal Gallery, I might be wrong, but I think only you can edit it??
Tho, I have no idea what to do with the ones in your Personal Profile, since that one is kind of a new feature.

Have you tried deleting the Gluttony pic in your Personal Gallery completely, and see if that might delete three Gluttony pics in your Personal Profile?? (Then if it's successful, you can post your Gluttony pic in your Personal Gallery again, but this time, hitting it only once??)
If that doesn't work, I don't have other idea for now... hopefully, Gallery Mod-sama, or others can help you with better ideas!! biggrin.gif
The random alchemist
well its fix now ^^ thanks whoever did it. now it appears in both my personal gallery and the homunculus gallery. I'll probably delete it from my personal one now >> *goes off and does that*

NEVERMIND I keep getting an error message now that I want to delete one of the image .__.

this is the error message I get:

"Sorry, but you do not have permission to use this feature. If you are not logged in, you may do so using the form below if available."
Hmmm... I can't find your Gluttony wallpaper in the Personal Gallery section.. unsure.gif
(But, then I'm not very good at finding stuff in the Gallery... Sorry!!)
Anyway, I saw your Gluttony pic is now being posted in the Public Gallery section, and glad your Personal Profile is fixed!! biggrin.gif
The random alchemist

this image won't allow me to delete it Oo
QUOTE(I am random rawr @ Nov 14 2006, 09:59 PM) [snapback]473560[/snapback]

this image won't allow me to delete it Oo
@I am random rawr - Thanks for the link!! Yes, I can see it now, and technically, that one being in your Personal Gallery, you should be able to delete that one, but it maybe some board glitch or something that you're having problem deleting that one.. I don't know why.. unsure.gif
Hopefully some helpful Mod-sama or others who have the access can help you, and delete that one for you!!
The random alchemist
I hope so too sad.gif
I need some help with posting fanart in the Gallery section.
Here is my situation:

I have:
a scanner
(and some fanart)

I don't have:
computer skills
or a brain

And so, as a result, I don't know how to post fanart. Can anyone tell me how to? (Like step-by-step instructions for people who are a little slow with computers like me) Any help will be very appreciated smile.gif!!!

Step one: Go into the gallery you want to upload a picture to. Kind of obvious I know. For this tutorial I’ll use Fanart.
Step two: (Very difficult) Click “New image”

Step three; you’ll go to a page that looks like this;

Click the “browse” button. This will bring up a window from which you can find the picture you want to upload. Choose the pic and some text should appear in the white box.
Once this is done click “Post Image” and you will get taken to a page basically saying it's all been uploaded.
That should be it for you.
You will have to wait for the mods to approve it before you see it in the gallery so be patient.
Thank you very much, Popo biggrin.gif!
^^ Thanks Popo!!
The basic procedure for uploading imnages to the Gellery is also posted on the first post of
Uploading Images to the Gellery thread.
And, I just pinned the the thread in the hopes of having it more visible. happy.gif
Thank you, Tombow!! (Woo-hoo!!! I posted my fanart today happy.gif!)
And thanks again, Popo! smile.gif
Ratzenheich FMA Super fan
Damnit. I already tried 3 times to upload something in the site gallery but I always get an error message saying that this feature requires me to be logged in even though I'm already logged in.

This is the error message I get when I tried to upload in the gallery:
Click to view attachment

<Merged "I'm Having A Problem With Uploading In The Gallery, Crap..." thread with 4 posts here. 05/22/07 ~Tombow>
@Ratzenheich FMA Super fan - It's explained on How to upload Images to the Gallery. ^^

I checked, and your pic has been uploaded 3 times, and waiting for the approval by the board stuff. Please sit tight, and wait for the Gallery Moderator to approve your picture. biggrin.gif
(No need to upload the pic again. ^^)
Ratzenheich FMA Super fan
Crap. Sorry about that. Seems like I uploaded 3 pics. Just delete 2 of the 3 same pics I submitted. Thanks!
@Ratzenheich FMA Super fan - No problem! biggrin.gif
Your pic (just one ^^) will be showing up later after getting the approval. ^^

I'm merging this to "Can't Upload The Pic To Gallery!" thread. smile.gif

ETA: Thread merged. smile.gif

Just a reminder... ^^

Anyone having problem with uploading images to our FMA Image Gallery, please go to

Problem Uploading Images To The Gallery?, Gallery Posting Q&A thread

the thread also has detailed "How to upload the image to the Gallery" instructions.
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