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Okay, ehm I'm an addict to Drawing. Really.

And I'd like to show you my FMA drawings.
This is the first one..
Kinda wierd, but yeah.
I ended up mixing Pokemon and FMA.

Edo-Kip & Aru-on @ devart
Edward_Ash_Kai @ Devart
My favo animecharacters. It's actually the first time I drew Edward like he (almost) is.
Izumi-ganium @devart
Izumi is teaching Ed and Al a lesson - Pokemon version
Edo-kip vs Mustang-leon @ devart
another FMP one, now Ed vs Roy. I know it's bad.
the Military @ devart
last FMP one, the military. I think that the Gengar really looks like King Bradly.

So far my First drawings - sketches
i'm making a real FMA pic now, so maybe next week I'll post a it here.
@Mudkipblader - Haha, it's a unique idea mixing FMA and Pokemon!! biggrin.gif
I love the first one with Ed and Al. Al saying niisan is so cute!! happy.gif
Thanks Tombow.
I guess of al the ones above that is my fav.

Yey, I finnished my two first FMA pictures.
Please check them out.
Group picture
Edward, Al, Riza, Roy and Winry

Edward and Alphonse
Movie themed.
Actually, those are really good. =)
Nice work!
The first ones are cute, and the second group of pictures are excellent.
I can see they're traced off other pictures, do you have a trace table?
Or did you just 'do' it?
Because they're very well done.
I like the shading and colouring too.
I don't have a tablet, and I won't use it if I had one.
Like you said I just 'do' it.

1. take the PC and find a pic
2. start drawing it with pencil on paper
3. surounding it with a black pencil
4. colouring
I know my surrounding is bad...

And thanks ^^

My fma Christmas card: Ed and Al in the snow.
I so wish the story would continue: Ed and Al (from the OAV, no the real ones)
Edward drawn on paint.

Enjoy. =3
Hey, your drawings are really good! I like your artstyle, keep it up!
( I mean it! )
@Mudkipblader - I love Ed and Al pencil drawing!! (Yeah, I wish the story continued that way, too!!) And, you're good at drawings with Paint, too!!
Nice jobs!! biggrin.gif

(Oh, BTW, I merged two consecutive postings, since they are considered as double postings on our board. Hope you don't mind. ^^ )
QUOTE(Tombow @ Dec 28 2006, 11:32 PM) [snapback]488962[/snapback]
@Mudkipblader - I love Ed and Al pencil drawing!! (Yeah, I wish the story continued that way, too!!) And, you're good at drawings with Paint, too!!
Nice jobs!! biggrin.gif

(Oh, BTW, I merged two consecutive postings, since they are considered as double postings on our board. Hope you don't mind. ^^ )

Thank you Ling-Chan, and you tooTombow.
I know it's double post, but I did it so they would see there was a new update. =X
sorry. =/

Edward and Ash Ketchum (Pokemon) I drew this for someone. Edward is in it, just don't pay attention to Ash and his pika-pal. =D

You're a very good artist!
I'm not fond of pokemon, but I like the art style in that last one. biggrin.gif
Thank you. =D
I'm now rubbing my pencil drawings with toiletpaper, so you get that effect. It's nicer then just colouring in, don't you think?
I didn't even have to colour the light grey parts of Ed's trousers, rubbing was enough. XD
That's really good. happy.gif
I just love Pokemon & FMA. ~ <3
QUOTE(Mudkipblader @ Dec 31 2006, 07:43 PM) [snapback]489968[/snapback]
Edward and Ash Ketchum (Pokemon) I drew this for someone. Edward is in it, just don't pay attention to Ash and his pika-pal. =D

That's nicely done!! Pika-pal is so cute!! happy.gif
So, Ed is even shorter than Ash, I guess. laugh.gif

[spoiler](Oh, and no problem with double posting, as long as you don't mind me fixing them later. ^^)[/spoiler]
Thanks Tombow.
I'll remember that. wink.gif
Lovely artwork Mudkip. I especially like the artwork that you did based on the Hagaren Kids OVA. You do a nice job with shading and colouring, and I applaud anybody who works with Paint. I look forward to more of your artwork.
Thank you.
School'll start again in 3 days, so I won't have so much time to draw anymore. T^T
But I'll try to post some stuff.

I got a new pic =3
Edward walking
Wow, that is a great drawing,.. and so detailed.
The shoe design on Ed's shoe really looks like the shoe design that Ed wears. I agree with sweety_pie, your art is really detailed! Wow, wish I could draw like that!

Oh wow! I can not believe my eyes! These are really good! In the last one Ed looks fat until enlarge the image. XD How they manage that I have no idea.

I would have to say my favorite ones are the ones with Alphonse... All but one are super well done! One is still good, just not as good as the others.

Now the one thing I don't see wrong with double posting is in the art forums. I mean sure they can edit their last posts if they want to put more drawings in... But for some people their computers don't let them do that. (Computers, not serviers... Going to foxfire or whatever it's called won't fix it.) I just don't think it's wrong to double post if your showing your art...

But who cares what I think?*Waits for someone to say "Yeah, who cares what you think."*
thanks for the compliments, Sweety pie, Shabu and Mercy alchemist94

Can you tell me which one you don't like?

Yeah, who cares what you think
No, go ahead, shout out what you think!
QUOTE(Mudkipblader @ Jan 11 2007, 12:45 PM) [snapback]493332[/snapback]
thanks for the compliments, Sweety pie, Shabu and Mercy alchemist94

Can you tell me which one you don't like?

Yeah, who cares what you think
No, go ahead, shout out what you think!

It's the Ed and Al in winter(Or whatever the name is. I'm terrible at names! >< Took me 5 episodes to remember Al's nick name... Took me 10 to figure out his full name was Alphonse.)
To me it looks like it's flat, but at the same time because of the shadows not. The eyes seem a little crooked to me, and their necks seem to big for their heads. Also their torsos too short for their body. ( But I guess it could work out for Ed. happy.gif)
Ed's arm seems short(the one that's not in the pocket.) and Al's hand (that's holding the cat) seems a little long (maybe some lines to show knuckles or the begining of the fingers could fix that... That's what I do.) And sorry if this sounds mean, but to me it seems like Al has a receding hair-line. *Runs away before anyone has a chance to smack me!*

(Sorry about the spelling errors... It's not my day.)
thanks for your explanation. Now I can improve. =D
I might change it (and I will =X)

Now something that is less or more related to FMA


Random Al icons (the original ones are smaller in size)

Wow! That Chimera is really well done! Bravo! ^^

AND The icons are soo CUTE!! *Random Fangirl squeal.* X3 lol
Nikki Neko
*claps hands* Lovely work! happy.gif Very pretty colouring,I find it gives your drawings a great edge. happy.gif
Mudkip: The Alphonse icons you made are criminally cute. (What icon program did you use to make them?)
Icon program? ^^"
Paint (if you can even call that an icon program?)
I have such an old PC (w/o Internet connection) that goes nuts when you try to install something, so I have to do it with Paint.

I'm planning on making more of them, even some Ed ones. =D
*gasp* ohmy.gif You're such an amazing artist, Mudkipblader!!!! My favorite is the one titled "Edward drawn on paint." Drawing on Paint is sometimes hard; I'm surprised at how good you are at drawing with it. That takes skill (I'm not joking!). I also love love love LOVE the "Group picture". Your Pokemon themed drawings are cute and very unique. *thumbs up* Keep up the good AWESOME work biggrin.gif!!!
@Mudkipblader - Those Al icons are so cute!!! I wanna hug them!! biggrin.gif
And. I like your Ed drawing!!
And, that chimera is awesome!!
Are you planning to color that one by any chance?? I think that will be great!!
Can't wait to see your next drawing!! happy.gif
Thank you all for your compliments.

I might colour in the Chimera one. Yeah, Maybe I'll do that.
This weekend I have some new drawings:
-Chibi group (3 anime: FMA-BB-PKMN)
-Ed and the Chimera's
-Movie Ed and Al -again-
-more Icons. =D
@Mudkipblader - Yes, more icons!! I love those!! biggrin.gif
Looking forward to seeing all your new artworks!! happy.gif
Meitantei Conan
WOW!!!!! Mudkipblader your drawings are the best i EVER seen.Those drawings look like the same as the originals drawing anime drawing of Fullmetal Alchemist, and I like the Pokemon Pics too biggrin.gif
Thank you all.
As I promised:

Chibi party
Al and Ed ~ Movie
Ed and the Chimera's
I really like the last one

New Icons (I know it's a mess, but I needed to put them all in such a small place --", and Ed says he's hating me for turning him into a cat. XD)
Click to view attachment

I thought I'd put these on too. They are costumised Pokemon sprites, all made from the same Trainer sprite.
Click to view attachment

<Edited to change the posting of two oversize pics from Image posting to Attachments to stop stretching of the forum page sideways. ^^ 01/29/07 ~Tombow>
@Mudkipblader - Tehehe, I love those icons and sprite!! biggrin.gif
And, excellent drawings!!
The chibis are so cute!!
And, "Ed and Chimeras" is awesome!! I like it very much!!
The lines are clean, proportions are right, and excellent coloring jobs!!
Vey nicely done!! happy.gif

ETA: Jan. 29
@Mudkipblader - I edited and changed the posting of two pics on your posts above from Image hosting to Attachments. Hope you don't mind!! happy.gif
Ratzenheich FMA Super fan
Whoa! Nice sprites there!
Wow, I really like the style of the last two pictures. I added them to my faves. x)
Mudkip: Lovely new artwork! My personal favourite is your picture of Edward and Alphonse from the movie. I really like your style, and I can definetly see your improvement as an artist. (Your sprites are so cute by the way, especially kitty Ed.)
Thank you. =D
Saying that my proportions are okay is great news! They always seemed wrong somehow. _ _"

-grin- Thank you.
I'm messing around with the Pokemon battle screens.
Now I made something like: (wild) COLONEL ROY MUSTANG appeared!
-sorry- I should be COLONEL ROY MUSTANG wants to battle, but that thing just popped into my head (and doesn't want to leave it XD)

Thank you. =D

You do? Thank you.
Chibi Party= OMGOSH! THAT'S SO CUTE! The art work is really well done. (Though I will admit, some of the heads are a little wiggle offish looking. But it's really easy to miss.-Or if I put that wrong, it's not noticible unless you're looking for it.-) I will forever love you for putting Beyblade in there and not forgetting Max! People never do Beyblade art anymore! (Besides the perverted yaoi fans... Not perverted for liking yaoi, perverted for the things they make the characters do-Which they would never do in a million years.) I think Winry was the best one done in this picture... But Al and Max are the cutest. :3(P.S. It kind of looks like Al's stepping on the kitty's tail. lol)

Ed And Al Movie
= Wow... Just wow. I really can't say much. I think the best way I can put this is that it looks like one of the animators did this. Wow. (Though it took me a second to figure out why part of Ed's neck was missing. XD "What happened to his..! Oh, That's the collar!" I'm queen of observanty!)

Ed And The Chimera's= Again, wow. Ed turned out so nicely, the lighting is perfect, the Chimera's are so awesome I could never make anything look like that. And I like the background! I'm terrible at backgrounds, so stuff like sand, trees, stuff like that just plan out amaze me. ^^

The icons and Sprites(?)= SO adorable! The Ed icons are awesome, simply awesome! I love all the Al icons to, but I think the Ed ones turned out just a little better. The Sprites(that's what they're called?) are sweet! Ed kind of looks like he has bushy eye-brows to me, but other then that they're really good. I think Al and Roy turned out better... Course if you're not paying attention(or you don't know the show) you might think Roy's flipping you the bird.(If that's sounds mean, it wasn't meant to be that way.) Like I said, very good!

biggrin.gif Or just to say all that in one sentence, your latest artworks are most wonderful!

(Warning: Spelling,grammar, and sayings error caused by lack of sleep... If anything sounds weird DO NOT BLAME LACK OF INTELLIGANCE, Thank you.)
The pixel art is very cute and very well done. Kitty Ed makes Chi make funny girly noises laugh.gif
MA 94 That is a lot of text and I thank you for your comments.
To say that one of my drawings looked like it was done by one of the animators, is really a great compliment.

chiyo -gigle-

I having a drawing block (if that exists) right now, so I would like to ask if anyone has an idea what I could draw. Not to big, not to much, just fine.
Please? -puppyeyes-
don't mind that ^ =X
Wow! I love your drawings! I especially love the "Ed and the Chimeras". That is so unique. The Al and Ed~Movie are awesome, too happy.gif. The Chibi Party was so cute. The icons are so funny. (especially the Ed kitty one X3) The sprites are nicely done! I hope to see more of your drawings!
Drawing block?! I hate that! Poor thing. T^T Um... Maybe you could do a scene from the movie? Like the first reuion of the Elric brothers. ( That was one of my favorite scenes!) Or maybe from the series?

I dunno, I can barely come up with ideas myself.
Hmmm, artist's block??
Could draw something for Valentine's Day??
Or, something completely different, like Ed & Roy battle scene??
Haha, I'm not good at drawing ideas!! tongue.gif
I was recently complaining to Triple Soul, that there was no HohenheimXTrisha fan artwork on the internet. They are not frequently drawn characters, and it would be a nice little challenge to see a picture of them for St. Valentine's Day. I'm not sure if you are familiar with the manga, but you could possibly draw one of the characters from it. (Like Mei-chan and her panda or Prince Ling.)
Hey I like those Ideas. happy.gif

I'll try to draw Ed and Roy in battle -still have to figure out how-

And after that's finished, I'll do a Valentine one with Trisha and Hoenhiem (that would be the first time I draw them). So everyone will be happy. =D

@SHA Thank you. =D

BTW, I also own the Beyblade Manga, and there is this one character that looks a bit like Ling. But that's random comment. XD

ETA: Feb. 18
Ha, I got new pictures. =D
Finally. ^^"

The Explanation of my name. =D
Ed, Tyson and Ash (and Pikapal)
Hagane no Pokemon =O
Ed and Al ~NG
Fullmetal Pokeblade picnic
FMA random doodles -1-
An own version of Ed vs Mustang ^^"

FMA random doodles -2-

Hope you like.

I don't know if I'm going to draw many pictures in a short time, because I'm also working on my Pokeblade Comic.
@Mudkipblader - I love your FMA doodles!! They are so good!!
And, you are the FMA-Pokeman specialist!! I enjoy them very much!! happy.gif
(And, I merged the posts, as requested. ^^)
Thank you, Tombow. =D

What was I blabbing about no new pictures in a while?

Here's Trisha and Hohenheim.

Hohenheim is hard. xO
Oh, wel, hope you like it. ^^

PS: Tombow, you may merge the posts if you want.
Mudkip: Your artwork of Trish and Hohenheim is lovely. You portrayed such a tender and poigant scene. I agree that Hohenheim is a difficult character to draw, but I believe that you did a great job capturing both characters. Your colour choice has a very calming a somber effect. The artwork makes me think of the latest manga chapter. (The world needs more HohoXTrisha artwork.) Nice job!
@Mudkipblader - Lovely TrixHoho drawing!! Sweet!!
I agree with Edamame, it's nice to see the artwork for Trish and Hohenheim.
Very nice!! happy.gif
Wow. Mud. That is one of the greatest drawings I have seen around here. happy.gif

You could be a really good artist. biggrin.gif
Thanks, all of you.

I might think of drawing Ed and Roy in battle. (now the real FMA, not Pokemon XD)
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