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Full Version: Chapter 65 "Regular" Discussion Thread For First Time Readers (and Others)
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Honestly, Olivia skeers me. I know Roy can be intimidating, but Olivia just strikes me as hard. "Capable of inspiring loyalty" does not necessarily mean "nice," I realize, but Roy never forgets that there are ethical implications to what he does --whereas Olivia's environment, and the demands placed on her, seems to have scrubbed ethics clean out her.

I wouldn't mind that, actually. Lots of ethical characters running around, a few more villains would be nice.

Also, I am wondering if Sloth is really making a direct attack on the base, or whether somebody's not going to just pop up in the opening scene of the next release and be, "Oh, there you are, Captain Whatchajajig, didn't know you were digging here."

Whereupon the entire fan community will sit up and go "NOOO! NOOO! He's EVIL!"

Sloth is a much more formidable opponent if he's "entrenched" or "concealed" in the North, in a position of trust where the Elrics cannot combat him directly. And we haven't seen anything that definitively proves otherwise --only that he's been digging.

But yeah, I don't think any of that's very likely. More probably, the next release will be a bunch of people getting thrown against things.

The scary part will be if Olivia decides to ally herself with the Homunculi (or even "just" Sloth) before war comes to the North. I can certainly see her doing that over the Elric's protests, since she knows that they have lied to her, and since she is looking for ultimate weapons.

Greed The Homuculi
whoa um are you guys reading the right stuff, the chapter 65 i just read went up to the part where ed and al have to get the ice off the ceelings and ed is too short, is that only part of the chapter or what, casue supposely im suppose to see sloth and the fight with scar and kimbley.
QUOTE(Greed The Homuculi @ Nov 18 2006, 03:38 AM) [snapback]475094[/snapback]
whoa um are you guys reading the right stuff, the chapter 65 i just read went up to the part where ed and al have to get the ice off the ceelings and ed is too short, is that only part of the chapter or what, casue supposely im suppose to see sloth and the fight with scar and kimbley.
@Greed The Homuculi - That's up to page 26, then page 27 is the change of scenes from the North fort to "on the train" where Scar and Kimbley's fighting takes place, up to page 37, and on page 38 the scene changes back to the North fort, and the last two pages, page 41 and 42 contain Sloth. smile.gif
Reta McClain
Greed The Homunculi: Let me guess... You read the MSN FMA group version? They didn't put the whole chapter (for whatever reason) there... I succest that you download chapter 65 from ZOMGFTA.
Greed The Homuculi
*nod nods* Umeko and CSakuraS are the freakin BEST!!!! i love them soo muches!!!!! YAY! i want more FMA now *drools* i'm such a fan boy >.< oh well.. oh yea i never did post pics of me as Roy... then again no one took any except for Fangirls happy.gif;;;;;;;; sorry this is off topic but to ANY FAN girls that took pics of me as Roy from episode 51 (eye patch, blue suit jacket, blue pants, cain) at Acen... please send me the pics... otherwise you can see my Elbow in an Official pic... i need to check again... k bye..
Good chapter i espcially liked the part where sloth finnally makes a apperence and shows us his location.
I like Monster Envy's suggestion that Sloth could be digging a tunnel between Amsteris and Drachma. What if the homunculus have him in the North not to complete the lines of the transmutation circle, but to start the conflict in Drachma? So far, we know that Envy started the Ishval conflict and it seems Lust had a lot to do with Lior, so maybe Sloth is supposed to set off the conflict in the north.

I've been wondering about something. Sloth's been digging since at least volume 7, right? So he might not know about Ed and Al being Human Sacrifices. If that's the case, then if it came to a fight, he won't know that he's not supposed to kill Ed and Al. Then again, Sloth doesn't really seem like that fighting type. Killing them might be too tiresome for him.
By this point, I wouldn't be surprised if Sloth's objective was as simple as stir up war in the North. I mean, it's quite obvious they're causing war and strife on specific points, perhaps Sloth's just been working to that end.

Of course, now that I've suggested Hiromu Arakawa would have it explained so predictably tidy, neat, and simplistic, I'll need to be hanged for blasphemy.
Not too long until the next chapter...unless we have delays. Do you think that was just a taste of Sloth and he may not appear for another couple of chapters yet?
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