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Quite easilly the best biology show, ever. Not the best scientific show, though. Captain Planet holds that title. Bill Nye was pretty sweet too. Anyway, anyone watch this show? I wish this younger generation would get into better programming, like the shows in the early-mid 90's...
Le Monkey
Haha! I remember this one, XD
It was pretty funny to me.
Aw, I loved this show. I enjoyed the episodes where they actually change into things. smile.gif
Haha we used to watch that in science class.. It was very easy to understan.. I guess.. If I was listening laugh.gif
Yeah, I've seen it-- that show was pretty sweet. I'm all about intelligent childrens' programming. (Magic School Bus also put out a really good series of childrens' science books a few years ago. I remember them from when I worked at a book store...)

HOWEVER, being an old fart who grew up in the 80's, nothing compares to the good old PBS shows like "3-2-1 Contact" or "Square One Television". Those shows win.
QUOTE(LadyHawke78 @ Nov 2 2006, 11:20 AM) [snapback]469322[/snapback]
HOWEVER, being an old fart who grew up in the 80's, nothing compares to the good old PBS shows like "3-2-1 Contact" or "Square One Television". Those shows win.

Man i loved those two shows. Especially the sketches with the two detectives that had names of days of the week? oh and who can forget the MATHMAN bits in there.
That was my favorite show while I was growing up (in Canada). I learned a lot and I think that helped set the foundation for my love of science. As well, my former high school French teacher is almost an exact real-life replica of Ms. Frizzle, complete with the red hair and crazy shoes. Too bad that teacher was more artsy than scientific. tongue.gif
I loved this show, I think I may have even had a book or two of it....
Sadly it probably aught me more than primary school ever did.
I remember that show. Arnold always got the short straw.
Man i loved those two shows. Especially the sketches with the two detectives that had names of days of the week?
OMG YES!! The Dragnet parody... That was "Mathnet." And the detectives were Kate Monday and George Frankley. (I know. I suck for remembering that.) Those were some memorable peices of television.

I remember my dad actually watching that part of the show because he was a big Dragnet fan and actually knew what they were parodying.

It's so good to see that people remember that show!

Too bad that teacher was more artsy than scientific.

You know, I always thought that Ms. Frizzle looked waaay to "artsy" to be a science teacher...

(THEN I got to college, and had an Anatomy prof. who dressed like a bloody circus clown on a daily basis... O.o)
Didn't grow up with it, but I did saw it like 2-3 time, it was ok.
I grew up with it.
Oh, man, I adored that show.
I watched it every day!
The themesong was catchy, and I seem to remember liking the Christmas Specials.

Arnold was like, my favourite.

You're cruising on down Main Street. You're relaxed and feeling good.
Next thing that you know you're seeing an octopus in the neighborhood!
Surfing on a sound wave. Swinging through the stars.
Take a left at your intestine. Take your second right past Mars.

On the Magic School Bus navigate a nostril.
Climb on the Magic School Bus - spank a plankton, too.
On the Magic School Bus raft a river of lava.
On the Magic School Bus such a fine thing to do!

So strap your bones right to the seat. Come on in and don't be shy.
Just to make your day complete, you might get baked into a pie.

On the Magic School Bus step inside - it's a wild ride!
Come on and ride on the Magic School Bus!

Hurrah for Google websearch. ^___^
The New Fullmetal Alchemist
Oh my God, "Magic School Bus!!!" I loved that show!!! In fact, I even decided to go to school late so I could watch it this morning on TV while I ate my cheerios! smile.gif It's on sometime around 7:30 in the morning on TLC, if you guys are interested! It was all about conducting heat - pretty cool! Ms. Frizzle explains it all so much better than my physics teacher... blink.gif

Hey, while we're strolling down memory lane, anyone here remember Bill Nye?
Bill Nye?

The Science guy?

Nope. Never heard of him, apart from that one reference.
The New Fullmetal Alchemist
O. M. F. G. .... blink.gif You've NEVER seen Bill Nye, the Science Guy?! (and yes, you were right about the reference). He's only the most amazing real-life science person EVER!!!!

Geez! Do you ever need to be educated! laugh.gif I'm sorry, that was kinda mean - I'm sure you can go onto and find some episodes. smile.gif
You've NEVER seen Bill Nye, the Science Guy?!

He was never shown in the UK as far as I'm aware...
thread jack!

3-2-1 contact

Square 1 intro:

i need to digup some mathnet videos :S
The New Fullmetal Alchemist
Oooh, cool! Thanks, asunder! I'll look at them later when I have more time! smile.gif

@ Popo - here's the intro! ^^
More info on square 1

and on mathnet:
Someone said Bill Nye. ohmy.gif I LOVE BILL NYE THE SCIENCE GUY.

He's probably where I picked up all my corny-ness.
Le Monkey

I loved this! XD

Now we will learn to count, to one, little one
Oh heck yeah I remember Bill Nye!
Bill Nye was a really good show... I liked those parody music video things he used to do.

OMFG, asunder! I can't believe you found those on YouTube! XD
That whole series needs to come out on DVD, IMO...

Bill Nye the Science guy.
Rings a bell.
Actually, there's an alarm going off inside my head!
I do remember it, but vaguely.
I don't think it was one of my favourite shows.
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