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Full Version: How Many Times Have You Changed Residences?
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moving is fun biggrin.gif but u have to leave ur friends sad.gif
Le Monkey
I have moved twice;
once from London to Wales when I was 18months.
and then from Wales to London again about 4 months ago ish..
I still come back every month to vist all my friends. ^^
Once. From one part of Cardiff to another for no real reason other than it used to belong to my aunt untill she went to Brighton.
Five times, I believe. I've always been very emotional about it, aside from the first time when I was only two.
Moving SUCKS.

I've moved at least 5-6 times in the past year. You may call me a nomad.
3 so far. First time I was in the city-ish area of town, then the 2nd time country-ish, we moved again and we wound up in the country too.
I think around 6 times... from one random indistinguishable suburb to the next..
Once, from one city in SoCal to another city in SoCal. I was only in kindergarten for two months before it happened, so I wasn't really attached to my friends there yet. Besides, we moved before I even realized it had happened. I do hold fond memories of the old house, but my attachment was with my family, not the house, and my family had moved with me, so...
I moved from the southeast to the northwest United States. My southern accent attracted attention until I lost it. tongue.gif
I was born in Missouri, and when I was three I moved too Oklahoma, While living there I moved two times.
Then I moved back too Missouri.There I moved three times.(all in the same town)
Then too Arkansas.
...So about eight times.
I have moved a total of 6 times:

1) From Hong Kong to a city in Canada.
2) From a city in Canada to a town in Canada.
3) From that town to another town that's slightly bigger.
4) From one house to another in that town.
5) From that house to yet another in the same town.
6) From that town to the city mentioned in move #1.
Carnal Malefactor
I have moved only twice. The first being less emotional than the second, I think, but neither very emotional, I suppose, compared to most kids... I don't know. Probably because I had no life, so I wasn't really missing or losing anyone, or anything.
phoenix dying
3 times
I have moved twice.
1.) From South Carolina <Charleston> to California <Los Angeles>.
2.) From Los Angeles to Huntington Beach<CA>. tongue.gif
Envy's lil' miniskirt
QUOTE(asunder @ Oct 25 2006, 06:02 PM) [snapback]465631[/snapback]

Moving SUCKS.

Here here!
This last move was the most stressful things I think I have ever done.

It seems my total as of right now is 7.

From San Leandro to Sacramento as a kid. Once I ran screaming from my family it was two places in Sac then I moved to San Francisco. Moved from SF to Oakland to have my own place, was there for 15 years and then moved back to Sacramento for a short time next it's off to Arizona.
Does going off to college count as moving?
Ones, from Mexico to the USA
Le Monkey
QUOTE(Ailuro @ Oct 26 2006, 05:13 AM) [snapback]465758[/snapback]

Does going off to college count as moving?

I would guess it did, if you change where you call "Home" then it would.
And also living the magority of the time in another house I guess.
Moving tires me out completely...

I've moved 11 times, and 4 times has been from one country to another.

I've seen a lot of the world but it is hard for my family back in Europe.
5 times to bigger and better houses with my parents, then once when I first came to Uni, then again when I moved to another house at Uni.
I've moved 5 times.

My dads in the navy , so we get transfered as soon as his tenure is over.

But its fun .... you get to make new friends and see new places. biggrin.gif
I have moved 8 times in my life. And the average (this is a few years ago) is about 12 times in a normal personís life. I think that was for only South Australia tho.
I moved only once. tongue.gif
more than you can imagine. I'm so sick of moving. I need a house NOT an apartment. So I don't have to worry about moving no more. dry.gif
3 times, twice within the same suburb.
i moved about 7 hellish times it sucks
Envy II
I've never moved.

I've been stuck in Oklahoma all of my life. *slams head on desk*

Here's hoping in two years that changes.
Night Shadow Alchemist
3 times for me twice when i was very young so i dont remeber moving. I moved about 3 years ago, i only moved to a town next to where i used to live. I live in west sussex atm
Lady Dragoon
12+ for me.

At least it feels like 12+ for me. XD

(The main reason why my family usually moves is for Dad's job.)

And I am so with the people that said moving sucks. D:
I've only moved once, and that was when I was two weeks old, so it doesn't really count...
I've moved a grand total of zero times in my life.

My family has always liked the town we live in. I like my house, I don't want to move anyway.
The Mad Bomber
Never, I am quite happy with the way things are and I probably will never move from this town that I live in
I have moved 2 times.
Four times.

Once was too early for me to remember, second was to an apartment, third was to a duplex, fourth was here.

The next time I'm moving in to live on campus or an apartment, because my parents have no plans on moving until the kids are out.

Moving has never bothered me. I like it, really.
Three, but it all happened when I was two.
Only once, and it was when I was twelve years old.
Amethyst Sunset
Never. XD We like where we live in, and it doesn't bother us, so yeah. Plus, we don't have the money to buy a new house.
QUOTE(Lysander @ Oct 28 2006, 09:43 AM) [snapback]467147[/snapback]
I moved only once. tongue.gif

Hahaha,yeah I did too but I miss the friends that I made where we moved from. mellow.gif
*head aches at the thought*

Uh, let's see. I was four when we left the US to go to Spain. Then 3 years later, we moved to Italy. Another 3 years later we transited to England. Then 3 years after, we moved to Japan, where my family still resides. 4 years after moving to Japan, I moved here to the Philippines to study, and that's where I am at the moment.
Surprisingly I remember moving three times when it was like when I was 5 years old :X
I have moved once. I was three years young back then. From a center of small village to the borderwoods of a little bit bigger town. I lived in a terraced house and now I live in an old House on hill with a few fields and much forest.
Moving from one house to another, or one town to another, is one thing...mellow.gif Moving from one country to another is quite a different case altogether...XD
I've moved 4 times in total. Every time leaving behind some great friends.
I know the feeling...mellow.gif You never have "permanent" friends who are with you physically.
Yeap it was always really sad. All you had left after you moved was memories of them, & what sucks the most about it is, after a while you forget about some of them.
I've only moved once, but was so young that I don't remember much....I'll be moving when my grandmother dies, I hope that day never comes. I would hate leaving my friends also.
Three times....

1. Guantanamo Bay, Cuba to Camp Pendleton Marine Base, California
2. Camp Pendleton, California to Fallbrook, California
3. Then to a older and crappier house in the same town....and at a worse location....
3, soon to be four.

1. When I was tiny baby, dont remember any of it.
2. To some place in Texas
3. Back to 2nd home
4. Hasn't happened yet, but to some really cool big awesome house in Texas. Same city I am currently living in.
Once, and that was when I was two weeks old, so it doesn't really count. happy.gif
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