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Kal Rommel
QUOTE(JoshP1389 @ Nov 16 2006, 11:49 AM) [snapback]474295[/snapback]
I love flaggots. They're great.

Aw!!! Thank yous!!! <333

Myself and a fellow flaggot began playing 2 person solitaire today in this breezeway thing between the choral room and the band defeated the purpose of solitaire, but it was entertaining all the same because we were playing with my nerdy FMA playing cards -love 'em-

And we're planning on planting chocolate chips (like in chocolate chip pancakes or something) in the B.D's office. First only a few. Then more. Then globs.
He'll be like... blink.gif blink.gif

But then he'll probably figure out it's us, because we're the only people who go into the breezeway...-sigh-

That was my day...besides making fun of the B.D. ...

Alright. I'm off to do nothing...

QUOTE(Quistis88 @ Nov 16 2006, 04:09 PM) [snapback]474376[/snapback]
Josh, there are no pictures. tongue.gif Back in my time, junior high school students did not own cameras, nor did parents let them take cameras to school.

I know baby, just a hunch. wink.gif
Kal Rommel
You know how sometimes you say simple, innocent things...and then they get used against you?...

Everyone keeps making perverted sex jokes about me and the B.D. It's not funny!!!!!! -cries-

They're really annoying and the people telling them seem to get some sort of enjoyment out of my misery...-sigh-

Played King's Corner today in the breezeway...and I kept shouting HUZZAH!

Then our other flag came in and we sang songs from RENT.

Still...stupid B.D.....I'll avoid him at all costs now...><!!!!
The New Fullmetal Alchemist
OMFG, King's Corner and RENT songs???? I knew you and I were similar! laugh.gif
Kal Rommel
I DO love RENT...and you too! YAY!!! -dance-

Yay! More Rent Fans!
There should be a thread. ^^
That's the epitomy of awesome.
Kal Rommel
QUOTE(Funderful @ Nov 25 2006, 01:29 PM) [snapback]477756[/snapback]
Yay! More Rent Fans!
There should be a thread. ^^
That's the epitomy of awesome.

You're so right...xD
Someone make one...test the waters....I'm too scared of being yelled at >>;

Back on topic.
The B.D. had to help the flags get their routine together for the Grinch today...><;
It was so embarrassing.

I'll never live down the shame. And we had to do some stupid dance...which we'll also have to do during the Christmas parade on Saturday.

Now we don't get to sit around any more. Well, maybe. After the parade I don't think there's anything left.
So THEN we can sit around again! Then come January 29th we switch classes and no more band ;_;

Now THAT makes me sad.

Oh well. That was today's rant laugh.gif
The New Fullmetal Alchemist
And a beautiful rant it was, Kal!!! I know... the ending of a band season always makes me sad... we're not doing the x-mas parade this year... didn't do it last year, either - which pisses me off! It's my senior year! I want to march in the freezing cold!!! sad.gif (... wait... did I seriously just say that???)

Hey, did you guys see??? The little brief-case icon by our thread is red now! That means we're popular!!!!! *does cheesy squee*

And you know what? I'm going to go make a RENT thread right now!!!!!

... Hmm... General music, you think? Yeah, I'll go with that!
Kal Rommel

Thank you for the rant comment.

YAY! We're popularish!!!!!!

And again, YAY!!! RENT THREAD!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!

-does a little dance-
Kal Rommel
Not double posting, I swear. xD


We performed for the Christmas parade on Friday. I almost hit the Drum Majors. Several times.
It was so crowded and scrunched.
I was the only one who couldn't do the routine half of the time.

So ...that's it for flags. Now we get to sit in the breezeway and do nothing.

I'm learning to crochet!! (Spelling?)

The other flag (who's a junior) is trying to teach me. It's not going well.

And Mr. D came up to us and was like: Ladies...quite frankly...we don't need you anymore...

Us: ;_;

I feel SO worthless now.

Oh well.
That was my rant . I'm done now.
The New Fullmetal Alchemist
Oh my GOD I haven't been on here in ages! Hell, I haven't used the internet in two weeks except to look up stuff for my history essays! Thank goodness - by Tuesday the semester from hell will finally be over, and I can get on to what's really important in life - FMA!!!!! Woot!

Ooh - btw, I joined my school's indoor drumline!!! I'm playing the marimba!!!! *big, cheesy grin*

ps - of course you're not double-posting!! smile.gif
Kal Rommel
NEW!!!! YOU'RE BACK!!!!! -glomps-



The band performed their Christmas concert today. They were great!!

Flags are officially retired. I wish I could join winter guard...but we don't have any rifles. Nor do we have an instructor...

I found two t-shirt designs that I love though about color guard...

The first one:

If colorguard was easy it would be called cheerleading!!

That one is great...

Then the other one is my favorite.

Colorguard Scoring Guide:

On the field , if you hit...

Another flag= O points
A flute= 10 pts
A clarinet=10 pts
A saxophone=15 pts
A trumpet=20 pts
A trombone=25 pts
A baritone=35 pts
A sousaphone=50 pts
A drummer=55 pts
A drum major=65 pts

The band director...RUN!!!!

Alright...I'm hoping that somehow I'll have an excuse to stay in band for the second semester.

I dunno what I'll do, but I want to staaayy!!! ;_;

Alright. I'm done with my t-shirt rant...

-glomps New again-

The New Fullmetal Alchemist

Those are some cool shirts!!!! I've seen the first one before, and I wanted to get it (even though I'm not a guard girl) just so I could piss off the bratty cheerleader in my class! laugh.gif

That second one is great! I've never seen that one before! smile.gif Very funny! I hope you're able to stay with the band, then! I was so sad when I exempted my band exam, because now marching season is officially *officially* over, now that the semester has ended! Sniff! I don't want to graduate! sad.gif

ANYWAY!!!!!!!! It was hilarious - I went into the store my friend works at - a music store - and they were having this promotional-type weekend where you bring in your mouthpiece and you can try different brand instruments that they carry in the store. So I bought a flute from them about a year ago - and I walk in, and I'm looking at this one flute that's supposed to be really nice, and one of the guys says that I should try it. So I tell him I just bought a flute from them, but I go ahead and try it anyway - it sucked - but that's ok, b/c my flute would've been jealous otherwise! laugh.gif Anyway - so then he starts telling me how much it is, blah-blah-blah, how good it is, blah-blah-blah... totally ignoring the fact that I already have a new instrument! It took me about 6 minutes to get away... my friend had to stop what she was doing and come rescue me! Apparently the guy was new and he was excited b/c he thought he was going to get a commission. rolleyes.gif

So, how's the website going? I need to go look! smile.gif

BTW, loving your new christmasy avatar!!! Very smexy!!! ... *drools...*
Kal Rommel
I'm so glad you're back, though!!!!!!!

I love the shirts...

Let's see...oO;
I'd love to stay with the band. I have gym next semester, but I've got a bum knee that may need to be operated on, so I'm not sure how I'll be able to cope with gym...

Aw...poor you and the new guy!! I would've been stuck there with a pitying smile on my face, getting annoyed with the awkwardness...><;

Not much more...-yawns-
Envy II
I'm definately a band geek.

I played trumpet in marching band. That sounds silly I know!

I had quite a senior year. Enough said? Yeah. XD
Kal Rommel
How is it silly?

Unless it's me being a flag and missing a band joke...Oo;


Yeah...we're out on break. Our B.D. wasn't there on Thursday and Friday. So we had a PS2 set up and were playing Guitar was fun...

Alright. That's about it ><;
Envy II
Oh, I just think it's wierd how I say saxophone is my life long instrument, while I marched trumpet. XD

Oh well, I started on trumpet, so there wasn't much of an option. sad.gif I could have marched bass clarinet, I guess, but that would have been kind of boring. (no offense to any bass clarinet players here, if there are any. XD)

People look at me funny when I tell them all of the instruments I play. tongue.gif
Kal Rommel
If it makes you feel any better...I'm a flag!!!!!!!!! =3
I love band! its the asomested asome class in the universe!!!!!! im in the 8th grade band witch is the middle school. I have done 3 years of band and
there is still alot to learn about it......I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!
Kal Rommel
I made Edo fanart in band today!!
Yesterday I was sitting around listening to my iPod when I realized the fire alarm was going off...
Everyone else had left.

Then on the evacuation field I was harassed by that perv Band Director...-sobs-

Oh well. I did nothing today, either. I'm so bored ;_;
COLOR GUARD yeah! yep i'm a choir/color guard geek but all my friends are band nerds so i'm practically one ne wayz haha. life so much better that way though cuz they r the only cool ppl ne way! yeah to everyone!
Band nerd??? 0.o

We prefer "Band Geek" (lol).

I play baritone/tuba. Baritone in marching band, tuba in concert band. It's my favorite class, but I guess it put a lot of stress on you, considering I have to have 2 checklist items done every month 0.0'. I'm way behind in practice, so I'm kinda nervous to get back to school, since I'll have only 3 days to finish the checklist.
Kal Rommel
QUOTE(Arufonsu @ Jan 3 2007, 11:51 PM) [snapback]491035[/snapback]
Band nerd??? 0.o

We prefer "Band Geek" (lol).

I play baritone/tuba. Baritone in marching band, tuba in concert band. It's my favorite class, but I guess it put a lot of stress on you, considering I have to have 2 checklist items done every month 0.0'. I'm way behind in practice, so I'm kinda nervous to get back to school, since I'll have only 3 days to finish the checklist.

Aww!! I'm sure you can do it!!!
Band Geeks rock!! My best friend is one. I'm a humble flaggot.

Who cleans the band director's desk...-sob-
I've been diminished to doing menial tasks out of boredom.

Then the pervert HUGGED ME! He put an arm around my waist and HUGGED ME.
-sobs again-

It was awful. I've been stressing ever since 4th period.

Anyways. That was my band rant!! Whoo!

Hope your checklist goes well, Arufonsu!
I gave up the Alto Sax long ago (Wargh, a month) in an attempt at bass.
Unfortunately, the tutoring positions aren't open, so I'll have to rejoin next year.
In the mean time, I'm going to work on my acoustic guitar.
Envy II
QUOTE(Funderful @ Nov 5 2006, 05:25 PM) [snapback]470401[/snapback]
Yay! I switched the Electric Bass! ^^
No more Alto-Sax for me.
It can go to hell.


Electric bass can go to hell. tongue.gif
The New Fullmetal Alchemist
Long time no see, everybody!!!

Damn, there must be something wrong with me - I thought I had been off the forums for only a few weeks, but it's actually been a few months! WTF is up with me?

Anyway!!! NEW PEOPLE!!!!! HI!!! Glad you all found the band forum!! It's still relatively new!!

It'll be so much more fun, now, with so many more people! Hello to you all! *waves*

*glomps Kal and runs for hills*
Kal Rommel
-has been glomped-

NEW!!!! YOU'RE ALIVE!! -goes to hills and glomps back-

YAAAYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!! laugh.gif

I'm sad to say that I'll be done with band until April after this Thursday.... -sniffles- I will be very well as grateful. No embarrassing waist-hugs from the pervy B.D....

(I'm glad you're back, New! ^^!!! )
The New Fullmetal Alchemist
@ Kal - Heehee! Me too! I'm also glad to see that you saw the RENT thread! ^^

BTW, you and I had around the same idea - I saw your post in the CoF thing (don't reply to it - we can talk here or via pms) - but basically I thought I was too new to join, even though I knew a lot of the CoF people... and now that I really *do* know a lot of them, they're no longer accepting applicants... Sigh... Maybe we could start our own band-related one: 'The "Band" of Brothers (and Sisters!)' haha! Everyone who "joins" this thread becomes a bro/sis! Heehee! I think I was just more excited about the movie-title allusion thing than anything else...

@ ALL BAND NERDS! - I propose that we play a game! It's quite a silly, sort of crude game, but it's kept me and my fellow marchers occupied for many a bus-trip!

How to play? It's quite easy! Just think of the title of a movie, followed by "in my pants" - just one title per post. After a few pages, we'll vote for the funniest one!

BTW, you can just tack your "submission" on at the end of your posts - start of with "Band Game"

Ok, so, my post has ended, and I will start! (This shouldn't qualify as a spam game since we're incorporating it into the regular activities of the thread...)

Band Game:

"Finding Nemo" - in my pants!!!

Oh! And if you have any other fun games that you and your fellow band nerds play, feel free to let us all in on it! 'Twill be fun! ^^
Kal Rommel
I saw that...I'm glad someone was on an equal like...wavelength ...anyways.
Tomorrow's my last day!!! -sobs-

A Band Family! That would be flaggots count too? ;-;

Band Game:
"Lion King" - in my pants!


The New Fullmetal Alchemist
Hahaha! You're a part of the band forum, aren't you? Of course you count! ^^ Silly Kal! Teehee!

Happy last day, though! This fall marked my very last day *EVER* of high school marching... *sob!*

Band Game:

"Dirty Dancing" - in my pants!
Kal Rommel
I came home and cried ;_;

"All Dogs Go To Heaven!" -in my pants!
(Sorry...I was just thinking of ones that I like and would sound funny in my pants...xD
The New Fullmetal Alchemist
Ahhh... band nerdiness... I can't wait until college marching! XD
I'm not an offical, (sorry! ._.) but alot of people I care about are bandomaniacs. Bandos rule~!

I just wanted to add in one, even thought it's just...gross.

"Blood and Chocolate" in my pants. o_o
Kal Rommel
I'm just a flag, so I'm not much more than a best friend is a band geek. They're great!!

"Flipper"-in my pants!

The "Blood and Chocolate" one was sort of...out there...^^;
The New Fullmetal Alchemist
Hahahah! InsaneFangirl, that was absolutely amazing!!! laugh.gif Oh, and Kal? "Flipper" has to be just as bad, if not worse! smile.gif

Well, InsaneFangirl, friend of the Bandos, you are officially and forever welcome here in our humble, music-loving little thread! smile.gif You're a band nerd by association - good enough for us! happy.gif

And Kal - seriously, we've talked about this! You participated by some means in a marching band - you ARE a band nerd! smile.gif

I got nothin' for the game... you guys have me beat! laugh.gif
Kal Rommel
Aw...thanks, New!!! I'll stop ^^;
I've heard that next year, even though I won't have the pervvy band director, I'll get to march again!!!! There had been rumors that the other B.D. wouldn't march...but now she is!!
(We're splitting into two separate high schools next year) I have to study some marching videos...then we have to show the newbies at the Jr. High what flag drama is all about, and then do winter conditioning...whoo!

"Poke'mon"-in my pants!!!
(Poke'mon the Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back...I watched that today and I couldn't help was one of my favorites!! Like...a decade ago Oo;...)
The New Fullmetal Alchemist
haha! laugh.gif You know, I actually liked the pokemon movies... I felt kinda embarassed seeing them in the theater, especially since I couldn't stop grinning at all the cheesy parts! laugh.gif

Ah, training newbies! Ain't it fun?

I was going to help out at my band's summer camp (money to march! woohoo!), but instead I get to go to Europe for almost an entire month! I'm a bit disappointed, since I really love my band, and next year's freshmen are supposed to be jerks, and I want to push 'em around a bit and get them to straighten out... but I'm not complaining too much!

I'm kind of upset - for the past three years an indoor percussion has never really gotten "off the ground" - and this year it may not, either... we don't even have a show decided on yet... the winter guard is about a quarter of the way through finishing theirs! mad.gif Oh, well... Hopefully it'll work out... soon... there are too many new kids (including me - new to percussion, that is) for us to waste even more time...

glad to hear no pervy director for you! Also glad to hear that the new person will let you guys march! But, BEWARE THE NEW SCHOOL!!!

Our school was originally the only one in the area, then they built a new one - now the new one (about 8 years old, vs. our 15 or so) is our "rival" - they beat us soundly at football, but we beat them at academics... but mostly they're just a bunch of... well... dicks... and the director is so mean! Usually band kids are the nice ones! the kids are nice, but the director's a jerk!

For example: our county finally let us do our own county exhibition (we had to travel about 45 mins. away in the past - on a SCHOOL NIGHT! too much homework for that crap!) It was at our school for the first time, since we pushed for it the most - our "rival" school didn't even show up! they said they liked the "other" one better - which ended up not being true, the marchers wanted to come to ours... He doesn't let them stand at competitions to clap for other groups (esp. us), and get this - last year he tried to bribe one of our concert sax players to switch over to the other school!!! Who the hell does that?! It's public school!!!

Sigh... my band rant for the day!


"Ice Princess" - in my pants!
Kal Rommel
Wow, New!! The Europe thing sounds supah exciting!!!! -dances with-

I have to sell fruit again. Most of it via phone call...-hates phones-

Yeah...this school thing is going to be messed up. But I'll live. Hopefully I'll get to have a higher opinion about the flags next year than everyone else.
But I won't be...mean...we had a Flag Dictator, and it wasn't good. I believe in a Flagocracy....Yes...It's a least, now it is...

"The Land Before Time"- in my pants!

I was going to put "Remember the Titans"...but I couldn't do it without falling out of my chair in childish I didn't.
The New Fullmetal Alchemist

"Remember the Titans" - in my pants!!!! smile.gif

Ok, here's my real one:

"Final Fantasy" - in my pants!! (adding in "advent children" sounds so wrong! laugh.gif)
Kal Rommel

"All the Pretty Horses" - in my pants!!!!

I have more...I'm just waiting to put them up...xDD

The New Fullmetal Alchemist
Hey! smile.gif So, it's awesome - indoor percussion now has their show theme: Jumanji. We're not exactly playing music from the movie, but that's just the general idea behind the music - kinda jungle-type stuff... Anyway! What's really cute is the winterguard show - they're doing the Muppets! laugh.gif

Ok, Kal, go nuts on the band game! smile.gif
Kal Rommel
We wanted to sounds like...awesome...but the band director couldn't get approval and one of the band parents like...stole our rifles...oO;

But I talked to the BD I'll have next year...she says there's still a chance I could be in band next year!!
She said we could arrange for me to get a teacher over the summer to get me caught up...
Then I could do flags for marching season, and concert band for the rest of the year...

I know it's going to be like...super hard...but I'm...excited <333
Not sure what instrument I'd like to play, though....Hm...
The New Fullmetal Alchemist
Haha! laugh.gif Kinda' sounds like what I'm doing! smile.gif Not only am I learning Timpani and French Horn this year, but now I'm playing the chimes! I got my "assignment" and music last Friday... (we've been on break this past week...), but our pre-concert (basically a dress-recital before we go to Festival where you play and get judged) is Tuesday! XD And the chimes are broken... should be interesting! XD Well, there's really no "easy" instrument, other than percussion, which would be easy for you to pick up on since you've played the piano (I'm talking marimba, xylophone, and vibes - bring it up with your BD - it'll make your year a tiny bit less stressful. smile.gif )
Triss Hawkeye
W00t! A band geek thread (yeah, I know it says band nerds, but me and my friend call ourselves band geeks tongue.gif). We both play the clarinet in Highland Schools Wind Band. About five times a year we go up to Inverness to band camp. It is great fun - among the stuff we're playing we have James Bond, Austin Powers, Grease, Simple Gifts (aka Lord of the Dance) and a few classical numbers.

I officially play the piano and clarinet, but once you've learnt the piano, it is incredibly easy to learn another instrument that only uses one stave - once you get the technique right, anyway.
The New Fullmetal Alchemist
@ Triss Hawkeye - welcome, Triss, to the friendliest thread around! smile.gif Feel free to call yourself/us anything you like - geek, nerd, it's all the same! laugh.gif

Ahh, a clarinet player! Awesome! You're the first! smile.gif But you're right, once you know piano, etc., just about anything is possible - especially if it's a C instrument!

Feel free to share some band stories, band games, etc.! We look forward to seeing more of you! smile.gif
Well, I can't play anything yet, but I'm finally part of a class involved in music! happy.gif -squee-

Choir! We're doing Disney songs (Bah...not the best to start out with because we either can't move at all when I want to dance to it, or we do annoying hand motions.) and my first concert is in only two weeks! March 14th!
The New Fullmetal Alchemist
Yaaay! InsaneFangirl's back!!! laugh.gif And you're in your choir program? Good for you! laugh.gif You're one step closer to being a band nerd! smile.gif (choir nerds and band nerds are two very distinct breeds of music nerds, but we like you, so you're good! happy.gif Just don't turn into one of those snobby choir girls - I know you won't, but I just want to make sure!)

Hand motions? blink.gif Jeez, that's kind of... lame... I'm sorry! But as long as you have fun singing the parts, then it's fine - I hope you get the chance to do some more classical pieces... depending on how advanced the choir is, be prepared to sing in Italian and Latin, at the very least! smile.gif (you're not required to know the meaning! laugh.gif)

EDIT: That's a butt-load of smileys!!! (look up!)


Sleepless in Seattle... in my pants!
Don't be sorry! It is lame! I feel like we're in grade school, sheesh. Here's the beginning:

"The sea-weed is always greener, in somebody else's lake". (Take your left thumb and point behind your back)

"You dream about going up there, but that is a big mistake." ( Take both of your index fingers, point upward, then shake them like you're scolding.)

"Just look at the world around you, right here on the ocean floor!" (Spread your hands in front of you.)

"Such wonderful things surrond you, what more is ya lookin' for?" (Shrug on piano change)

-grimaces- I didn't know whether to fume in anger or laugh! biggrin.gif

Also...on performance day, I have to wear a DRESS. O_O Dun dun dun.

It gets really tiring singing for an hour and a half (oww, my throat and legs) but I always get depressed around that time, so it helps.
Triss Hawkeye
...Yikes. I'm in my school's choir. Although we don't have to do annoying hand motions, we are currently singing Barbara Ann, the most repetative and annoying song ever! Well, it wasn't so much until we started singing it. >_<

I'm in the alto section of the choir, but since we have so few guys whose voices have broken, they're all shoved into the bass, and the altos usually sing the tenor line, while the HUUUUGE group of sopranos split into two to sing soprano and alto. I'm OK singing tenor, but I can't go down below the G beneath middle C. I'm a good singer, I just don't have a high range.

I am also the only alto who actually turns up every week to the choir, so sometimes there'll be three of us, sometimes four, sometimes just me...
Kal Rommel
Wow...;_; I miss these forums so much!! -on a comp at school-

I hate not being in band...our NY trip is coming up soon!!!

Aannd....I have one minute b4 the bell....@_@
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