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I have a pretty high range, but this time of year I get sick voice has been cracking, and it's hard to change pitch.

I'm one of the many sopranos! happy.gif I could do alto if I wanted though, and I wish I could...because they have less work! xD I'm constantly being scolded for not singing loud enough.
Triss Hawkeye
Hehe...I'm OK at singing high, it's just my voice goes extremely quiet anywhere above high D...
The New Fullmetal Alchemist
haha! I'm afraid that I have neither of your problems - on my lovely little flutie I am capable of a B below the staff and a C *two* placings above the staff:

Basically I can play the note chromatically below the lowest note in that pic (the C - my flute has a special key that lets me play the B - it's impossible *literally* to go below the cool.gif, and that very highest C - there's actually a few more notes further up the register - above the C - that I *can* play, but definitely choose not to! XD

@ Kal - Yaaay! I've been missing, too! Too much school work! *bleh!* And you're going to NY? When?! *I obviously forgot!* XD

@ Fangirl - blink.gif Ouch... that song... would drive me nuts... but if you're feeling down, I can definitely see where it would help a bit! smile.gif

@ Triss - the only one that shows up? How does choir work for you? Is it a class, and everyone skips? Or is it a before/after school type thing? *is curious*
"This one time at Band Camp..." laugh.gif

I'm enjoying reading this thread-- it's giving me flashbacks. XD
I never actually was a band geek myself, but I was friends with all of the band geeks. I was a vocal-music geek in high shcool and college, and there was a BIG overlap between Bandos and Choir Nerds...
Triss Hawkeye
@TNFMA: It's held at lunchtimes, so it's optional.
Kal Rommel
Yup! I get to go to New York March 29th through April 1st.
I\'m getting really excited....
The band had their concert festival on Saturday. It was supposedly ridiculously early ...but they got a 2, which is more than they thought they would get...

I\'m missing band so much -sob- But...there is that sliver of hope that we get to drill those poor pathetic 9th graders...but we acted WAY too late for the winter conditioning @_@
And the parade is coming up, so we\'ll have to go back for that ...ugh.

Band Game:
\"Sin City\'- in my pants!
My first concert was last night! I was nervous out of my mind- it was a full house. But having my friends making me laugh in the front row helped. xD Plus alot of people really important to me were there too. happy.gif Because of all the solos, we got to go back stage and talk alot. Yay!

Then we watched ourselves on video. o_o
Triss Hawkeye
My wind band has a concert Saturday night. ^^
im not 1 but my friends in band
Triss Hawkeye
Woo! The concert was great fun! The wind band's playlist was:

James Bond
Soul Bossanova (from Austin Powers)
Blessed Are They (A German Requium by Brahms)
Jeux d'Enfants movements 1, 2 and 3
Baby Elephant Walk
Sandpaper Ballet (Our conductor made a joke of tuning the sandpaper for this one XD)
Simple Gifts (Everyone's favourite!)

We had a rehearsal on Friday, then stayed in the hotel watching Comic Relief till midnight - then I exasperated my roomie by insisting I watch original Star Trek until about three in the morning. What fun! ^^
Kal Rommel
I just got back from our band trip to NYC on was exhausting, yet SO MUCH FUN! I am so glad I got the opportunity to go with the band.
Apple Blossom is coming up and the flags(all two of us) have to get together again and start practicing @_@
But that's okay. I picked up my flag earlier this evening and a lot of stuff just came was rather cool...
I got to spend four whole days with the best friend that I left when I switched out of band, which made me ridiculously happy...

Band Game:
"Rocky Balboa" - in my pants! (We watched that on the bus ride up....)
i am a band geek i always think of music and my second home is in my schools rehearsal room. at least in my school i am not alone in being a band geek almost all of my friends are too
The New Fullmetal Alchemist
KAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *mega-glomps!*

Hey, all you band nerdians! *mega-band-nerd-glomps everyone*

Sorry I haven't been around much! Welcome to all new band nerds, and hello again to all my old band nerd friends! Again, sorry I haven't been around! If you want to scold me, you're well within your rights! XD
I've never been in this thread before, but I'm just about the biggest band nerd there is. I am a very petite girl who plays the tuba. My older sister does too. tongue.gif
Kale Mustang
I was very much into band and musical performance in Junior High & High School.

Played the alto sax for marching (though I started playing trombone notes transposed for the saxophone because we didn't have enough bass-line players) and 1st bass drum for drumline. During the winter percussion season, I played the Timpani - though I would also play it during band class.

Sadly, I grew out of it when I went to college, but I'm sure I could probably still play - if I managed to find the time. smile.gif
My High School Marching Band director is taking us to Hawaii this year to play on the Missouri (ship) in honor of the 50th anniversary of Hawaii's statehood. We're having practiced twice a week from 6:15 to 8:00 until it's time to go. T_T School's out we shouldn't have any more praticeessss...
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