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The Waters Of Lethe

Disclaimer: I don't own FMA, I just like to play around in it's world for awhile

Summary: Post series and very AU, may contain movie spoilers. This is my attempt at writing a drabble series about Edward's life in our world. Will contain violence, sex, blood, poor German, and even worse Japanese. Some of the events of the movie will be touched upon, but they will happen differently.
Beta: Insane Fangirl!

Chapter One: I Don't Recall (Ich rufe nicht zuruck)

Munich, Germany, 1927

Edward Elric had been in the machine world for so long, he had largely forgotten his life in the alchemic one. After each long day of working as a teacher's assistant in his father's chemistry and physics classes at the university, Edward would sit quietly on the sofa and sift through his memories: his mind would bring up everyone he knew on the other side of the Gate, their faces, the color of their hair and eyes, their particular quirks, and the sounds of their voices.

And everyday he forgot more and more, the memories were gradually fading and on a cold, bleak day in early December, Edward realized he was having great diffuculty recalling the sound of Alphonse's voice. The shape and color of his little brother's eyes were all he had left of and the knowledge greatly distressed him. Edward bit the inside of his cheek to keep his lips from trembling and the tears from rising to his eyes - again.

Edward was so engrossed in his ruminations, he didn't hear Hohenheim calling him for dinner until a pair of large hands clapped down upon his narrow shoulders. A lined and reddened face, much like that of an old lion hovered mere inches from Edward's own smooth and pale one while narrow and cataract filmed golden eyes bored into his wider orbs of the same color. Hohenheim tightened his grip and waited a moment to see if physical pressure would bring Edward back from his daydream world.

It didn't, so he gently shook the young man and finally spoke firmly to him "Edward!"

The younger Elric came back to reality with a jerk, he gasped and his golden gaze widened even more as he looked at his father in shock. Hohenheim frowned at the reaction; his son had undergone surgery just over four months ago and while he had bounced back physically - there was something - his vital 'spark', Hohenheim thought - still missing.

He thought he knew what it was. Edward had reached the fianl stage - acceptance. After denial, anger, and several years of research and struggle (Edward Elric did not bargain) he had finally been forced to accept the inevitable fact.

Without alchemy, opening a portal home was impossible. He would never see Al again.

The day Edward realized this, it hit him like a hard blow to the face and he curled up in his bed at the hospital and cried storms of bitter tears like his heart had been broken. And in a sense it had. Now as his stared at his father on that evening, Edward had an epiphany:

Memories hurt too much - I don't want to remember.

Author's note #2: There is a lot of confusion over the timeline of the series/movie. Edward was 16 when he was hurled through the gate into the machine (our ) world, which made it 1914 in Amestris and 1916 here, about the time of the first London Blitz. In the movie, two years have passed, which make it 1916 in Amestris, but 1923 in Germany. So a difference of two years has mysteriously become SEVEN. So the movie theory is each year in the alchemic world is worth 3-1/2 years in the machine world, more or less. Which means if it's 1927 in the machine world, it's about 1917 - going - on 1918 in the alchemic world. Confusing, no? It makes my brain hurt.

Its powerful, I think I'm going to enjoy these. And heck the date thing confuses me no end, but you cleared it up.
QUOTE(Chiyo @ Oct 18 2006, 07:23 AM) [snapback]461761[/snapback]

Its powerful, I think I'm going to enjoy these. And heck the date thing confuses me no end, but you cleared it up.

I DID? ohmy.gif Heck, I'm still confused. Like your siggie, btw. SE:L is one of my favorite animes, and it has a beautiful opening theme.
The Waters Of Lethe

Disclaimer: I don't own FMA, I just like to play around in it's world and torture Ed for awhile..

Author's note: Post series, may contain series and movie spoilers. This is my attempt to write an account of Edward's life in our world as a series of drabbles. The type will vary: angst, drama, suspense, tragedy, mystery, etc. Rating is "M" for later violence, sex, blood, and maybe bad language.
Beta: Insane Fangirl!

Chapter Two: Pills 'n Thrills (Pillen und Thrills)

After Edward had been found bruised and bleeding in the rubble of a bombed out building in London, Hohenheim noted he had never been the same. The once robust boy now tended to be sickly and he fell ill every few months with one machine world ailment or another. When the job offer from Munich University came his way, Hohenheim jumped at the chance. It wasn't just the prestige and the extra pay which swayed him, but the opportunity to get Edward out of London. He utterly loathed London doctors and in turn, they were glad to see the back of the "evil tempered little sod" who gave them such grief.

Not that Munich doctors had any better luck with the ornery blonde. But Hohenheim took advantage of his position as a faculty member of the university to introduce Edward to Professor Jungbeck, head of the engineering department. When he was again bedridden by illness, Edward had spent his time drawing up design schematics for prosthetic metal limbs, and Herr Professor was astounded by the precocious teen's talent. He in turn introduced Edward to some of his brighter students to help him turn his drawings into solid objects.

These machine world copies of automail would never be as durable as the real thing but Edward wasn't expecting to fight homunculi with them. He just wanted to stand on his own two feet and take care of his physical needs - washing, dressing, eating, and using the bathroom. After Edward patiently explained myoelectric and neural theories to Professor Bauer, head of surgery at the hospital wing of the university, installation of the prosthetics was performed in one of the operating theatres. It was very painful, and it took weeks to recover but the day Edward was able to stand without using a crutch was the day his view of this world forever changed. He actually smiled at his father soon after and it was if the sun had come out after weeks of cloudy weather.

It also brought the Elrics to the attention of the Thule Society, and the Nazi Party. Hohenheim thought their babblings about "Shambala" amusing and the weekly rituals around their idea of an alchemic array charming, so he joined the society and dragged a bemused Edward along as well for what he later termed "supernatural hootenannies". But the Nazis weren't quite so amusing when they confiscated Edward's schematic drawings and ordered him not to discuss his prosthetics with "foreigners".

"They act as if they own me." he grumbled to his father.

Which was the crux of what Hohenheim wished to talk about to his demoralized son that December evening. "Edward, finish your dinner," he urged. "You need to keep up your strength for the days ahead. Somehow, I don't know exactly how, but the leadership of the Thule Society now know we are from the alchemic world. Very soon, I fear we will have to run."

Okay, I have not been able to post in full reply since Monday, and I made two attempts today. Both times, the text box showed up briefly, then disappeared. So, chapter three will have to be posted in fast reply. Which I can't fool around with to italicize, bold, etc.

The Waters of Lethe

Disclaimer: I don't own FMA, I just like to play around in it's world and torture Ed for awhile.

Author's note: This is my attempt at writing a drabble series about Edward's life in our world. It's post series and may contain spoilers. Some movie events will occur, but they will happen differently. Rated "M" for language, and later violence, possibly sex. (I haven't decided yet)
Beta: Insane Fangirl!

3. Time To Depart (Zeit zum abzureisen)

Edward dropped his fork to the china plate before him, and stared at his father in dismay. "When did this happen? HOW did this happen?"

"Someone got suspicious and began snooping around in the pasts of our alters." Hohenheim put down his fork and pinched the bridge of his nose in exasperation, he had made a pleasant life for himself in Munich and he didn't want to leave it. "This person found - discrepencies - subtle gaps - between the times our alters died and we appeared. I must admit it's my fault, it never occured to me the Thule Society would investigate us."

"What's going to happen next?" Edward picked up his fork again and and speared a piece of weinerschnitzel on the tines, but he didn't really have an appetite for it. "Will they try to force us to open a portal?" His tone hitched up close to hysterical.

Hohenheim held up one hand. "Calm down, Edward. I have to meet with Hitler and Eckart tonight, but I'm hoping I can reason with them. I'll tell them their investigator was mistaken - they've believed me before and I think I can convince them. But just in case, I've come up with a plan B, so finish your dinner and I'll fill you in."

Edward cleaned his plate with reluctance, he wasn't really hungry but his father would nag him to eat. So he ate every last scrap of the wienerschnitzel, mashed red potatoes, and diced carrots set before him. Hohenheim had forced himself to learn how to cook and while he would never be great at it, the food he made was at least edible.

After dessert, Hohenheim took Edward into his study and sat down at his desk before he gave him a small silver key and said "There is a safe in the floor of that closet, open it with this key and bring me the contents." Edward did as he was asked and in the safe he found a rectangular metal box about the size of a shoebox. It was also locked and after Edward placed it on the desk Hohenheim inserted a tiny brass key into the lock.

On top of the contents of the box was two passports and some papers. Hohenheim took them out and Edward gasped at what had been concealed by them - money. Lots of money. His father smiled and he also removed the bundles of cash - they were of all sorts of currencies - marks, pounds, francs, lira, rubles, and kroner. "I put aside a small portion of each paycheck, and had them converted into various currencies in small denominations. If we must run, I won't have time to go to my bank."

Edward reached out and fingered the papers. "What are these?"

"Ah, good eye son." Hohenheim picked up and opened one of them. "Fake travel documents - the passports are also fake. I know someone who knows someone who knows someone else, and a friend of his made these up for us. I'm sorry I had to keep you in the dark, but these had to stay a deep secret."
Although the chapters are fairly short they have all the detailing they need. Oh and if you 'quick edit' your chapter you can add bold and italics smile.gif
TY for the tip. It worked, except clicking the bold option would bring up both beginning and ending tags. But I didn't have to do a lot of bolding and italicizing, so it came out OK. Full reply still will not work for me and I suspect the site's updates conflict with my computer's OS (it's 10 years old and runs Win98)
Well when I use FireFox I can 'add reply' but when I use IE I can only fast reply.
The Waters of Lethe

Disclaimer: I don't own FMA, I just like to play around in it's world for awhile.
Author's note: Post series AU, may contain spoilers. Rated for violence, blood, character death, and perhaps sex. It's a drabble series about Edward's life in our world as he struggles to let go of painful memories. Some movie events will happen, just not as they did in the movie.
Warning: Will eventually contain lousy German, and even worse Japanese. Plus possible movie spoilers.
Beta: Insane Fangirl

4. Plans Are Made (Plane werden gebildet)

Edward picked up one of the passports and opened it to the first page. His picture stared back at him, but the name was false: Edward Bauer. He quickly scanned the rest of the page before turning to Hohenheim in confusion. "We're Swiss?"

His father shrugged, "Our alters were British citizens, but we technically don't own allegiance to any country. Because the British Embassy is in Bonn, it would be too far away to help us in case of trouble. Switzerland is a neutral country and the German government cannot follow us once we get past it's borders."

Edward carefully considered his next question. "But won't the Nazis also consider we would flee to Switzerland?"

"That is where the different currencies come in. This gives us more than one option - they will expect us to go west - to France or England, or north - to Switzerland or the Netherlands. But I don't believe east - to Poland or Russia, or south - to Italy or Spain will be thought of. Plus, we can exhange our money at any large bank without suspicion and buy passage to yet another country - would you like to see America?"

Edward shook his head at his father. The man was excited, like a child planning a make-believe adventure to the moon, but this plan was fraught with danger. But before he could broach his concerns, Hohenheim suddenly sobered up. "I can see it in your face Edward, you think I am making this up just to get you out of your funk, don't you? Well, I can assure you Madame Eckart was quite serious, she means to open a portal to our world and now she believes we are 'Shambalans', she wants to have us under her control."

For the second time that night, Hohenheim laid his large hands on Edward's narrow shoulders. My son is so thin, does he has the strength? "Listen closely. I want you to go to the attic and fetch two of our suitcases. Pack yours with a few changes of clothes and whatever books or mementoes you absolutely cannot live without. When you get back downstairs, go to the front hall closet and chose a jacket and a coat, then take them to that old chest by the window which overlooks the courtyard. Here are your travel documents and passport, put them in the coat pockets, then hide them in the chest. The day worst comes to worst, you can just grab everything and go out the window."

Edward grimaced, "Father? You will come too, right?" There was a terrible sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach and now he regretted finishing his dinner.

"I will try, Edward." Hohenheim assured him. "But if I can't, I will try to stall them, or even misdirect them so you at least can get away, I - " The ringing phone cut him off, so Hohenheim patted Edward on one shoulder before he turned away and went into the living room to answer the ringing summons.

From the study, Edward could faintly hear his father speaking. "Yes, I am watching the time Fraulein Eckart, I will be there. No, I won't keep Herr Hitler waiting, the meeting will start promptly. Goodbye"
*Sigh* is acting up and it won't let me upload, so for the 2nd week in a row, this site gets the new chapter first!

The Waters of Lethe

Disclaimer: I don't own FMA, just like to play in it's world and torture Ed for awhile.
Author's note: The same old shit as before.
Warning: Rated for later language, blood, violence, sex, and sins against good grammar.
Beta: Insane Fangirl

5. Preparations (Vorbereitungen)

While already pulling on his coat, Hohenheim came back into the study and frowned. Edward sat at his desk, passport and travel documents in his lap while he stared with unfocused eyes at the floor. But he looked up quickly when Hohenheim cleared his throat. "Edward! Stop dawdling, go and get the suitcases, leave mine on my bed, and get your's ready."

The bell of a nearby church chimed the three quarter hour, so Hohenheim didn't advance any further into the room. "My meeting is at six sharp and I dare not be late because Hitler will take it as a personal snub. I don't know how long it will take, so don't wait up for me. Lock the doors and get to bed by nine, I have my own set of keys."

The old man spun on his heel and Edward heard his heavy footsteps walking through their house to the front door, it opened and closed quickly and Hohenheim was gone.

Edward sighed and ran his flesh hand over his face. He already felt drained by the events of the past hour and it was with an effort he stood up and left the study then climbed the two flights of stairs to the attic. The space was large - it took up the entire top floor of the house - dusty, and bitterly cold. His breath misting in the frigid air, Edward took a few steps into the attic, picked up two battered brown suitcases from the small group which huddled together as if for warmth on the attic floor and exited.

Shivering from the cold, Edward returned to the second floor. After placing one suitcase on his father's bed, he took the other to his bedroom. He opened the suitcase and laid it on his bed, then noticed the fake documents were still in his hand, so he stopped and just stared at them....

It took him over an hour to properly pack his suitcase. In the end, Edward settled on equal numbers of boxers, socks, and undershirts, plus two pairs of pants and three shirts. There weren't any mementoes he wanted, so Edward went to the small bookcase by his bed and selected a few favorite volumes to toss into the case.

He closed the suitcase and strapped it shut before taking it downstairs and setting it by the closet while he ferreted out his long winter coat, and his warmest fall jacket. After bundling them into the old blanket chest by the back window, he checked the doors to make sure they were locked, then turned out all the kitchen lights, save one over the sink. In the living room, he turned off all the lamps, then banked and screened the fire before returning to his bedroom.

Edward had nothing else to do, so he washed up and brushed his teeth in the bathroom before he returned to his bedroom to undress and put on his pajamas. He paused momentarily and regarded his nude reflection in the mirror - he was very thin, with ribs and collarbone standing out slightly against pale skin. His metal hand - covered with a rubber sleeve - idly traced the healed appendectomy scar on his abdomen and he shivered as goosebumps raced across the exposed flesh.

It wasn't nine o'clock yet, so he decided to read for awhile. After pulling on his pajamas, Edward crawled into bed and picked up a slim volume from the bedside table. He had found it in a used bookstore, a 19th century reprint of an ancient alchemy text. Immersed in his favorite subject, he forgot the time and eventually fell asleep while in the middle of a page, his reading lamp still burning.
The Waters of Lethe

Author's note: AU, post series. My attempt at writing a drabble series about Edward's life in our world, and his attempt to outrun painful memories by simply forgetting them. Rated for possible violence and maybe sex.
Disclaimer: I don't own Fullmetal Alchemist, I just like to play in it's world torture Ed for awhile.
Beta: Insane Fangirl

6. Goodbye, father (Auf Wiedersehen, vater)

Edward awoke with a start sometime next morning and he knew at once something was off kilter. He had fallen asleep while sitting up in bed, an open book in his right hand and his reading lamp still on. But now the lamp was off, and the book was next to it on the bedside table. Plus he was laying almost flat on his back with the blankets pulled up to his neck.

The window shades were down, but bright sunlight poured around the sides and pooled on the floor in thin bands of yellow. Edward looked over at his alarm clock and his heart sank when he saw the time: nine a.m. I've forgotten to set my alarm and overslept! . He cast his mind back and clearly recalled setting the alarm last night. Had it run down? No, he had wound it yesterday morning. Then the only explanation was his father had turned the alarm off. But why?

Edward had set out his clothes the night before so he dressed quickly and clattered down the steps calling "Father?! Why did you switch my alarm off?" There was no answer so Edward started towards the study, the door of which was closed. But a sound from the sofa behind him stopped him in his tracks.

"Edward." It was a weak croak, barely above a whisper. Edward whipped around and saw Hohenheim half laying - half sitting upon the sofa, was still wearing his coat from the night before. His face was very pale, so pale even his golden eyes looked washed out and a fine sheen of sweat reflected off his cheeks. After Edward drew closer, he could smell the accustomed scent of his father's decaying body, but it had never smelt so strongly before, and the scent was mixed with those of sweat, fear, and a coppery tang which Edward also recognized: blood.

"Edward, I switched if off, but don't worry, I've already called the university office. I told them you had fallen ill during the night, and I've taken a sick day to stay home and care for you." Hohenheim heaved a large sigh for he seemed to be struggling for breath. "The meeting went badly Edward, very badly indeed. Neither Hitler nor Eckart believed my explanations and when I refused to work for them, Hitler picked up a large wooden cudgel and he rammed it into my stomach with all his strength."

Hohenheim coughed just then, bringing up a large amount of dark blood and Edward gasped in horror. His entire body had gone cold after he knelt on the floor next to the sofa. "Something inside is broken." Hohenheim continued. "I'm sorry, Edward but you will have to go alone, I am going to die very soon." He coughed again, each spasm bringing up another gout of dark red blood. Edward made a choking sound and scuttled back a few inches, but a few drops landed on his pants.

"After he hit me, Hitler said I was too old, like a toothless lion, and they would rather have you instead, So get your coat on and grab your suitcase. I put most of the money into the inside pockets. Then come back and say goodbye to your father before you go. Stop shaking your head like that, you will have to run alone. I hope to see your mother on the other side, but I will likely go to Hell for my sins. I can only hope those whose bodies I've stolen will eventually forgive me."
Very nice stuff, you really did a magnificient job with the details and the characterizations. The dailouge always goes smoothly,just like them! I would love to see more of this ;]. I love how this is going!
I don't think I need to say it for the hundreth time; your work is amazing. wink.gif When're you gonna start sending me to proof-read again? I'll try to do a better job, I'm online more now.
Hey Insane, where did we leave off? I've forgotten already. For the THIRD week in a row, this site gets the new chapter first because is acting up. I knew there would be trouble when the notices for chapters 5 and 6 took nearly a week to show up in my email inbox.
The Waters of Lethe

Disclaimer: I don't own FMA, I just like to play in it's world and torture Edward for awhile
Author's note: post-series and very AU. Some movie events will happen, just differently.
Warnings: Character death and blood this chapter.
Beta: Insane Fangirl

7. The last act of a father (Die letzte Tat eines vaters)

Hohenheim's body was suddenly wracked by a spasm of coughing and even more blood gushed from his mouth. His clothes from the neck down to the middle of his heaving chest were soaked with the dark and viscuous substance. Edward knelt a few feet away as he trembled violently. He had stuffed his left fist into his mouth to stifle another scream, but a few whimpers forced themselves past the self-imposed gag.

He'd never seen so much blood before, not even during that terrible night in Risembool when he and Alphonse attempted to resurrect their mother and he'd nearly bled to death. There was something odd about the blood coming from Hohenheim's mouth, it was too dark, nearly black, and it appeared to be of a tar-like consistency. He turned his head toward Edward, his eyes shifting back and forth as if looking for him.

"Edward? Where are - I can 't see you, I - I'm so cold." Edward leapt up and pulled a blue and gold afghan from it's spot on the back of the sofa, then laid it over his father's body. When Hohenheim reached up with his left hand, Edward took it in both of his, it was like holding a block of ice. He sat down on the very edge of the sofa, then jumped when Hohenheim's right hand clamped on to his shoulder. With his last bit of strength, Hohenheim spoke his final words. "I never told you this before, but I have faith in you, Edward, and I love you. Even after I'm dead, I will continue to love you. Never forget that."

Hohenheim seemed to want to say more for his mouth still moved, but no sound came out. He closed his eyes, then suddenly spoke again, but in an unfamiliar voice: "...and yea! tho I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil, for thou art with me, amen."

Hohenheim's eyes opened again, but they had changed color, from gold to blue, and he spoke again in the alien voice. "My name is Paul Briggs, and I am the original owner of this body. Before your father took it over, I hunted down and burned alchemists at the stake as I believed them akin to witches. Because I have also sinned, I forgive Hohenheim Elric his trespasseses and we will pass to the glory of the Lord together."

His right hand slackened it's grip and fell back.

The eyes closed again as Hohenheim/Paul exhaled one long, shuddering breath. His chest didn't move again, but to Edward's horror the skin of the hand he was holding suddenly began to shrink and turn black. He cried out and jumped back, but the hand seemed stuck to his and it detached from the arm. With a cry of disgust, Edward tossed it on the floor before he put both hands over his mouth. His father was decaying before his very eyes. Hohenheim was now just a skeleton tightly covered in skin, and when that began to vanish to reveal a grinning skull, the gorge rose in Edward's throat.

He raced to the kitchen and emptied what ever contents his stomach had held into the sink. When he had nothing more to vomit, Edward sank to the floor with his face in his hands. Over in the living room, he could still hear the horrible sounds of his father decomposing at accelerated speed He ddn't want to look, he didn't dare look until he heard a soft 'shurring' sound. Edward peeked between his fingers - Hohenheim had reached the final stage - he had turned into dust, and it was pouring out of the empty left sleeve of his coat onto the floor.

Edward laid over on his right side, and hugging himself as if for comfort, burst into tears. He cried with his mouth open, wailing like a child does. His father was dead and he was all alone in an alien, hostile world.
that was..... strong..... VERY strong.... and depressing ;_; but the writing is great. Edward's feelings are soooo easy to imagine. I feel sorry for him now, you just made it worse with that last line^^;
I'm looking forward to next chapters!!
It won't always be angst, I hope to add more suspense and action later. TY for the compliments on my writing, but it's all due to my betas Insane Fangirl and Aemilia Rose ( I've learned a lot from both about proper use of punctuation, connecting words, and tenses.
QUOTE(IttyBittyPretty @ Nov 28 2006, 05:40 AM) [snapback]478817[/snapback]
It won't always be angst, I hope to add more suspense and action later. TY for the compliments on my writing, but it's all due to my betas Insane Fangirl and Aemilia Rose ( I've learned a lot from both about proper use of punctuation, connecting words, and tenses.

betas are important for writers and you're lucky to have them^^ however, it's not only thanks to betas that your writing is nice. your own talent matters the most, other people can only helf you to shape it
The Waters of Lethe

Disclaimer: I don't own FMA, I just like to play around in it's world and torture Ed for awhile.
Warning: May contain movie spoilers.
Summary: post series, very AU. The Thule Society has found out he and Hohenheim are from "Shambala" and the father and son have made plans to flee Germany. But Hohenheim is fatally injured during a confrontation with Hitler and he dies in front of a traumatized Edward.
Beta: InsaneFangirl

8. Like a thief in the night (wie en Dieb in der Nacht)

Edward awoke some hours later, still on the kitchen floor. He was stiff and sore from laying in a tucked-up fetal position, his arms yet wrapped around his midsection. His eyes were dry and sore, and his throat felt burned raw so Edward just lay still for a moment before he tried to move. His muscles protested, but he levered himself up on his hands and knees before he rolled to his feet.

It must have been a nightmare, just a nightmare.

Very slowly, afraid to look, Edward turned his head to the left, towards the living room. There on the sofa were his father's clothes, all sunken down because the man who had been wearing them had been turned to dust. Edward's knees trembled and he grabbed onto the edge of the sink for support. Breathing hard, he began to walk forwards while holding on to kitchen counter because he didn't trust his legs. When the counter came to an end, Edward put each arm out to the side for balance and approached the sofa.

One foot in front of the other, don't forget to breathe.

A pile of dust in the approximate shape of a human head had replaced the grinning skull which had sent Edward bolting to the kitchen earlier, yet another pile on the floor had sifted out of the left sleeve of Hohenheim's coat and two smaller piles marked the former location of his feet. He couldn't help recalling the words of Paul Briggs, the true owner of the body Hohenheim had hijacked centuries ago.

I hunted down and burned alchemists at the stake.

His father must have appreciated the irony when he took over the body of a witch hunter.

The left shoe abruptly tipped over and fell to the floor, causing Edward to leap backwards so suddenly he lost his balance and land hard on his backside. His eyes didn't seem to want to focus properly and after running a tongue over his dry lips, Edward realized his body was becoming dehydrated again, it's reaction to a lack of food and fluids. He needed to eat and drink something so he could think clearly.

Edward returned to the kitchen where he found a tin of day-old apple muffins in the bread box. They were still edible and he tore one into large chunks which he hastily chewed, but was unable to swallow. So he got a glass from a cupboard next to the sink, filled it with warm water from the tap and drank most of it in one gulp to help wash the muffin down. By alternating bites of bakery with drinks of water, Edward ate all four of the remaining muffins.

He was swallowing the last of the water when the phone rang. It startled him so badly he jumped and dropped the glass, and it shattered in the sink. Gasping for breath, Edward whirled and looked at the phone, but it kept on shrilling, demanding to be answered. Haltingly, he walked over on stiff legs and picked up the receiver.

oh my the SUSPENCEEEEEE!!!!! gaaaah you're really good at it^^
Ed is freaking out so much but you can't blame him. he's just seen his father desintegrate and is now all alone in an empty house.... man, I'd freak out myself^^;;

I love the way you put tiny details into it with such good care. it's really nice to read. and I absolutely don't want to know who's on the other site of the line...................... and yet I'm really curious XDD

great job!! can't wait for next chapters
Welll, if you would like to illustrate a chapter here and there...*hint*hint*
QUOTE(IttyBittyPretty @ Dec 8 2006, 04:18 AM) [snapback]481870[/snapback]
Welll, if you would like to illustrate a chapter here and there...*hint*hint*

lol now that you mention it it'd prolly be a nice idea^^ hmmmmmm have to think of my fav parts XD
The Waters of Lethe

Disclaimer: I don't own FMA, I just like to play around in it's world and torture Ed for awhile.
Warning: May contain movie spoilers. Already has contained character death and blood. Will eventually contain violence and possible sex.
Beta: InsaneFangirl

9. Misdirection (Misdirection)

"Ah, hallo Edward, this is Fraulein Eckart. May I speak to your father, please?"

Edward went cold inside and he could feel the muffins he'd just eaten fighting to come up for air. He gulped hard and forced them back down before he tried to speak. "I'm sorry, Fraulein Eckart, but my father - father," Edward's eyes began to fill with tears and a few trickled down his cheeks as he fought for control. "Father - died. A few hours ago."

Eckart's voice never broke stride. "Ah, that is sad, very sad," she purred. "Just wait there and we will be along shortly to collect you, don't worry about a thing. The Thule Society will make all the necessary arrangements." She hung up and the line buzzed in his right ear. Edward glared at the receiver before he slammed it down on the cradle with such force the Bakelite broke into three pieces. He spun around to face the kitchen, his heart was pounding like a trip hammer.

We will be along shortly to collect you.

Edward was starting to hyperventilate he was in such a panic. Think, dammit! Think! He staggered back to the sink and turned on the tap to splash cold water on his face. It shocked his brain back into working and he began to think clearly again. All the curtains were still closed, even the one over the kitchen sink. Edward peeked out, it was still daylight, but the afternoon was well advanced. He looked at the clock. Three-fifteen p.m. It would start to get dark in just over an hour.

Dark. Run. Hide.

He had to get out of here, out of this house, out of Munich, and out of Germany. Out of the reach of the Thule Society and the Nazis. Things clicked into place and wheels began to turn. Edward felt more engaged than he had in months. He ran from the kitchen, through the living room to the blanket chest where he yanked the top open with such force the hinges squealed in protest. He slipped on his fall jacket and zipped it up, then followed it with his long brown winter coat and buttoned it. Then Edward dug in the outer pockets for his leather gloves.

To his surprise, Edward found a train ticket in one pocket and he scanned it quickly. It was for a second-class compartment on the five o'clock express to Calais, France. Something was paper clipped to it's back. Edward flipped the ticket over to find a second-class steamship ticket from Calais to Dover, England. This can't be right, he thought. Something is wrong here, very wrong.
oh boy oh boy..... you can expect something from me after wednesday regarding last 2 chapters XDD
Whee! I'm so excited about this cause no one has previously inspired enough by my writing to draw illustrations specifically for one of my more dramatic stories. *Sable drew an art request for me for Father's Day which went with the drabble "Father's Day". But that story was written as total fluff. ) After this chapter, I'll start alternating with "And All Manner..." again because my writing has caught up and surpassed the once a week update schedule I've set for myself.
The Waters of Lethe

Disclaimer: I don't own FMA, I just like to play around in it's world and torture Ed for awhile.
Warning: May contain movie spoilers
Beta: InsaneFangirl

10. Escape (Entweichen)

It didn't make sense to him. The Nazis would expect them to flee west to England, so why would his father purchase tickets for the most obvious escape route? Edward slapped his forehead when he remembered:

I will try to misdirect them so you at least can get away.

Acting on a hunch, Edward returned to the sofa and cautiously reached into the left pocket of his father's coat. There was the mate to his ticket, when the Thule Society members found this they go haring off in the wrong direction. Hohenheim's final gift to his son - a chance to escape. He would be a fool not to take it.

Edward heard the sound of car engines in the distance, and they were approaching fast. The Thule Society was coming for him. He spun around and raced to the chest and grabbed out his suitcase then slammed the lid shut. After he pushed aside the heavy curtain over the back window aside, he unlocked and pushed the pane up. The old wood rattled and Edward recalled this window was loose and had a tendency to come slamming down without warning, he would have to be careful. After he tossed his suitcase out, Edward stepped out over the low sill. When only halfway out, he twisted back to pull the curtains closed again.

He'd just gotten his other leg out when the pane came down on a trailing end of his coast. Edward tried to push up so he could free himself but the sash wouldn't budge. The car engines had turned onto the street their house was on and Edward began to panic, and he pulled frantically on his coat with one hand, and tried to lift the sash with the other. But he was stuck fast and his panic rose higher when brakes squealed just in front of the house.

The angle was awkward, but Edward twisted his body even more and worked the fingers of both hands underneath a slim edge of the sash and pushed upwards as hard as he could. The sash resisted at first, then wood squealed as it rose up, perhaps a millimeter. While he held it up with one hand, Edward yanked the trapped material out with the other, tearing off a tiny scrap of brown. He let go and the sash loudly thumped down. Edward was certain the men now pounding on the front door had heard it.

His left hand was freezing and he blew on the fingers before pulling out his leather gloves and slipping them on. The ticket fell out and down to the snow. Edward reached out for it but a gust of wind grabbed it and sailed it out of his reach. A loud crash from inside the house told him his putative captors had kicked the front door open, but he needed that ticket! He made one final lunge, captured it and jammed it into a coat pocket before he grabbed his suitcase from a bank of snow which had blown against the house.

Lights snapped on inside and he heard someone calling him. "Edward? Edward? Where are you?" Then an order to someone "Check upstairs, he could be hiding up there!" And hurried footsteps were followed by an exclamation of "Gott im himmel!"

They had seen what was left of Hohenheim. Soon enough, someone would get the idea to check behind the heavy window curtains, so Edward turned and ran up one edge of the courtyard to the next street over.
here you can find my illustration for first chapter^^ I hope I'll be able to make more soon as your fic is really REALLy interesting. hope you like it^^

oh, I decided to keep it in ink, as it's done pretty fast^^
I am so glad that I found a new post-series firction to read. Although each chapter is fairly short, you do a wonderful job with characterization and paying attention to the fine detail. You did a great job at capturing Edward's emotions when faced with his father's death and his current fear towards the Thule society. I really am looking forward to the next chapter. Keep up the nice work!
This is freaking incredible. To have TWO fan artists of such high caliber - first Sable, and now Dzioo - draw something based on my ideas/fics. That - that is an honor which turns my knees to water. I'm serious. Monochromatic inking is fine, sometimes it's more effective than full color. I DO hope you will submit this to your deviant art account so I can fave it too. Um, I'm not a member of photobucket, must I be to view your album? This could go in the fanart gallery too.
ummm hehehe no need to thank me this much really^^ it's a pleasure to make those, believe me^^ and I'll think about putting it on DA, jus let me finish all of them^^

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buuuut be happy^^ I have 2 more pics for you, this time coloured^^ with computer unfortunately but I wanted to practice a bit^^;
chapter 2:
chapter 3:
I hope you can enjoy them as much as you enjoyed the previous one^^
*deep breath* I don't do this very often, but this calls for such a reaction:


Love the facial expressions. Edward looks suitably peeved in the first one, and Hoho-Papa is suitably embarassed by the behavior of the fruit of his loins:
Ed: Dammit! Everyone's taller than me! ARGH!
Hoho: *to himself* Oh, shut up you ungrateful little punk. I should've hit you back that day in Risembool. You'd still be picking your teeth out of the grass.

Note: Ed should be using a crutch because he doesn't have his prosthetic limbs yet.

The Waters of Lethe

Disclaimer: I don't own FMA, I just like to play around in it's world and torture Ed for awhile.
Summary: post series, very AU. This drabble series supposes what happens if the movie events had happened somewhat differently.
Warning: May contain movie spoilers. Rating may change for future language, sexual situations, and violence.

11. Project Shambala (Projekt Shambala)

Dietlinde Eckart sat like a queen in the idling touring car outside the Elric house and waited impatiently for Hess and his men to bring Edward out. On the seat opposite her, Dr. Stein was filling a syringe from an upended bottle of a clear liquid. The gullible doctor had already been briefed with a phony story about a young man who was so distressed by the sudden death of his father, he had taken temporary leave of his senses. The plan was to confine Edward to Dr. Stein's convalescent home a few miles outside of Berlin and gently nurse him back to health with rest and treament for his delusions.

What she hadn't told the good doctor was that drugs and hypnotic suggestion would actually be used to brainwash the 'Shambalan' into doing their bidding. Dietlinde had first-hand experience of Edward's obstinate attitude from prior meetings and he would not come quietly. But a dose of sedative from the steady hand of Dr. Stein would make him easier to handle. The good doctor pulled the needle from the bottle and capped it before he replaced the bottle in his black medical bag. Then he pulled out a bottle of alchohol and soaked a square of gauze with it. He looked expectantly towards the house when the front door slammed, but only a lone figure was seen coming out towards the car.

The back door shot open, which let in a burst of frigid air and a whirl of powdery snow. "Madame Eckart!" the speaker, one of Hess's minions thrust a rectangular piece of paper towards her. "We found this in Professor Hohenheim's coat pocket!"

Dietlinde frowned and squinted at the paper in the fading light. She pressed a hidden button and a ceiling light snapped on. A sneaky bastard, that Hohenheim, was her grim thought as she read the tickets, but not sneaky enough! She would soon have his son - and eventually his world - under her complete control.

A loud shout was heard from within the house, and the front door burst open again. In her mind's eye, Dietlinde envisioned a small blond figure struggling in the grip of Hess's men. But they were alone, with a grim-faced Hess in the lead. The rear car door opened again and Hess clambered in while his men piled into another car parked next to Eckart's.

"He's gone, Madame Eckart, the little bastard gave us the slip!" Dr. Stein frowned at the cursing, he was a devout Methodist and a strict teetoler who never swore, much less raised his voice. Fraulein Eckart seemed to support his views for she scowled at Hess who was still turning the air blue.

"Language, Hess! How did he escape?" Hess glared at her for daring to interrupt him, but he did stop swearing.

"We couldn't find him anywhere in the house, not even the the attic. Some of the men were looking behind the window curtains and Horst looked out on the backyard and saw footprints in the snow. Then Klaus opened a blanket chest and found a suitcase and coat, they were Professor Hohenheim's. My guess is Edward is headed for the train station, and we can intercept him if we hurry."
Love the suspense IttyBittyPretty. (Poor Ed never has it easy.) I look forward to reading your next chapter. (You have already made me despise Dietlinde.)
Believe it or not, I've written 31 chapters of this already and I'm going to torture Edward worse than ever in these later bits. Dietlinde was sadly underused and just not evil enough in the movie.
That is one thing I never understood after Edward's first confrontation with the Thule Society. After Ed was caught, she knew who she had - why didn't she keep him her prisoner after he was knocked out? She already had Hohenheim, and one of his sons, when she could have had BOTH. In this drabble series, she will be truly EVIL.
The Waters of Lethe

Disclaimer: I don't own FMA, I just like to play around in it's world and torture Ed for awhile.
Summary: Post series and very AU, these drabbles suppose Ed's live in the machine (our) world with very different events than in the movie.
Warning: possible movie spoilers, also bad language, violence, and perhaps sex.

12. The Wily Mouse (Die Wily Maus)

His lungs burning, and sweating despite the cold, Edward slewed to a stop across the street from Munich's train station. It was a grand old nineteenth century pile and brightly lit all night because trains arrived and departed nearly around the clock. It had been a nerve wracking flight from his house to here. Edward had kept to alleys or back streets all the way, and his heart had raced every time a car engine was heard behind him. The street before him was busy with auto traffic, but no one seemed to be about to screech to a halt and disgorge large men in black trenchcoats to chase him.

Edward dug in his left coat pocket and found an old handkerchief, softened from repeated washings. He used it to dab the sweat off his face. It wouldn't do to look nervous in the station because he needed to blend in with the hundreds of other travellers. Edward stood up straight and transferred his suitcase from under his right arm to his left hand, took a deep breath and told himself, Green means go, red means stop - green means GO!

He walked quickly across the street, dodged one oncoming car and pushed against the great doors to the main hall of the station and once inside, disappeared into the mass of surging humanity. Barely thirty seconds later, two large touring cars turned the corner and braked in open spots near the entrance. Hess's men poured out of the first car, and Hess himself stepped regally from the second before he turned back to Dietlinde, "We will find him Fraulein, that I promise you."

For his part, Edward was being carried along by a swarm of travellers towards the platform which led towards trains which were bound for points south. Not until the crowd split between two seperate sets of those was he finally able to break free and fight his way towards a ticket window. The line he found himself in seemed intermimable and he was close to giving up and using the Calais ticket when he heard something unusual: two men speaking in oddly accented English.

One was complaining bitterly, "Dammit, Mike! You got all the luck, the last ticket on tonight's express to Calais! Now I gotta cool my heels in this damn station all night - you ever been someplace so noisy? Man, I tell ya Mike, I can't wait to get back to Wyoming! Even the middle of a herd of lowing cows is quieter than this!"

Mike was chuckling at his friend's discomfiture. "I feel your pain Steve, really I do. I'll wait for you in Portsmouth, I promise. I'm not sailing for home without the best saddle tramp in the whole west!"

Wyoming? Saddle tramp? They must be Americans!

They were very near and about to pass so close by, Steve's long leather coat would brush against him.

Edward made a snap decision.

"Excuse me - um, Steve?"
gyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Ed's going to Americaaa!!!! XDDDDD hahaha that amuses me bunches XDDDDD great chapter as always!! I really like how you made Ed a lucky brat XDD I'm talking about the fact that just when he got into transtation, thule has arrived^^
I cannot wait for more^^
The thought of Edward in America amuses me greatly. (I always thought of Edward as an "European".) You left us at a cliff-hanger yet again, so I will be eagerly awaiting the next chapter along with Dzioo. Now I'm wondering if Edward will be heading to Europe, or having a lovely confrontation with the Thule society.

~There are some typos in this chapter:
1. slewed to a stop--> slowed
2. The stret before him-->street
3. but no one car--> but not one
4. disgorging large men: Perhaps it is just me, but the word disgorging doesn't sound right in context.
5. seemed intermitable--> seemed interminable

1) One of the definitions of "slewed" is "skidded". The sidewalk was slushy so Edward came to sliding stop.
2) Typo fixed
3) I'll delete "car" but I hope that doesn't confuse anyone
4) "Disgorge" was the best word I could think of at the time. I try to stay away from the thesaurus because it's a tool. And like most tools, it's too easy to turn into a crutch.
5) Interminable, interminable, interminable. I always have trouble with that word. I should hang my head in shame. When still in school, I was among the top five spellers in my class, only ONCE did I get worse than an "A" or "B" on a spelling test.

Will Ed go America? Maybe. A plot line I toyed with was having Steve and Jim rescue Ed and take him to Wyoming with them where he learns to ride, and rope cattle and learn to like "cowboy coffee". To hold his liquor, and spit in the street, and cuss and ride a bronco. But it seems like a dead end, would the Thule Society be that motivated to go out to Wyoming and try to grab him? It's got possibilities, so if someone wants to run with the idea, they are welcome to "gopher" it.
Dietlinde goes to there is a rather frightening thought. (She could always chase Ed around with a cattle-prod.) I have to admit that while I would love to see Ed attempt to ride a bronco and rope cattle, I agree that it could potentially lead to a dead end. However, you can never be too sure until you start writing and the the characters take on a life of their own.

Ps- Thank you for adding to my personal lexicon. I never knew that slewed was a word, and you don't need to delete 'car', because I was pointing out that no should have been not.
The Waters of Lethe

Disclaimer: I don't own FMA, I just like to play around in it's world and torture Ed for awhile.
Warning: These drabbles are post series, very AU and may contain movie spoilers. As well as bad language, violence, death, and maybe sex. Certainly crimes against proper grammar and punctuation!

13. The net begins to close (Das netz fangst an zu Schieben)

Hearing his name spoken, Steve stopped and looked at the slight figure before him. He took in the long hair in a ponytail, the pale face, and the long brown coat which hung off the narrow shoulders. And Steve thought, This little fella could do with a few more meals.

"Excuse me," Edward said again. "I apologize for being for forwards, but I couldn't help overhearing." Not wanting to look him full in the face, he didn't quite meet Steve's eyes. "I have an extra ticket for the Calais express - it's non- refundable - and it's a shame to let it go to waste." Edward dug in his pocket and pulled out the slightly crumpled ticket, then held it up to Steve's eyes.

"Non-refundable, eh"? Steve was intrigued - yet suspicious. What was this kid doing wandering around the Munich train station on a school night? Where were his parents? The boy suddenly stiffened and looked back over his shoulder with golden eyes which seemed too large for his thin face. Now he looked frightened and Steve had this feeling the kid was in some kind of trouble. When young, Steve used to get into scrapes too, and a sudden twinge of sympathy made him decide to help the kid.

"Okay kid, I'll bite," Steve snatched the ticket with a quick flick of his fingers, but to his surprise the boy looked relieved rather than dismayed. "Now, where's your parents - back there?" He pointed back towards the entrance and Edward shot him a distinctly alarmed look. Steve could hear someone shouting in German near the entrance doors and he wondered if that was what spooking the kid.

"Has anyone seen this young man?!" Rudolph Hess held up a photo of Edward high in the air and moved it slowly back and forth in front of a rough semi-circle of on-lookers. "His father died very suddenly, and he was so distraught his father's friends feared for the poor fellow's sanity. They had him committed to an institution, but he recently escaped and we believe he is in this station."

"Is he dangerous?" asked a plump hausfrau, anxiously cuddling two small boys.

Hess smiled warmly at her. "Only if he's cornered, madame. So if you see him, don't approach, but inform a station employee and we will handle everything."

One of Hess's men came up to him and whispered "It's all arranged, Herr Hess." Rudoph nodded. Dr. Stein had been escorted to the station agent's office to wait. Once they caught Elric, he would be taken there to be sedated. Hess had sent two of his bigger men to the platform the Calais express would be leaving from, but just in case, station employees would be warned to be on the lookout for a small man with long blonde hair in a ponytail.

No matter which direction the little fish swims in, he will soon be struggling in the net we have cast.
I like having chapters at this length, means I can catch up quicker. Nice use of descriptions and the characterization is playing along well.
I'm glad to see that you update Itty Bitty Pretty. I enjoyed reading your latest chapter and agree with Chiyo that you are doing a great job with your character descriptions and detail. I look forward to reading your next chapter, and discovering if the Thule Society will catch Ed. Nice work!
Why thank you, Edamame. Your's, and Chiyo's kind words make me feel all warm inside. And just in time too, Wisconsin is in for a serious cold snap. Monday's high is predicted to be just 6 degrees above zero! Brrr!
bishie-huntin' shinigami
Who knew I'd be able to find a nice fic here but is he really going to be thought how to do some objects & past times Americans do? Though I wonder why you would use the word disgorge because it literally means to hand over or in description, to emit, flow out, restore or pay. I thoroughly understood your explanation earlier but I still think you should have used a less heavier term for it especially if you don't want your readers to resort and retrieve the dictionary or the thesaurus eventually disturbing them from reading the story you've made. But I am really relieved that the ending of your chapters seemed exceptionally proper and always leaves the reader in suspense. I hope you continue your work for it really is interesting & I hope I could be of any assistance as well. ( because I want to be a part of it too. Send me a P.M. for the answer and sorry if I acted like some British teacher or something I just want to show you what I can do. Sorry! I already have a feeling you won't accept. I think deserve it though it hurts me to admit.)
You hide your light under a bushel. English majors make the best betas, I have found. If you REALLY want to take on this thankless task, the upcoming chapter 28 of "And All Manner of Things Shall Be Well" could use a fresh pair of eyes to look at it. Chapter 29 is half written right now. I've also got a couple of unpublished stories, "Home Again, Home Again", "Naughty Bits", and Plans of Attack."
Um, maybe you might not want to latter two if you are under 21, because those have turned out rather "smutty" (that's right kiddies, they contain S-E-X!). I DO have a bad habit of using off-beat words, as well as being generally being too "wordy". That is one reason I started this drabble series, to challenge myself to write a descriptive chapter which fits on one page. And end each one in a cliffhanger too.
Personally, I like "disgorge" because in my mind's eye, the bad guys would come out in a rush to chase Edward down and grab him. And it wouldn't hurt some readers to be forced to resort to a dictionary or a thesaurus to find out the definition of a word. ( One of my best friends on this fantasy horse racing circuit is a college librarian and she comes up with the most esoteric names for her horses.)
So, LMK if you are game, send your email address (in case it's private) and I can send you a chapter via attachment.
bishie-huntin' shinigami
Oh! Thank you for accepting my offer! (And F.Y.I. I'm only a near 13 year old, 2nd honor, grade 6 student from the Philippines whose currently having problems because my voice sounds like Edo's, Hitsugaya's & Ren's in the Jap. version. [trust me it's hard if every person who knows them says, "Why won't you dub his voice! You could do better than the rest anyway!"] I'm not bragging nor lying though. They really say it especially when I sing, yell or say anything particularly if I'm depressed, angry or any expression. I just can't quit for it just comes out or am I born this way?)

Anyway, here's my e-mail address:

I'll try to send it to you as soon as possible! ( even if i have a tight schedule with all the requirements and all. But please don't mind it! I can handle it!) And I don't mind sex because we took up last year. (probably one of the easiest topics... even if they say it's as complex as studying the Immune, Lymphatic, Endocrine & Central Nervous system. Sorry! But it's so easy and basic. Nothing personal to those people out there. It's just how I am.) Can you send it to me by e-mail so I can get it A.S.A.P? Do mo!


Sorry if I'm a bit talkative. It's just that, it's the 1st time someone accepted me in this site. (I had bad experience with people when I commented in a certain forum in a certain site which I won't name but some people gladfully accepted me in a Bleach site.) Honto arigatou yo IttyBittyPretty-kun! And oh yeah, can we be friends? I know it sounds a bit imformal but I want a friend to trust. (If you aren't from a different country it's okay with me.) 'hope you accept me though. But if not, it's okay with me. Really!
All right. I will send the first chapter of "Home Again, Home Again" to you. Chapter 28 is rather long, about 11 pages or so. Maybe you might want to work up to it with shorter material first.
The Waters of Lethe

Disclaimer: I don't own FMA, I just like to play around in it's world and torture Ed for awhile.
Warning: May contain movie spoilers, as well as violence, death, and possible sex.
Summary: The Thule Society has discovered Edward and Hohenheim are from the other side of the Gate and want them to open a portal to their world. After his father is fatally injured and dies, Edward must flee alone. He's made it to the train station, but his pursuers are close behind.

14. Maximum Farce (Maximale Farce)

The Calais Express was leaving in ten minutes from a platform on the other side of the Munich train station, so Steve and Mike ran all the way, weaving their way through knots of fellow travellers.

"Hey Mike!" Steve gasped after he bounced off a stout man who snapped at him in German to watch where he was going. "Don't it seem to you everyone else seems to be heading in the opposite direction we wanna go?"

Mike didn't answer right away because he was busy trying not to trip over a baby carriage as the pair made the turn around pillars marking the entrance to the platform. Neither noticed two large men in dark coats and red Nazi armbands who were just standing there. Mike assumed they were waiting for one of the recent arrivals who were making their progress so difficult. In actuality, they were Hess's men, on the lookout for Edward. When Steve, who had longish blond hair and wore a brown leather coat trotted by, they could be forgiven for thinking they had their man.

Neither man had seen a color photo of Edward and they just had Hess's description to go on. But Steve Longworth, 6' 4" tall, muscular and broad shouldered, blonde and blue eyed was definately not Edward Elric.

The two Nazis fell into position behind Steve and when he was briefly halted by a knot of people, both clapped meaty hands on his shoulders and upper arms.

"HEY!" Steve frowned at the two men who gave him sympathetic smiles in return.

The one man who held his left shoulder, a dark haired fellow with cold green eyes said, "Come with us, Edward, don't try to resist."

"What the hell!?" Mike had seen what was happening and he turned back to help his friend. Two men had a hold of Steve and they were dragging - or rather, trying to drag Steve away.

"It's all right, Edward," crooned the dark-haired man. "We understand you are upset about your father. Dr. Stein will just give you a little sedative and then you'll have a nice long nap."

"My name is Steve, not Edward, fellas. " Steve was trying to josh with the two Germans, but his blood was beginning to boil as he realized just what kind of trouble he had inherited.

That little twerp!

Meanwhile, the 'little twerp' had finally reached the head of the line at the ticket counter. Edward pushed a small pile of marks under the glass and politely requested a round-trip second class ticket on the last night train to Vienna. He was outwardly calm, but inside his nerves were jangling like fire alarms. He feared at any moment the feel of fingers clamping around arms, and the sound of a voice asking, "Going somewhere, Edward?"

Despite the preoccupation with his fears, Edward dimly heard a commotion in the distance. He looked over, but couldn't see anything over the heads of taller travellers. Then a young man ran up to the ticket counter and shouted, "Call the police! A riot has broken out by the Calais Express!"
Itty Bitty Pretty: Wow, it looks like poor Steve has fallen into a rather difficult predicament. I do have to admire Edward's sheer craftiness though. You gave us another great chapter with yet another cliff-hanger. Keep up the great work!
Nice Nice...keep it up ^.^

That little twerp
The Waters of Lethe

Disclaimer: I don't own FMA, I just like to play around in it's world and torture Ed for awhile.
Warning: may contain movie spoilers, plus violence, language and possibly sex.
Author's note: post series and very AU. Some movie events will happen, just very differently.
Beta: Insane Fangirl

15. Oh, Vienna! (OH - , wien)

His train ticket clutched firmly in hand, Edward pelted at full tilt down platform ten. A rush of people heading in the direction of the supposed "riot" had dragged him along for several yards before he could work his way free. And the conductor had shouted "all aboard!" for the night train to Vienna by the time he got to his platform.

The train had begun to move as he neared, fortunately the conductor had seen him and he shouted "come on, lad!" in encouragement. After he put the ticket between his teeth, Edward made a two-handed throw of his suitcase towards the conductor who caught it and set it behind him. The train was gathering speed and Edward was about to run out of platform as with one final lunge he leapt for the steps of the last coach.

One hand snagged a railing, but then his left foot slipped. Edward would have fallen beneath the wheels if not for the conductor seizing his flailing left arm and bodily hauling him aboard. His chest heaving, Edward clutched the railings for dear life and sucked air into his aching lungs. The train slid from the staion and began to chug through the rail yard, heading south towards the rails which would take it to Vienna. The cold wind grabbed at Edward's coat and sent it billowing behind him, and threatening to drag him off his perch. With a grunt of effort, he pulled his way up the steps and followed the conductor into the warmth of the coach.

They had entered a third-class coach, so Edward had a short hike before he came to the second-class cars. They were practically empty and he easily found a compartment. After he gave the conductor his ticket to punch, Edward was left in solitary splendor. He opened his suitcase and rummaged through the books in search of the one he'd been reading last night for a few moments before he recalled it was still on the night stand next to his bed. Damn. Edward scowled briefly before he fished out a chemistry text he hadn't yet read. He closed and re-strapped the case, then settled back in his seat and opened the book's cover. Despite his circumstances, a small sigh of contentment escaped his lips.

Back in the station master's office, Steve rubbed fingers over his eyes and repeated himself for the umpteenth time. "My name is Steven Longworth, I'm an American and I work as a ranch hand in Daniel, Wyoming. I'm not Edward Elric, and I don't know who he is. Anyways, my dad is still alive and kickin'."

He glared at Captain Kesslar of the train station police force who gave him a poker-faced look in return. The captain had come on the scene of the supposed "riot" at platform twenty-one to find four injured men wearing Nazi insignia lying groaning on the concrete floor. Their fellows were surrounding two Americans who stood back to back and prepared to send more Nazis flying.

It was difficult to get a straight story from excited witnesses, but the gist was two of the Nazis had seized one man and were trying to drag him away when the other man came to his aid and all Hell broke loose. Captain Kesslar pinched the bridge of his nose with two fingers. Those four words appeared to sum up very well what had happened, but he still could not put them in the official report he would have to write and deliver before he could go home tonight. "Bitte, Herr Longworth, please tell me what happened from the beginning. How did you come by this ticket?"

I'm glad to see that you updated IttyBitty! Once again you have written another great installment. Its nice to see Edward enjoying a few minutes of much needed reprise. (Why don't I think that it will last for long?) Nice job!
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