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Full Version: Which FMA character (from any series) would you want to teach in your school? And, why?
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I got an idea from my friend after she told me this dream where the Fma characters were teaching in our school. Please tell why you chose those characters. Thank You!! happy.gif
For the girls, I chose Riza.. I was actually choosing between Izumi and Riza. But I suddenly remembered, Izumi's scary! Riza's in the middle of scary and okay for me! laugh.gif
Guys, Roy! Don't ask me why! laugh.gif
I would like Mustang as my marching band director ; his flames might actually keep us in streight lines! smile.gif
Greed and Izumi. Oh come on, think of how much torture fun it would be xD
Health- Izumi
Civics- Furhur Bradley
P.E./Art - Armstrong
Shop- Winry
and Gluttony would be a lunch-homunculi!
This reminds me of my Anime High School fic, based on a RPG I used to run, where Roy is the Science teacher and vice principal, and Hughes was the English teacher (as in the LANGUAGE English, because the fic took place in Japan and English is taught in Japanese schools) till he got transferred to the Secondary School to be principal there....


For me, I'd want Roy to be my teacher. Only because I want to have "sexy teacher x cute student" fantasies involving me and him. XDDDD

Every girl and boy is entitled to his or her own sexual fantasy, it is not a crime! It just so happens I have many :DDD;;

For girls...I picked Sloth. For the same reasons as Roy. >3
hughes! he can be the fun teacher everyone chummies up with.
if roy were a teacher id fantasize about him everyday and that would be unbearable and distracting. tongue.gif same goes for lust if i were a guy, i guess.
izumi would so kick ass, she could teach gym. hahaha.

i cant believe i said "chummies."
Uh, Ed?
He's our age, though.
So that wouldn't really work out. ._.
He wouldn't be the best of teachers, I either.
It depends on what time period he's in.
18? Yes.
Below? No.
Unless he could come, you know, as a student. happy.gif
I'd be all over him.

Riza, also, because she kicks ass.
Hmm. So many people, actually, it's hard to choose.
Like Sapopnin said, Hughes would be really fun.
I hate my Gym Teacher enough.

Mabye Armstrong...

Science and Social Sciences; Ed
Math; Hughes
Gym; Armstrong
French; Al
English Studies; Envy (o_o)
Art; Winry
I would like Fuhery as my social studies teacher! He nice and not hot so I can focus but he seems to much of a push-over though but anybody is better than the creepy one who I have now ( My felow conspiritors and I believe that he may be a petofile)!
None, they're all psycho.

Ok fine, Armstrong, for history.
Same as Colette.
Greed: Awesomeness 101: how to remian cool for over 150 years. (With extra credit in How to be a British Punk)
Izumi: Asskickery 102. Self explanatory.
wow! so much people replied!! thanks for placing your opinions on this topic!!

science: Ed
gym class: Izumi and Riza
home economics: Izumi
english: Hughes
history: Roy
biology: Envy
health: Havoc ( so he can tell us what happens when you smoke cigarettes... 0_0 )
math: armstrong ( 0_0 )
chinese: Roy
filipino: Greed
Sex Ed: Roy

Would be perfect~ 8D
Short-Comebacks Ed: Ed

soon I'll learn how to come up with nice retorts whenever someone call me shrimp and pipqueak....
I can see Roy peititoning to have school uniforms for the students.....with super tiny mini skirts for the girls. XPPPP

"Okay class, here's some tips. Girls, all you need to do is wear mini-skirts. The secret to a healthy love life is the panty shot! And boys, just act cool and aloof and they'll be all over you like cats on catnip. When you go out on dates look like you're as bored as POSSIBLE. ;3"

(hey, what can I say? His date face in episode 37 certainly didn't look too enthusiactic XD)
Sin Of Envy
Izumi for painful gym class, and Envy for fashion. What can I say, he's pro?!!
Roy would be hard to teach..
For girls, I picked Izumi...She should be able to kep our class in check...not to mention the rest of my batch... dry.gif

For guys, well... I picked Ed for two reasons: one, I think he has exceptional knowledge and can explain it easily and two, if I picked Roy... well, I'm in an all-girls school, what do you think are the possibilities?!
QUOTE(Lysander @ Oct 21 2006, 06:54 AM) [snapback]462585[/snapback]
if I picked Roy... well, I'm in an all-girls school, what do you think are the possibilities?!
Hmmm... don't know, you tell me!! laugh.gif

Seriously, Roy, Riza, Houghes, and Maria Ross would be nice. biggrin.gif
Meitantei Conan
edward about alchemy and Wirny about Automail!!!!! smile.gif
Hmmm... don't know, you tell me!! laugh.gif

Oh, the horrors... ph34r.gif The screams and gushes... not to mention the fanclubs... ph34r.gif
I picked Edward for the guys, because of his knowledge and wisdom, but if Alphons Heiderich was a choice, I would definitely pick him (he's so... science-y!)!!! biggrin.gif

I picked Izumi for the girls, because... well.... she IS a teacher, and she's strict.
Juicy Toot
Hmm...There was a toss up for Izumi and Pinako for me..

I picked Pinako.I'd get to learn how to make automail and no loss of blood. happy.gif ...Though Izumi kicks so much arse... >.<'

For male.Greed.He'd probably be more late than me when it comes to getting to school.I'd get to sleep in extra! biggrin.gif
I'm so sorry I forgot to add Heinderich in the choices please forgive me!!!
Ed: no. He would never be able to keep attention. Everyone in my class is taller then him.

Al: no.He's too young. Although he may come sit in our classroom listening to our new teacher, Mrs Hawkeye.
She will be able to let us pay attention, she even can handle Roy. >_>
For the male ones, Huges will be perfect for history...
and two, if I picked Roy... well, I'm in an all-girls school, what do you think are the possibilities?!

*giggles* I can think of a TON....not just the reactions from the students but Roy himself may just be in his own little paradise as well...
Or maybe not...Sure, having a whole school of young beautiful girls smitten with you is wonderful, but none of them are legal! ph34r.gif Poor Roy wouldn't be able to do anything! O:

Still I'd pay good money to be able to attend an all girls school if Mustang was there. 8D
I chose Armstrong and Izumi, because they'd make class so much more interesting that it is right now.

Armstrong could take over my PSE class! That would be great!
The Deceitful Enchantress
I would teach about Ed and Izumi. x3 I mean, Ed gets ticked off by even MENTIONING the word short, and..he's just cool like that. xD Izumi cuz...she's just amazing. She can hack up a lung like noone else can, but she still finds the time to torture poor ed and al. xD
I voted Envy and Hawkeye but I think Winry should teach a tech class (If they hadn't cut tech because of the BUDGET!) I think Envy should teach science or bio ; I might actually stay awake. Ed could also teach science. Izumi could teach any class and do it better than any of the teachers we have. I could see Hughes as a history teacher.
Heh, If I was still in Highschool and, Roy was teaching a class, I would just end up staring at his butt the whole time he's wrighting on the chalkboard. <3

I think Riza and Roy would be good teachers.
Riza for Gym, and Roy for science. I don't know why, I can just imagine him teaching science.

Not seriously...
I want Envy or Izumi to be my history teacher. It gets so boring, having one of them teach it would definitely make it a lot more interesting. And violent.

And Armstrong should definitely teach art. and dance xD
Hughes: Math teacher
Izumi: Chemist teacher

I could just see Armstrong teaching a class, you would be in history and then he would spend the whole year going on about his family and his shirt will come off every time. You might not learn anything else other then his family but at least the test will be easy.

I could not really think of a girl but Pinako Rockbell. i dont know why maybe because she is old and wise could you imagen handing in a late report to Riza or Izumi sad.gif.
riza hawkeye 9
i voted for

roy - ( yeah , i have to do it ^^) , he would be like the techer that every girl have a crush , and that seduce students mothers XD , and of course , a science teacher as well

and for some unknow reason i chose lust , maybe she would be a good teacher for sexual education (XD) .. and the teacher that every boy have a crush too
Triss Hawkeye
I chose Ed - eighteen-year-old I mean, it would be just weird a 15-year-old teaching. He'd teach science, maybe chemistry and/or physics, since chemistry is kinda like alchemy and he got into physics at the end (not saying any more for spoilers).

For a female teacher I chose Izumi, because although she's scary, she'd do a great job of kicking the chavs into line! XD

Riza would also make a good teacher though...
I want cool teachers who also happen to have a good presence of mind such and Hughes .... so i choose him.
As for Female teachers It would be umm.... lust or sloth. I dont know why , but i think izumi would be a little too strict .....
I chose armstrong for the guy teacher. I'm shocked more people didn't choose him, come on people how hilarious would it be for him to be a teacher! I chose Riza as the female, I don't know it would just be cool to have a female teacher who could kick your butt!
Synth Alchemist
The question is which i have to teach or which i like to be my professor

if is the first:

Pride: it didn't look like a bad student
Riza: Because likes she receives orders from roy, she receives orders from me (Muahahaha)
Kitty Chow
Edward Elric, I luv him! ^^

Also Izumi Curtis because she'll make a great teacher biggrin.gif
Tian Ai
I can see Roy as a real teacher when he's not being lazy or anything XD Fun...

Riza'd be good at PE XD Run us all to death!

Izumi would be the cool but extremely scary teacher... Nice when you're on her good side, deadly when you're on her bad. biggrin.gif

Can't imagine Ed teaching XD
QUOTE(Kitty Chow @ Dec 18 2006, 08:46 AM) [snapback]485761[/snapback]
Edward Elric, I luv him! ^^

Also Izumi Curtis because she'll make a great teacher biggrin.gif
I think that Edward Elric (The Fullmetal Alchemist) would be a great teacher, but I want to see Alphonse be a teacher too

Izumi would be a great teacher as well, but I wanna see Winry as a teacher *drouls* lol
QUOTE(Incest&Insanity @ Feb 7 2007, 12:14 PM) [snapback]502083[/snapback]
I think that Edward Elric (The Fullmetal Alchemist)

He's the what now? No way!

Anywho any reason why they might be good teachers?
QUOTE(Chiyo @ Feb 7 2007, 06:22 AM) [snapback]502087[/snapback]
Anywho any reason why they might be good teachers?
I think with Izumi's teaching skills, and Edward's sence of 'hands-on' activities, they would make great teachers, even if Edward is alittle off the edge, lol happy.gif
The temper might be an issue thats true, but good thinking with the 'hands on'
Little Washu
Oh deffinitly Hughes. He's the nicest.
I picked Ed because he's a fun guy who would probably feel like family to his students and Riza because she is dedicated and understanding, I can really see her teaching
man i would like to see Ed or Al teaching Chemistry , Science maybe Alchemy and Winry mechanics and technolagys and stuff like that , but i think i would need human transmutation the same day when im in Winrys class cause im gonna get knocked out by a wrench
Edward and Izumi happy.gif

Even though Edward might be a little too childish to be a teacher, he still knows a lot. I did like Edward to teach me chemistry and biology, and I'm sure he would mak a lot of fun events.
I was struggling if I should choose Edward, Alphonse or Roy.
Alphonse is more mature than Edward, but as I think Edward's knowledge is bigger than Alphonse. Dakara, gomen Arufonse-kun >w<
Roy, I think he would be a nice teacher, but I don't know what he knows... He might only know something with fire alchemy, the rest is unknown to me. And I'm not choosing these as teacher because of fandom, I look at what they can do for my learning. Really I don't know what kind of thing I can learn from Roy tongue.gif

Izumi Curtis, was struggling if I should choose Riza or Izumi. Riza seem to be a good disiplin teacher, but what can she learn me than fire a gun and be loyal or choose your own path to protect someone? :/
Izumi, her alchemy theory is known from Edward. What I wanted to learn from her is fighting happy.gif That's why I wanted her as teacher biggrin.gif
izumi...sure she'll beat up lazy and mediocre students

hawkeye...>with black hyate in mind... tongue.gif
Lost Alchemist
Edward Elric- how not to piss off a chibi
Alphonse Elric- how to love a cat
Roy Mustang- .........chemistry
Maes Hughes- photography
Jean Havoc-unhealth
Wrath- how to be a floor
Pride- ROCT
Greed - weightlifting
Alex Louis Armstrong- english
Riza Hawkeye- lacrosse
Winry Rockbell- auto-mail 1
Lust- first aid
Sloth - art with water
Pinako Rockbell - auto-mail 2
Izumi Curtis- gym
Maria Ross- latin
Rose- jouralism

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