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Full Version: Which FMA character (from any series) would you want to teach in your school? And, why?
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The Creation Alchemist
I kinda want Ed, why not have a teacher shorter than me?

And Izumi because....wait why did I pick her. o_o?
Indignant Judgment
I chose Alphonse because he would be a more considerate toward his students, and I picked Izumi because she would actually teach me something instead of some of my teachers that always go off subject about the subject and get me all lost sleep.gif
Roy so I could be admiring his hotness and Lust so she can teach me how to flirt with guys and all those things that she is an expert at biggrin.gif
Edward Elric and Riza Hawkeye. That would be freakin' awesome!! I think I want Ed to teach at my school for the wrong reasons though...hehe happy.gif
I picked Ed because he would probably teach science (alchemy!!), and I'm interested in it. and Riza because I think she'd be a good teacher. And she seems like the teaching type:)
Yume Melody
Form: Hughes
English: Riza
Sex Ed: Roy
Science: Izumi
PE: Alphonse... I dunno why.
Art: EDWARD! >w<~

QUOTE(Yume Melody @ Mar 4 2007, 12:09 AM) [snapback]512839[/snapback]
Sex Ed: Roy

Wtf is that suppose to mean?!?!?! O_o
Ed and Riza.

My friend, Raiyan and I, used to think ....'what if riza and ed teaches us in school....that will be fun!' and after a few days, i dreamt that ed and riza were teaching us at school....

but i was strange; ed was teaching us SCIENCE and riza SHARPSHOOTING...lolz, sharpshooting isn't one of our subjects....
Wtf is that suppose to mean?!?!?! O_o

That Roy is best suited to teach us all the birds and the bees, and what those chnages you're experiencing all mean!

Which he is, btw XP

@ cutie: I once had a dream I was taught by FMA characetrs too...O_o except it was Hughes and Roy. Hughes was a nice teacher. 8D
Female Flame Alchemist
I don't know as far as who could be my teacher; however, if I were there teacher.

Riza, just because I know that she would be a good student. And probably whop the living daylights out of the kids that misbehaved and causing a disturbance.

Armstrong, because if I was a teacher I would also coach football and he'd make an incredible linebacker and/or running back.
Ratzenheich FMA Super fan
My Top Three:
Riza Hawkeye
Roy Mustang
Maes Hughes
i thought that wrath is a girl
Ratzenheich FMA Super fan

I think you've been watching too much of the English dub version. happy.gif Oh... I forgot, that's Envy. XD But Wrath?... I don't know why you'd consider him to be a girl.
Roy the Flame Alchemist 71
Okay Roy would so have to teach at my he's cool..and doesnt take lip...and two when they get out of line..all he has to do is snap them fingers...
But Wrath?... I don't know why you'd consider him to be a girl.

Let's see...long hair, big eyes, acts like he's on PMS, and voiced by girls in both English and Japanese.

Pretty easy to mistake him for a girl. XD
IVl yasha lVI
Greed should totally teach sex ed at my high school. (I'm in college now)

Hottest. Sex ed. Teacher. Ever. I have a feeling all the girls'd listen to him.. Aside from potentially fearing his pointy teeth.

I'd want Roy to be a teacher...
Maybe a homeroom teacher...
So I could just drool over him thirty minutes of the time and not have to worry about missing any lessons....Yeah.
silver fox
Envy and Lust as students, because they're homunculi and it would be fun to watch them try and learn more about the human world^_^
I'd actually love having Envy as a teacher. He's witty, funny in his own way, and he entertains me a lot. Not to mention he actually has a goal in life and would do anything to achieve it. He's inspiring, but twisted. But face it, if he were a teacher in my school, he wouldn't be hell-bent on destroying humanity, because it would ruin his job. And why would he get a job in the first place if he wanted to ruin it? (Plus I have a nice little plotbunny in my head about how life would be if two of my teachers were Ed and Envy. Teacher rivalry.. Hehe, lovely.)

I'd also like to have Riza as a teacher, because she knows how to keep people in line. She's scary, but she also has a gentle side to her, and she's pretty dedicated too. She'd make a very good teacher, as she'd be focused on her job and be able to do it well.

I picture Envy as an English teacher who especially focuses on literature, or perhaps a History teacher. He doesn't seem the type for dates (names maybe, but not dates) and would probably give a whole new perspective on wars and such. We always seem to hear biased accounts of wars, but he would be refreshing. I mean, he seems to not take any side at all, and rather forges his own path. Although the sadism could be kept to a minimum...

Riza would make a good Physics/Math teacher for me because heaven knows I slack off on homework. Plus she could make examples with guns. (If I shoot this bullet at a 30 degree angle upwards and it travels so and so meters, and it shot out of the barrel at so and so meters per second squared, at what height would its velocity be equal to 0?) Goodness knows a lot of people would find it interesting. Scary, but interesting nonetheless.
Amethyst Sunset
QUOTE(miracle_flame_alchemist147 @ Oct 15 2006, 11:57 AM) [snapback]459990[/snapback]
filipino: Greed

I just HAD to quote this. *snicker* I don't know if Greed would make me better or worse in Filipino. XDDDDDD


English - Hughes (Let's all write essays about this picture of my wonderful wife and daughter!).
PE - Izumi (We'd be achy after each class, but it'll be worth it! XD). Or Riza (She'd probably train us like she trains Black Hayate, and she could even take him to class...)
Science - Ed? XDDDD Nah, he'd be like, one of the students, maybe the resident prodigy, even. Maybe Fuery could take this one. Or Alfons Heiderich.
Math - Riza (Nobody will sleep in Math ever again! XD)
Music - I think Roy would teach us the "Loyal canine, how we salute thee!" song. XD I sort of see Rose teaching music too...
Health - Izumi, probably...or Maria Ross.
Social Studies - I'm thinking Al here. Or maybe Sciezka. She could have memorized the entire library of history books - or books, period. XD

And before you ask...Roy Mustang shall be the PRINCIPAL! XDDDDDD

Then again, if he's principal, then he can make all female students (AND STAFF) wear tiny miniskirts, and when someone's being bad, he can go all pyromaniac on them. XD

But overall, I think Riza, Ed, Hughes and Roy would make the best teachers. Ed just has to work on his temper...and of course, all the girls in Roy's classes better pay more attention to the lesson instead of the teacher. XD At least they won't fall asleep during class.
QUOTE(Fushigi Rockna @ Mar 9 2007, 07:34 PM) [snapback]515891[/snapback]
That Roy is best suited to teach us all the birds and the bees, and what those chnages you're experiencing all mean!

Which he is, btw XP

Psssh I'd rather have Greed.

...I mean....>_>

After I posted that I glanced at my signature and the thought of Jade teaching Sex Ed.

Oooooooh my.
i would love to have hughes as a teacher (keep him a way from the photo copier)
alex to... Gym teacher o.O
Winter Phantom
Principal: Roy,Let's just hope he won't change the girl's school dress code or bug Ed.
You know those family classes?I'll choose Hughes.PERFECT TEACHER!!!
Workshop: Pinako and That Guy from Rush Valley,( I forgot!)
Sex Ed:Wow...I'd choose Envy....(No comment)
Science: Maybe Alphonse...^-^ He'll be nice enough to give good notes! >-> Ed would be interresting too...
Phy Ed: Izumi and Armstrong(hard to choose)
Technologie: Winry...If she won't break apart anything.
French: Of course,no one shall take this but ME!!!
Social Studies:Scheska.She'll memorise everything.She'll be good for a science teacher too.
Math: Riza.IT be just good...
English: BREDA WOULD BE BAD!BAD! Maria Ross.
Music: Rose.
Glottony and Lust: Lunchladys(*cough* or man for glottony)
Pool Class(I take it,so don't ask me): Sloth.
Vice Principal:Jean Havoc.

Triple Soul
QUOTE(Summoner Colette @ May 14 2007, 06:02 PM) [snapback]543111[/snapback]
After I posted that I glanced at my signature and the thought of Jade teaching Sex Ed.

Oooooooh my.

SIGN ME UP FOR THAT CLASS FOR NEXT YEAR. That would be the best way to cap off my high school years.


Mmkah, now for serious. [Can I ever be serious?]

Winry would be the best auto-mechanics teacher ever.
Trisha would be good to teach a cooking/foods class, if she were still alive.
Hohenheim would be the best sceience/biology teacher. Period. Though I can't guarantee I would be paying attention to his lessons...nyeah... >_>
Rose would make a good art teacher.
Noah would be a good band teacher as well c:

And, any and all military personell [Roy, Riza, Hughes, etc.] wouldn't be teachers. Instead, they'd come once every other month to recruit kids for the National Guard and Marines. *smacked*
Sword Alchemist
I can imagine Denny Bloch teaching Marching Band.
I'd love it if Alphonse and Rose taught at my school.
I mean, both of them are patient and caring so they could explain things throughly without losing their heads over the students.

I also think armstrong would do a great job but the sparkles could blind me, haha !

Riza might shoot me just like she shot her dog potty train him so, no.

Roy would be nice but he'd probably lose his patience after a while and might end up checking out girls in skirts or plotting his next move to become school principal. Again, no.

Lust would be okay save the fact that, well, she would lose her temper after a while.

Winry'd probably freak out in certain situations.

Depending on the student Ed MIGHT be cool.

Greed would probably Ignore his students.

eh, I'm tired of writing
OMG!!!! I just had a discussion with my FMA obsessed friend. We were deciding which character would teach each subject. I wish i could remember them all!!!!!. I think we had Kimbley teaching PE, and either ed or roy teaching chemistry(either way i'd be drooling all through class). MAN I wish i could remember them all they were sooooooooo funny!!!!!!

Edit [2 seconds later] - Wait I remember another one!!!!!! Armstrong would teach art. That would kill me!!!! smile.gif
Firearm Alchemist
Roy and riza.We could pick up some of his amazing flame alchemy.Riza cause though she's strict she'll be an excellent teacher.LOL imagine her shooting at anyone who forgot their homework
I think I'd like Winry and Hughes to be my teachers. They would be patient with the students, even if the students didn't understand something. And they wouldn't beat the crap out of you for talking in class.
For male I chose Hughes because he's cool and funny and would make a cool teacher, and for female I chose Pinako because then I could learn how to make automail and give myself a metal arm and leg and be the greatest Edward Elric cosplayer evar lol =P
edo little kid
from the boys my love cute Edo

and woman ( Lust )


thank you very much
for boys, i would say mustang. it would be cool XP
for girls, i was going to put izumi, but then i thought that she might beat the crap out of us, and put hawkeye instead. she's at least nicer...most of the time.
Link Holtz
Izumi and Hohenheim seem to have the most general knowlege, so I'd want them to teach at my school. Maybe Izumi would even punish the poop-headed idiots who attend my school.
well, i said mustang, but now that i think about it, that might be a bad idea for me.
i have this horrible habit of forming crushes on good looking teachers.
it goes to the point where i don`t pay attention! >.<

and for females i said ross.
she seems like she would be an easy peasy teacher. biggrin.gif
The Frozen Alchemist
It would be cool to have Ed as a teacher especially since we would only learn about alchemy. Riza would be strict but she is my favorite female character.
For boys, I picked Ed. He would be great a teaching chemistry <3
And for can't choose between Izumi and Riza lawlz
I would be scared of both anyways.
Riza !!! laugh.gif I'd like her to shoot some of my classmates for cheating! sleep.gif and Mustang (but... No Miniskirts!! Please!) wait! scratch that! How bout Ed ! he can teach me chemistry (Al's too much of a push over...)
Izumi and Armstrong cool.gif

Armstrong would be really funny I think. I can see him crying during biology when he discusses how a butterfly flies and a rabit gets killed by a fox tongue.gif

And Izumi would kick everybody's [All hail lord Xenu] when they didn't do their homework wink.gif
She would own everybody during a discussion xD

Yeah, they would be my favorites, although I think Hughes and Sloth would really be cool too, but I think Sloth will be boring after a couple of weeks.
Edward Elric!!!! I would love that!!! He would be a really good teacher!! Teaching chemistry!!
Also Izumi, Riza, Roy, Hughes and Armstrong!! Class would be so funny!!
And I dont know why but Greed too!!
And Pinako!!
Lust, Greed & Mustang... because they're so cool... tongue.gif
That would be awesome to have a FMA character teaching at my school.
I would soo have Roy teah one of my classes.
For female characters I am torn between Izumi and Hawkeye. But Male Roy ftw
I want to see Edward and Roy try teaching, lol. And Izumi is definitely the female teacher I want.
I choose Envy for his hawtness. *drools*
And Izumi for her violent attitude, it might brush off on me. That could serve useful. ;D
I voted ED and IZUMI 'cause they'll teach me ALCHEMY!!!
(actually, little male) ---->>> ED! Cause he's my favorite character. ^^ biggrin.gif He might even have a fit in class when someone shouts out "shrimp" even though it wasn't addressed to him. ^^
Then there's Hughes, i want him to teach us as well, he'd be all like, Elysia this elysia that. : )) He might even bring elysia to school, thinking it was "bring your children to work" day. ^^
Then Roy... : )) might just end up burning the school. ^^
And then ARMSTRONG. NOOOHHH~!! I don't wanna touch ur abs!!! ----i'd be like that. O.O : ))

Then there's RIZA! Yey! She might bring a gun to school and threaten us with a gunshot... oh wait... that's not nice. Haha.
The other one's IZUMI. YEAH. Since she's so cool, then maybe her husband would come along. ^^ But lets hope she won't cough up blood. O.O
I'd pick winry but i don't want to get hit on the head with a wrench. O.O that'll hurt.
Then i also don't what ross to teach us... i have a feeling she'd be ACTUALLY doing the lecture the school provided. Then she'll be all, adults must take care of children because that's their job blah blah. : )) but needless to say i really like her as well. ^^
Then Rose... O.O please no... religion~! Not that there's anything wrong with religion. ^^ its just... oi oi, it's FMA characters are going to "teach" day! I figured it would be better if we'd have some fun. biggrin.gif
me chose... ok here..

Science: Edward =D
Gym: Armstrong
Maths: Alphonse
Art: Winry
Music: Roy
Dance: Riza
Assistant Principle: IZUMI!

And Breda shall teach about animals.... bwahahahahaha... But most of all i chose Roy and Riza as always!
I think an older Ed would make a highly amusing teacher! laugh.gif I can just imagine him teaching chemistry class, trying not to be boyishly enthusiastic about it all. And if the students were badly behaved he would throw chalk brushes! (my art teacher did that...) or he might just throw the student out of the classroom. I'm sure his teaching style would come from Izumi... *scary*
But I still think I would want Izumi for my teacher as well. (but not for phys. ed. O_o) I find tough teachers fascinating and inspiring.

P.S. I think Roy would make the best sub teacher. wink.gif sexy...
I already have had male teachers who are like Maes Hughes, showing us pictures of their kid(s) and always telling boring stories about them and are like 100x more annoying and less awesome than Maes Hughes. So I can't really say I want him for a teacher, because I've kind of already had too many Maes-Hughes-school-experiences for my own good. If that makes sense.

But am I the only one who thinks Armstrong would be an awesome gym teacher, or just in general, a teacher? I would be laughing so hard if I had him as a gym teacher and the fact that he would always flexing his muscles and always going on about things that have been in his family for generations. Also would love his overdramaticness for sure. xD

And Izumi would just be epic as a teacher. Besides the fact that she would probably get blood all over everything like our homework and stuff, but still. ("Mrs. Curtis, you threw up blood on our homework again." "Looks like we're not going to have any homework again.") I'm already imagining some kid being annoying and totally dissing Izumi and then she just goes over to him and FLIPS HIM OVER HIS DESK AND BREAKS HIS BACK. xD

That would be, once again, most epic.
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