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Full Version: Ask A Stupid Question Get A Stupid Answer Game XD
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(May you please forgive me if this has been posted before, is just kinda hard to go through all the posts)

I think this game is kinda funny, saw it somewhere and thought it'd be cool to start it here (that is if it hasn't been done so already)

So here is how it goes:
Person A: Stupid question ex. Why are humans unable to fly?
Person B: Stupid aswer ex. Because then they'd fall (and then gives a stupid question)

The answers and questions have to be stupid (just in case you didn't notice)
Please be respectful to everyone
Have FUN tongue.gif

Why is the sky blue?
.:Edward's Hunter:.
The sky is blue because it's the world backwards so it's actually the ocean!

Why are rainbows only seven colors?
Because God couldn't fit anymore.

Why does my stomach rumble so loud when I'm hungry?
Because your belly is mad at you.

If we are what we eat, why dont we have shapeshifting powers?
.:Edward's Hunter:.
....Because of your mom. (Now that was a stupid answer brought to you by me.)

Why do monkeys have tails, but gorillas don't?
Because they ate them off.

Why was pink made?
.:Edward's Hunter:.
So purple wouldn't be alone. *sniff*

This is fun.

Why do birds pee out their butt? (I have a bird. :3)
Because it beats the heck out of peeing out of beaks instead.

Why do apples turn red?
Because they are embarrased

Why do I like my boyfriend?
Because the 'powers that be' made it so through a cruel twist of fate
(no offense ok! biggrin.gif )

'Why do birds suddenly appear'?
Because appearing slowly would be anticlimactic.

Why do fish chase each other?
Because they all owe each other money.

Why is ice cream so tasty?
Because the pixies are taking over our tastebuds.

Why does it rain so much in England?
Why does it rain so much in England?

A: Because I said so... ((I know...not very original))

Why do boxes of rabid bagal monkeys always end up at my door?
Reta McClain
...Because everyone thinks you're odd.

Why world is round?
Rampant Communism.

Why must Dogs and Cats fight while the Penguines plot their doom?
Sharingan Serpent
Because their probably all evil...

Why must kids whine about school?
.:Edward's Hunter:.
Because of their overwhelming constipation there.

Why can't cows jump over the moon?
Sharingan Serpent
Because their too fat and they lost the ability to fly

Why dosen't Polly want a cracker?
Reta McClain
...Because it's on diet.

Why everyone have a name? huh.gif
Because otherwise we'd be nameless.
Why do cows say muu!?
because if they dont their speechless

why dont pigs fly?
Ice Blizzard
Because you're to heavy

Why arn't penguins exploding
.:Edward's Hunter:.
Because we ran out of dynamite.

Why do babies have cupcake shaped heads?
Because giving birth to a cube isn't the better option

Why do flowers bloom in the spring?
Because Spring gave them candy on Halloween (unlike Winter >.<)

Why do we get hand cramps when we write?
.:Edward's Hunter:.
Because when we write so fast and so long, our blood vessels form a "pl00p loop"!


Why are people named "Robert" nicknamed "Bob"?
Reta McClain
... Because lack of imagination, or they are just plain lazy.

Why plants are green?
So colourblind people see them as blue

Why is smoking bad for you?
Because you can go '*cough-hack-wheeze*' then out comes a lung while you were coughing

Why do people get sick so often around this time of the year?
Because it's the cold weather that makes people sick.

Why do people die?
So Mr Burns can out live us all

Why does alcohol make us feel good?
Because it knows how to tickle our tummy

Why are lollipops hard?
Because it will not be caled lollipo if it weren't hard,its called candy parfait or juice!

Why do boys tease girls that they like?
Because this is some weird alienese ritual that actually scores chicks in other planets.

Why was homework ever invented?
To have a piece of cake...get it?

Why do some like to be sunburned?
To make a brain twisted,much like a great show to a carnival!

What is the craziest thing in the planet besides this topic?
When humans lick their nasty dirty feet of..stuck their nostrils with a cork, pull down their mouth until the end of the world...Oh...too much crazyness...

Why is why?
Because it isn't because.

What is a stupid question?
@ Envy's answer to my post: I knew that...

A:A stupid question is not a serious question...

Why do anyone like crazy things???
Because deep down, we're either all sane in a crazy world, or insane in a completly sane one.

Why do some games like to tick people off?
Ice Blizzard
So it'll make them smash the game, and buy a new one

Why arn't i smart wink.gif
teh internets stoled ur bains!

Whats so great about Great Britain?
In a few years time, the waistlines of most of the I live here, twit.

How do they put the jam in a doughnut?
The Jam and the Doughnut have a baby and the spawn is a jelly dougnut

Why doesnt 2 + 2 = 'fish'?
Because "4" offered the fish to KFF (Kentucky Fried Fish >.<).

Whose George Dubya Bush?
(If you don't get it, it means "George .W Bush.")
You're mom! (that was random)

Why does my dad need a beer to take a shower?
.:Edward's Hunter:.
He has a fear of water so he uses beer to replace it. It will clean him right up.

Why do dogs need to "go" on fire hydrants?
Because they already "came" down the sidewalk....

What makes magnets stick?
.:Edward's Hunter:.
Frog spit! It's magnetic...full...uh...

Why are there so many people in New York?
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