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Full Version: Mp's Sketch To Color
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Matt Perry
IPB Image <--- TO ---> IPB Image

There are several methods I saw through GIMP tutorials to color anime, and I use none of them.. My colors overlap the outline and other colors mix in as well, but I thin kthey turn out fine. I'll post more as I come up.

I can also turn full colored anime to sketches then color them differently myself using the sametechnique. I may not be able to create signatures yet, but I can recolor things from sketches like that above.

I took the manga version of Riza with the tattoo from chapter 57 and recolored it.
I actually really like the way it came out in color. The detail on the back is amazing. I think it looks great. smile.gif
Can you fill my drawing in when I'm done? O.O
King of Smash
Yes, fill in her drawing! laugh.gif
Just go to page 3. It's the second to last drawing with Ed's (our right) right eye facing left. (Our left.)
I like it. biggrin.gif I hope you post some more. happy.gif
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