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Full Version: My Fanart
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yeah, well, this is my drawing. took me about 3 1/2 hours to do, and it's prolly the best drawing i've ever done and prolly will ever do. haha
Ed-Al-Win Fan
Thats nice and too cool! Are you going to color it? I hope so, well then again its your choice (lol). But overall its a good drawing!:)
Yeah, it is a good drawing. It would look better with color though.
Oooohh aaah.... happy.gif One of the best ones I've seen! Make more! laugh.gif You're really good you know!
wow thnx, and i would color, i really would, but i'd prolly mess up, im not the greatest color-er.
@Edroxmysox - That's very nice!!
I agree with others. It's will probably look very good with colors.
I think you are very good with details, so I'm thinking you'll be good at coloring, too.
Try it?? smile.gif (Tho, I like it as is, too. happy.gif)
Edroxmysox: you're so good
Make more drawings, also with colors like the others says
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