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Full Version: My First Sprite
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ok.. here is my first and bad sprite.... i have alot of things to change though lol it 2d still
Verry nice! biggrin.gif
I dont think its nice................... but here is my second one..... its better.. but not that much better... ....... its attached... with a pic that i made with the sprite and the actual pic..[attachmentid=6894][attachmentid=6893]
Wow!! I love the Temari sprite!!!!
QUOTE(Untitled @ Sep 7 2006, 06:29 AM) [snapback]442894[/snapback]

Wow!! I love the Temari sprite!!!!

THANX!!!!!!!!! im making more... im gonna make many more.... but school first.... sad.gif
What is a sprite?
A sprite is like a mini pic done on the computer of a character..... it can be chibi or not......
The shape of the fan is a bit off, but it's a very nice Temari sprite.
Temari is my favorite female character in that show. smile.gif
Ratzenheich FMA Super fan
What's the ideal resolution/size for a sprite? Also, you use MS Paint to make a sprite right?
you can use paint... but i use macromedia fireworks, you can zoom in more while making it.. and yeah, the fan is off, i gotta fix that

That is a nice sprite of Temari!!
I like it very much!! happy.gif
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