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Full Version: Best Things To Say When You Prank-call Somebody.
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Well, just a little random thing that came to mind. My friend and I were prank-calling people, and we were wondering what the best things to say to prank-call people are. So let's see what the best things to say when you prank-call people!

(And if you're wondering how to prank-call, since we have the dreader Caller ID, put the call on 'restrict' and dial the number so they can't call you back or know who you are.)
Sharingan Serpent
It's not nice to Prank call people KittyGirl-chan...but...(Evil Smile)

Hello congratulations you have won a years supply of Fish Food to last you fish for the next two or three years...

...okay that's lame...

"Do you like scary movies?"
"Is this the police? Help he's back!*Smash a plate or two*you said he would be locked up for life! He ate my dog!.......Oh god he has gu-*hang up and prepare cookie if the police show up*"
alchemist of the blue sky
1)Do the penguins stalk you like they stalk me?
2)*evil laugh* This is you consiounce speaking..........*yell*put that down!!!!!!!!!!! Bad person!
@Greeneyes Alchemist - Greeny, that sounds more like an evil advertisement call than a prank call... ^^;;

"Hello, this is your son speaking."
"hello, is Dave there? Hello Dave"
"Would you like free cream cheese for one dolla'?"

Know whats also fun? Calling QVC or the Home Shopping Network and asking them stupid, random questions about their products!
QUOTE(Chiyo @ Sep 1 2006, 04:20 AM) [snapback]439762[/snapback]

"hello, is Dave there? Hello Dave"

We've got someone doing that to our house only they ask for 'Mary' O_o They havent called since my dad answered the phone though tongue.gif

This kid I know who took my bus last year borrowed this girl's cellphone and called a random number, this guy answered, and he started saying on how he seen the guy's wife last night and all that stuff ohmy.gif
- Breathe in helium before you say, "Guess what? That cutest guy in school has a deep crush on you." to your school enemy.

- Hey girl, you're pretty. I like you. (if you are a guy)
I once text messaged this to a guy..
QUOTE(Chiyo @ Sep 1 2006, 10:20 AM) [snapback]439762[/snapback]

"hello, is Dave there? Hello Dave"

"You are my Wife now!"
Hello, is Sammy there-dammit, I know that's Sammy-if you're not Sammy, then where is on and so forth until they hang up. Play with your friends to see how long you can keep the person on the phone.

Probably not too origional, but hey.
.:Edward's Hunter:.
One of the most awesome ways (for me) is to use that Howard Stern voice thingy on the internet and have fun with it. ('Cause I did it too, but I'm not so good at it.)

Lookit. >>>
Ice Blizzard
"Hello? Is this the police?? I think theres a robber in my house! Oh God here he Co...-"
"Ello sir,I'm calling about the tiger released in you're back yard, If you agree to not press charges, We'll capture that it in the next few....Months or so"
"Hhhheeeeeeeyy babbbbyyy"
Demon x
act like some girl wh has a crush on him! (if he is a male)
happened to me once!!!
"Saaaaaaasy girl." (Not mine, my friend loves to torment me by saying that.)
"Dee de de." (Which is sooooo stupid.)
Demon x
"hellow chinese restraunt can i have one spaghetti!(get it chinese and ask for pasta)and close the phone like it was an accident
i have never prank called somebody
"Hi this is Dirty Dan from Dirty Dan's Dirt company would you like some dirty dirt to fill in them holes in your front lawn?"

"Hi this is Tom from Toms Septic Tanks we been getting some complaints about your septic tank leakin they were sayin it smells really bad and stuff would you want to get it fixed soon? Thank you."

I liek the dirty dan one more tho
Hola, this is Juan. Did you get the goods?

What do you mean, what goods? The f***ing cocaine, you puta.

Damn, now I'm going to have to send Charlie over to break your knees...
patkk the dictator/ninja/fish
Whats your aunts maiden license plate number?
you could scream at the top of your lungs "CRANK CALL!"
"yes this is cindy from adult plessures and we have the luandere' you orderd"

Other person: i didnt order any...

"no no dont worry alot of men do this its tottaly normal"
Little Washu 2 friends and I did this once. Okay, my one friend called his grandma, and left this on her answering machine:

"Hello? Diana? Listen, I really wanna fix what I messed up. I'll be at your place at 11:00 PM tomarrow. Remenber to waer that out-fit I like. You know the one.........."

and then my other friend called a random person and said:

"Hey have you seen my leather thong? Mmmmmm Rich and creamy! Huh? What do you mean It's not fudge!?"

Yeah, we'er weirdos.
Um, I agree.

Call up someone, and say that you know that they did something, like, "I know that you ran that red light." Now, they will eithor say, "I don't know what you're talking about!" or "How did you know about that." To the first, keep repeating that you know that they did it until they hang up. To the secend, chuckle evilly and offer not to tell for a Also, call from a payphone so that they can't *69 you.

I wonder if that's legal...
or i also did this

i called up a girl and said "WHAT ARE YIU DOING ON MY BOYFRIENDS CELLPHONE?!"

her: huh what are you talki



her: *hang up*
Cattamarine Jazzmine
call up soeone you know, and in the kawaii-est voice, say

"Hello, is my mommy there? let me speak to my mommy! i know you have her there! she said so, she said!" and then wait for a response, then hang up

(This is really fun to do with phone operating help lines, like, operators.) laugh.gif
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