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Full Version: Bilingual/multilingual: Are You?
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Like it says, are you people bilingual?
If so, what languages and how did you learn them?

For example, I speak:

English-I've spoken it my whole life
Spanish- I learned it at school
Japanese- I taught myself.

So, lets hear it!

I have no idea how, but I seem to have completely forgotten Hebrew, in which I have a terrible accent, but can read and write. (Forgetting about it really proves my horrible memory. >.<)
I speak English and Filipino and I'm still teaching myself Japanese and Russian.tongue.gif
English: Native language
American Sign Language: Took it in high school for three years
German: Teaching myself
Japanese: Teaching myself
Korean: Learning from a Korean friend
Chinese: Learning from a Chinese friend
English is my native tounge despite what my spelling may indicate.
I have a basic grasp of Welsh which is beyond usless unless I want to watch Welsh Soap Operas.
I'm quickly forgeting the tiny ammount of Japanese I knew. (Mostly enough to get my face slapped)
For some odd reason I picked up Latin very easily but since no one uses it apart from some folk at Oxford I never really studied it.
QUOTE(irridescentsong @ Aug 25 2006, 08:05 PM) [snapback]437315[/snapback]

English: Native language
American Sign Language: Took it in high school for three years
German: Teaching myself
Japanese: Teaching myself
Korean: Learning from a Korean friend
Chinese: Learning from a Chinese friend

That's a large undertaking all at once, especially for independent (or mostly independent- learning form friends). Are you sure you can retain all those at a time?


I have many years of Spanish under my belt, although I have a hard time applying it because of my shyness. It doesn't help my self esteem that the little old lady at the mercado doesn't seem to understand my orders and I have to finally frustradedly tell the cashier in English. :/ I feel like a failure sometimes, and I feel patronizing to try to apply my language skills when encountering native speakers. ;_;

I have about a collected year or so of casual Japanese study- Similar situation although I have fewer areas of practical usage of the language. When I was surrounded by native speakers, they were zomg impressed at my pronunciation and didn't seem to expect more. Spanish kills the Ego, Japanese inflates it. (Being a cute little girl didn't hurt, either.)

I really hope to learn German and Latin. And study etymology of English as well. I tend to get to be a language dork, and I'm very enthusiastic about using and overusing our language, practically and artistically. (This probably explains why I'm among the moderate elite who are sometimes offended by abuse of the English language.)

(Don't we already have a thread similar to this?)
QUOTE(Toby-Chan @ Aug 25 2006, 11:36 PM) [snapback]437342[/snapback]
(Don't we already have a thread similar to this?)
We have
Espaņol thread, and Speak Japanese? thread, on which people posted various languages they can speak. smile.gif
Maybe we need a general languages thread, then.
QUOTE(Toby-Chan @ Aug 26 2006, 01:47 AM) [snapback]437403[/snapback]
Maybe we need a general languages thread, then.
Yeah, I think this one is good because it covers al languages. smile.gif

Tho, since some people are more than bilingual, and be trilingual, or speak even four, or more languages, the title could be simply "Haw many/which language(s) do you speak??" or something?? biggrin.gif
(Of course, it's just a suggestion, tho. biggrin.gif )
I speak English and Spanish. Though my Spanish is getting kinda rusty...and my spelling in Spanish just plain sucks....(damn accents dry.gif )
French and english, and for this year of school, I'm certainly going to try learning a massive amount of italian and spanish by myself...
QUOTE(SinLuxuria @ Aug 26 2006, 07:27 AM) [snapback]437571[/snapback]

French and english, and for this year of school, I'm certainly going to try learning a massive amount of italian and spanish by myself...

Gah, your sig is somewhat addicting.

I speak only English, but I'm taking Spanish and learning Japanese, too.
My father is Spanish and my mother is British, so we speak both English and Spanish in our home. I have studied Japanese for two years and desire to continue my studies; I hope to achieve fluency one day, although it will probably take forever. I also can speak some Italian, French, and Catalan but cannot engange in intellectual conversations yet without pausing every minute to try to work out what I want to say. I studied Ancient Greek for a semester and was down right awful at it. (I don't understand how some words in the language could have four vowels in a row.)
Carnal Malefactor
QUOTE(SinLuxuria @ Aug 26 2006, 10:27 AM) [snapback]437571[/snapback]

French and english, and for this year of school, I'm certainly going to try learning a massive amount of italian and spanish by myself...

You can cut your time in half. Spanish and Italian are the same language. tongue.gif
english is my native toungue

spanish-I learned at school

a little japanese-a book

tamohawk indian-my parents
QUOTE(Grave_Alchemist @ Aug 26 2006, 09:44 AM) [snapback]437621[/snapback]

tamohawk indian-my parents

hmm...tamohawk indian's a unique one. do you have any idea when you are going to need it?
Fayth Prophecy
English- native language
Spanish- took 3 years of it for school
Japanese- self teaching
Chinese- Learning from a friend
Korean- same as Chinese
German- learning from my friend who lived in Germany
English-a compulsory subject in schools here..
Chinese-my ethnic tongue (and i'm loving it..)
Indonesian Malay- Only conversational..enough to not get myself killed if left to fend for myself there laugh.gif

Want to learn...after my examinations...
Japanese smile.gif
Korean smile.gif

what can i say..i love the asian languages..ahaha..
My father is american, and my mother is taiwanese, therefore,

For those wondering, Chinese and Taiwanese are both spoken in taiwan.
Roy Jr.
Having roots of three nationalities, I speak:

Filipino: Of course, I live in the Philippines
English: 2nd national language
Japanese: from my dad
Spanish: also from my dad

*Uhh, I have four*
fantacy alchamist
I have been toght several languages I understand it better then I can speek them

Engligh- 1st language
Aftikaans- was compelsory in south africa
Zulu- same reason as Afrikaans
Italian -when we moved to Australia Had to choose a language to study I dont study it any more
QUOTE(Grave_Alchemist @ Aug 26 2006, 09:44 AM) [snapback]437621[/snapback]

english is my native toungue

spanish-I learned at school

a little japanese-a book

tamohawk indian-my parents

Gah, I promised I would just let it alone.

But just one more question, since our spanish inquisition isn't complete yet. (If you don't respond, I'll get out the soft pillows!)

Why is it that your parents, who you say are from Japan, can teach you tamohawk, but you have to learn Japanese from a book?
English - 1st language
tagalog - mom is filipino
and i am learning german, my dad is german
English - 1st language
Korean - native language
Spanish - school

If I had never been born in America and lived in Korea, I would have at least learned simple Chinese... and still know English. (in Korea, understanding English is a requirement)
Wrath V
Chinese: my family is from China so...
English: I learn it from school, mom and a lot of books...
Spanish: I live in Mexico so I must know spanish...
Germany: it's a shame, I trying to learn it by my own...
Sharingan Serpent
English if my first language
Spanish being learned at school
Teaching myself Japanese
Tiny bit of french...
and thats about it... blink.gif
English and Korean
A lot of you speak Spanish ^^

Spanish and English.
Amethyst Sunset
I've spoken English and Filipino my whole life. happy.gif However, I seem to be much better at English than Filipino.

When I go to college, I plan to take up some European languages like French and Spanish, and learn some Japanese too, probably.
Kal Rommel
Wow o_O;...
I feel so left out...
The only other language I know is Latin, and that's a dead I'm no good to anyone. -hangs head and sighs-
The Arachnid Alchemist
Finnish -my native language
English -learned at school and by myself
Swedish -we have to study it at school.
Japanese -I am not good at it, but I'm studying and hoping to get better
plus I can read a little Egyptian hieroglyphs.


currently learning: Spanish.

and hopefully Japanese in the future biggrin.gif
Spanish - Native language
Portuguese - Learned from my Aunt.
Latin - Learned from my Grandma.
English - First language
French - Taught myself.
I got enrolled in Spanish despite signing up for Latin DX

I'll finish this year of Spanish then forget all Spanish and learn Latin. (Yes, Latin is a dead language, but I'm also going into the medical field and Latin will definately help. Also, other languages will be easier if I know Latin.)
I only speak:

-Spanish, as it is my first language.

-English, still learning more at school.

-French, still learning it as well...but since itīs quite similar to Spanish, I certainly can understand it a little.

And...I just know like...5 words in Cantonese, since my family speaks it.

And Iīm trying to teach myself with books some Italian, also I would like to learn Mandarin! tongue.gif My mom said I would as soon as she finds a place to learn it. laugh.gif

QUOTE(MasterKris @ Aug 30 2006, 01:44 PM) [snapback]439105[/snapback]
English - 1st language
Korean - native language
Spanish - school

Heeeey, what about meeee...

Dark Butterfly Demi89
i know spanish and english

i've known spanish since i was a baby and i learned english from my cousins when i was like 3 or 4
lets see

english: ive known my whole life

french: i studied for about 5 or 6 years from a teacher

german: i studied for about 3 years from a teacher

japanese: i studied for about 2 years on my own

hebrew: i have studied for my whole life

(there were a couple of things i flunked latin)

i am decended from blame them

i would also like to say i am not fluent in any of them exept im getting pretty good in hebrew and japanese
I'm fluent in English,American Sign Language, and Japanese.
English-is my First and only language

I tried to learn Italian for 9 years but gave up, and spent 6 months trying to learn elfish (there different ways people like to say it)
I just can’t get my tongue around it.
Elfish?! There's one you don't see everyday!!

I have recently start taking Chinese from an extremely kind aid at my school. She's the funniest lady, and learning from her is a joy!
Ratzenheich FMA Super fan
Filipino - First language, but I don't use it as often as English. -Marunong ako magsalita ng Filipino-

English - Second language, it's the medium of instruction in my school. My English is a LOT better than my Filipino -I can speak English-

Japanese - My mom knows Japanese because she's half-Japanese. I'm not good with it but I'm a bit familiar with it and I'm sure I can go around Japan without any problems, except probably for anything written with lots of Kanji. I only know around 50 or so Kanji but I already know Kana. -Nihongo wo hanasu koto ga dekimasu-

Latin - Don't bother. It's hard... too many restrictions and I don't like it. We're taught Latin in my school during 1st and 2nd year high school. I'm in 1st year high school BTW. -...-

Umm... my dad is half-Spanish but I don't know any Spanish. My dad's Spanish isn't really so good but he can speak it naturally, I mean without having any difficulty.
English- first language
Chinese- grown up in a Chinese family (fluent Mando, I can understand Canto but I crap at talking it and I can understand Shanghainese yet not be able to speak a word of it)
Japanese- in process tongue.gif

I'm also hoping to learn Korean and French and a whole variety of other languages which I may never get the opportunity to learn dry.gif
Tagalog- Odly my first language

I don't consider knowing Japanese and French since I'm taking classes for those.
Ratzenheich FMA Super fan
WHAT?! You never told me you know Filipino. LOL.
english and cantonese. can understand manderin but can only say "i dont understand, where is the washroom?"
I now Spanish and English fluently.....
Carnal Malefactor
QUOTE(Demonhunter399 @ Jan 22 2007, 03:09 PM) [snapback]496487[/snapback]
I now Spanish and English fluently.....

Ratzenheich FMA Super fan
QUOTE(Demonhunter399 @ Jan 23 2007, 04:09 AM) [snapback]496487[/snapback]
I now Spanish and English fluently.....

Wow! Your English is quite... erm... fluent.

I'm latin so i speak spanish but i love english! At school they tried to teach me french but i didn't like it sleep.gif Right now i'm just trying it with japanese.A friend speaks mayan but i don't understand it...Spanish is cool but some words are odd...
I speak english, know french, I also know a small amount of spanish and german. (By small, I mean like a sentence or two XD)
I know English...I'm also pretty fluent in Spanish.
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