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Full Version: My Fanart Thread
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Here are some of my fanarts:
I cant upload my arts using photobucket is that its a little crazy.

Pencil sketches(raw)

Yamanaka Ino

Hyuuga Hinata (timeskip)

Cged pieces
*lineart by gel pen X(

Moonlight (wall)

TenTen & Sakura ( not yuri )

My cg is not that good. The Sakura & Tenten piece, i'll be re-cging it.
The Hinata piece I would try to cg it without inking( a lot of risk) as linearting it uses too much time.
I would be glad if you could visit my gallery to view more or to add me as friends if you like!
wow, good art. plus do you know what a tablet is and if so did u use one for the colouring
wow good job. keep up the good work.
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