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Full Version: Newcomers, Please Say "hello" Here! ^^
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Newcomers, please introduce yourself here. biggrin.gif

<Hi everyone! After your introduction, head on over to the Newcomer's Guide to the Forum for very useful information regarding the board! Also, you should know that we're all happy to see you here! Take a look at all the Welcome messages!> Pierrot
Although I joined in mid August, I didn't really start posting until recently, I like manga and anime and swordfighting
welll i joined recently and would like to introdue myself

im from toronto canada
im 19
i attend university (1st yr)

what else can i say??

i like making gfx
im an ice hockey fan (althought there is a lockout in NHL now!!)
um, I'm 17 and im from Southern California
The Flame Alchemist LuckyANBU
eh. i joined in augustbut havent starting posting until like last tuesday so...

im 15. high school sophmore
live in Florida
just went thru three hurricanes (dont worry im fine)
some of u already know a bit about me lol
bad typist.
so yea! play tennis! woot!
yea i'm 13 and live in massachusetts(yea the gay state mad.gif ) and i hate it
Misha Elric
Oa o.o... I'm from Chile, Santiago of Chile
i'm 15 years old .-.... and... u_¨ I will make an effort in speaking ingles correctly

porque hablo espa˝ol xD!! o.oUu

I loooooove Fullmetal alchemist, in special edward elric (L)! for an reason im here o.ˇ
The Flame Alchemist LuckyANBU
lol ur english is fine u will b ok here tongue.gif

i just hope u will b able to understand ours! happy.gif
sup guys
The name is KM
i am 20
3rd year university

Live in Montreal canada

reason i joined , got to love anime cool.gif


*does the newbie dance*

Let's see... I'm a computer geek, an artist, a writer (sometimes), and a Winry fan! o_O Aaand multitalented. In stuff. Just stuff.



*tottles off*
WOW. Everyone's older than me! Except for blackasknight. I'm 13 and I found out about FMA on Friday, October 8th, 2004. Today is oct, 11, 2004. So I have known about FMA for about four days... blink.gif

Kinda interesting...

I'm really really really new.

But I downloaded all of the chapters that have come out so far except for ch. 40 (which I can't find) And it's too late to download FMA anime, but I am asking a school aquaintance to give me his hard drive so I can see it all. -___-'




Well, that's some stuff on me! tongue.gif
hehehe, well guess I'll introduce myself for the second time biggrin.gif

ShgnLW, 17 years old, from the Netherlands, my english is crap but can understand and read it very good, only the writing part is crap... xD, hopefully you guys can understand me tongue.gif
Last year high School, then university I guess wink.gif
DarkWater Alchemist
Hi everyone... I ended up here thanks to
- FMA fanart
- google

And my love for manga! I'm 19 years old, Belgian (my English might be crappy as well, being one language out of 4 I should be able to speak rolleyes.gif )
I'm studying Audiovisual Art (translated that literally), i like reading (both manga and mostly fantasy books), writing, drawing...
As for that, I've got a gallery right here No FMA fanart... yet.

This site is really great ^^ *praises you guys*

See ya! DWA
Names Paul. I'm 15. Got every episode of Full Metal on my computer and is my new favorite anime. So uh... hi.
Ah, someone from Belgium wink.gif Do you speak dutch? biggrin.gif
I thought Netherlands speak Dutch?
man, shgnlw, your sig is kinda sad.
DarkWater Alchemist
I speak dutch yes smile.gif (french and german too, but my german is the worst of 'em all)

The thing about Dutch is that it is spoken in the Netherlands and the north of Belgium. Such a little country has 3 official languages... Dutch, French and German... And that's because in history we've been property of many other countries...

The Flame Alchemist LuckyANBU
SO many pepul; from diff. countries thats y i love the internet.
Riza Babe
lol me 2
Hey, just noticed this thread heree after I already posted a "Hi, I'm new here"

I'm 16, and I live in Pennsylvania

Just finished the FMA subs and I love the series, prolly my favorite one so far
Riza Babe
hi kamecek!
Hiyaz! Call meh Cucumber XD New here. I heard from a friend that FMA was going to air on Adult Swim so I checked it out and ended up readin the manga. XD Love it!
hi all, just started to post. i love forums, and hate them at the same time. i just hope that there are no morons here like the other forums i belong to. i am addicted to anime(who isn't?) and im really going to miss FMA now that its finished! cant wait for the movie!
video games
anime sound tracks
and more anime!

feel free to drop me a line at any time! cool.gif

im 19 live in Wisconsin in the states! going to uw-platteville to become a teacher

do you like my sig?
Riza Babe
hi! Cucumber
18. Vancouver, Canada. Also on numerous other forums as Ein Mei, Reinatma, Reinsou Gospel.
Riza Babe
hi everyone!! and WELCOME!! smile.gif)
Spectrum Alchemist
15 from england
DarkWater Alchemist
I'm new, but that's won't stop me from welcoming others...

WELCOME ! smile.gif
hi... i'm new... from... SanAntonio,Tx.... 18.... see ya
hi....i am also new

dale's the name
i am 14
Riza Babe
Hi people!
Omakase Shimasu
(OK, I lied, I can't resist the welcome bug)

biggrin.gif So many new faces, nice to have you on board!
Hey, Im pretty new ehre obviously, I am Edward.Elric. 14 from GA!
Riza Babe
hi edward elric! welcome well everyone's nice around here!! laugh.gif
Thanks. I dont know much of FMA sicne I dont have sattellite anymore. But its still awesome. (Why cant I have auto-mail?) Lol.
16 m toronto canada
15 M NorthCarolina

I love anime and manga biggrin.gif and i also love anime related games
and RPG games
Hello minna!

I'm from Austria (no kangaroos - that's Australia tongue.gif ), 20 years old and due to my love of Anime and Japanese culture in general studying Japanese (and since this terms start Chinese as well)

Douzo yoroshiku onegaishima-su! (Nice to meet you)
Hi all you new people, at the moment the forum is made up of really nice people, so don't feel shy, but watch out in the future, because we are bound to get morons wanting 'Dragonball Alchemist' etc (lol) with the advent of the american release lol tongue.gif.
Nya! Me new here, obviously. nice to meet you all ne! ^^
btw, me from Malaysia a very unknown country I know.... And me si 16! *bows*
Kon'nichi wa!! Im new here ...but this is actually my second post! my first was on "Penny for a thought" or something relatively close to that.

My alias is Fidel Chevalier, its french which means " Loyal Knight" but don't let the knight fool really a girl....anyways I'm an artist who is currently working on my Naruto Fanart Poster then later on FMA. But, Im dang nabbit tired from everything...Im only 15, gosh dang nabbit, im getting old! Anyways Im a FMA fan and a BIG BIG HUGE TIME naruto fan...but i don't do drastic things like the other fanatics does or whatever they do...hah! FMA is so cool!

Oh right back to me....I like drawing(sigh), and love playing video games or pc games, hates sports and lives in the USA, CA.

Oh and beware of my later fanatic arts of Alchemy sooner or later on these weeks, because I will get right down to it...(tired) but, Im not so good with CG coloring so most of it will be in B&W. tee hee hee thats all for now JA Ne!
ANd greetings all!!
Ja Ne!
*jumps up and down* I saw yooouu FidelChevalier~! ^__^ Welcome to the boards. I hope you enjoy your stay here. And do you speak French? I love French. happy.gif
hah! =happy.gif= cute person you are! and you really saw me?! tee hee hee awesome thanks for the warm welcome....and i don't speak very poor at it...its don't want to know...ANyways thx, tee hee hee I wonder if my tag will work here...hmmm...
Yes. You were talking about your Naruto poster. It would be very entertaining to see. happy.gif Ah. You aren't a francophone. Oh well. x3
Muahaha! I mean... Kwah kwah kwah! my think.. but the question here is! Do you draw Ailuro? just a little bit! or MORE would be nice! especially when your a longer member on this site, it would of been nice to but more information about yourself. tee hee he! oh well oh well, it can't be help. Cha!
where is everything?
hey, i live in CA too and i also like to draw smile.gif (i think there's a link to my DA page and all my crap there in my sig) where in CA do you live? i'm in the SF bay area. is any of your art posted online?
Oh yes I love to draw. And I'm not that bad either.
I'm 15, currently residing in Washington State, USA. I mix different languages together when speaking and the good thing is my friends can actually understand me. I do have a DA account but its stuff from long ago that I don't want y'all to see. x3
OH MY WOW!! you are indeed good xrninja! especially KAKASHI!! ooo...that was a good one...hee hee! Yes my artwork are posted somewhere on the net. I have a DA acc too! though, going through all the msg from my friends is like hard enough already. But you're then welcome to look into my DA gallery and scrap book. tee hee hee...theres nothing much to see because I haven't been updating or submitting my art to DA..tee hee hee! but you are totally awesome!!

to your question to where I live in CA! I live in the 3rd biggest city in california by population! or was it the fourth...hmm....hah! oh well,tee hee hee if you can't figure it out I'll eventually tell you...tee hee hee! but its not like your going to drive all the way to meet me or anything!

washington...interesting...well at least you don't live far away from me like my friend Lee-san who lives all the way in South Africa or whatever hes from...(im being mean)

here is my deviant---->CLICK HERE

hee hee enjoy my boring amateur artwork...heh heh?! nice to know you two!
yo i'm new just joined november 3. i'm 13. Hey, anyone else like witch hunter robin? Get back to me later.
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