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Hello, I am FullmetalMagician. I joined this website more than three years ago, but I haven't been online this forums for that long that I think I should introduce myself yet again.

I've been a fan of FMA ever since I saw the first episode of the first season that long ago. Fullmetal Alchemist actually helped me make friends when I first moved to Sydney three years ago, since I was originally from the Philippines.

Anyway enough of that. My favourite character is Edward Elric. I like all of the characters in the anime/manga though, since they make the series awesome one way or another.

I love drawing, etc etc. (Have a look at my About Me in my profile, not my interests or anything else).

Welp, hi biggrin.gif
Hey there. I'm theanimalmafia. I'm from the US, specifically Southern California. I enjoy reading, playing video games, and drawing. My favorite mangas would be Fullmetal Alchemist and Inuyasha. So... That's about it.
I feel a bit silly doing an introduction (I'm rather bad at these >_> ), but I might as well.

I've been into FMA for a while, but I've only just thought of joining a discussion board. I'm the only FMA fan that I personally know, so it can get a bit boring trying to explain things to my friends (they're not that into anime). Anyways, what first got me hooked was the whole "alchemy" thing - I've always been intrigued by medieval alchemy, and following a link I found the wonders of FMA! =D

So basically I'm looking forward to being a member of your community. >_o

oh yeah and I like drawing transmutation circles >_<
Hey everybody! I'm the rare fan who first came to love FMA through Brotherhood. Since then I've caught up with the manga, which is all kinds of awesome. Can't wait for the new chapter, and can't wait for what they animate next. Seems like it's a good time to be in the fandom.
I Is new and i <3 fma brotherhood

(and me)
Reffer Lift
I didn't know this thread existed; I already introduced myself in the Royai thread. XD

Well, if that doesn't say enough about myself, I am also a huge Vocaloid and Eureka Seven fan (as seen in my avatar, sig, and username. tongue.gif). I also write music, and might eventually post some stuff here.

I also make sigs and avatars. The sig I'm using I made myself, and I don't really make avatars anymore after discovering the Vocaloid LJ group. I don't think I've made an avatar in months. XD If you have a request, go ahead. Just note I've been having some problems with Gimp lately on the Mac side of my Mac (I have Bootcamp so therefore I can have windows on my Mac.), and it's a pain to switch to Windows all the time. I might be getting Photoshop soon, though. : D

Well, that's me, I guess. BTW, you can refer to me as just Reff or Reffer. :3

I've actually been lurking around the FMA forums for a while, but only just now decided to get around to posting |D

Name's Irene/Irena, whichever you prefer. I draw quite a bit, cheesecake is my biggest weakness, and Royai is totally my OTP. That's all you need to know. x3
I forgot to do this a few days ago when I first joined, so hello. =] My name is Kaitlyn! I started watching FMA back in 2004, or was it 2005 when it came out in the US? Anyway, I fell in love with instantly and have been following the manga/anime ever since.
Hello everyone! I'm Angelofsarcasm, but y'all can call me Angel or Ang or HEY YOU, I'll respond to most things. I joined awhile ago because of the awesome picture gallery on the site, but now I'd like to use the forums too.

Let's see, info...I loved the first series, then got into the manga, and now I'm in love with Brotherhood. The military people are my favorite, and Roy/Riza is my absolute favorite pairing ever. wub.gif
QUOTE (angelofsarcasm89 @ Oct 11 2009, 05:04 PM) *
Hello everyone! I'm Angelofsarcasm, but y'all can call me Angel or Ang or HEY YOU, I'll respond to most things. I joined awhile ago because of the awesome picture gallery on the site, but now I'd like to use the forums too.

Let's see, info...I loved the first series, then got into the manga, and now I'm in love with Brotherhood. The military people are my favorite, and Roy/Riza is my absolute favorite pairing ever. wub.gif

HEY YOU, welcome to the site. I like your avatar. I love Roy/Riza, too. You'll find many people do on this site, it's quite lovable. I hope you enjoy the forums as well as the people within. wink.gif
I am new to this site. Randomly, does this site update often?

I'm new I'm toki. I obviously enjoy FMA. I came here just to see whats going on. and I keep getting moved around, but its sort of hard to navigate this forum.

And apparently I've been moved...hmm
Hullo all newcomers! laugh.gif
Welcome to the board, be sure to post lots! Don't worry, we don't bite too hard. wink.gif
EniviD EiraM

Just keep me posted everyone.......
I wanna know more about FMA to catch up.......
I'm just a beginner in the 'anime world'
wondering an innocent kid.........
I hope everyone will be friendsly......
Again, Keep me posted, EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Welcome to the board, Naomi! biggrin.gif
Don't worry, we don't bite. smile.gif
I already kind of introduced myself in the Royai thread, but I've only just discovered this thread, so I thought I might as well post in here.

I go by BirdieNumNum, but you guys can call me Birdie if you want tongue.gif

I first got into FMA a couple of years ago, and have been obsessed ever since. I have been lurking around this forum for over a year now, but have only just decided to join. None of my friends are into anime, so I needed somewhere to come and vent my obsession laugh.gif

I seem to be one of the few people who started reading the manga before watching the anime. At least, I read Volume 1, then started watching the anime.

Hi Birdie! Welcome to the board! biggrin.gif

I read the first couple of volumes of Fullmetal Alchemist before I started watching the anime.
At first my idea was to read a volume, and then catch up to where ever I left off with the anime.
I soon found this was impossible, as the first anime is completely different from the manga, and just watched the anime instead. tongue.gif

Then I re-found the manga, and re-fellinlove with the series... XD
Back then, in my ignorance I thought the anime and the manga were the same, so when I finished watching the anime I didn't bother going back to the manga and finishing it. It wasn't until about a year later that I discovered not only is the manga completely different to the anime, but it was still ongoing. Needless to say, I was very surprised at how quickly the two stories diverged, and quickly fell in love with the manga's version of events.
Snows of Yester-Year
Helllloooo, everyone :D I'm Snows of Yester-Year. Feel free to shorten that to Snows or Snowy or something XD;

I got some of the manga a while ago, but I only just recently got obsessed with the series. It's pretty much fantastic <3

I actually don't watch much TV because I have no attention span; the only other show I'm really interested in is Avatar. If you're not familiar with that fandom, kindly remain thus >_>;;

Um, I do fanfiction and graphics (sigs, icons.. whatnot) and.. fanart if I'm not being lazy.

I think that's it o_o ...:D
Welcome, Snowy. This is a good site to go to for people new to the series, we have all of the newest information if you dare travel to the spoiler threads, but in the neutral threads we always keep spoilers coded. wink.gif I love Avatar too, by the way. Yeah, it was a pretty awesome series. I didn't care if it was on Nickelodeon, I watched it.
Hey there! I'm theanimalmafia. I've on these forums since Oct. 3, 2009. Just thought I'd formally introduce myself here. biggrin.gif
Hi there!

Been an anime/manga fan for a pretty long time (dating back to high school in the mid 90s with Ranma 1/2 and such, giving you my only hint of how old I am) but only within the past 7 months or so discovered the awesomeness of FMA. Sure I'd watch an episode or two here and there on Adult Swim, but never really sat down and watched the series from beginning to end.

Then I borrowed the DVDs from a friend of mine who's an FMA fan. Wow.

Now I've caught up pretty quickly(still a few chapters to go, though) and consider the FMA franchise one of my favorites. Done with the entire first series multiple times, then got into the manga, and realized that was even better by a long shot. Hell, I even cosplayed as Mustang at Otakon this year, and again for Halloween the other day.

Right now I'm at chapter 88 of the manga (though I was unfortunately spoiled without warning -twice- this past week about some major developments, especially chapter 100) and just watched episode 30 of Brotherhood. More on that disappointment in another post...

Huge Mustang fan, and almost as huge Royai fan, which explains my handle. I'm Royai and EdWin, call me a traditionalist...

So I thought I'd just say hi and give a bit of background. Hope to be here for a while!
Oh look, a forum! *pokes*

I tend to go around the internet as Non-Bender, or, eh, NB. I was totally looking forward to making my "Hi, I'm new!" post, until I finally got here, and realized I really didn't know what to say.


Most of my fandom happenings go about in my Livejournal, I was directed to this site by various sources, and decided to sign up, since I've made so many friends on other forums. I'm ridiculously shy, and after making posts tend to worry for hours whether or not I sounded stupid.

Akane Yokutsu
Finally I found the places for introductions! xD

Hi to all, I registered here around 11 last night and I would like to thank the people who made this forum! I'm a fairly new FMA fan (only episode 22 dang it) and I've been looking for a nice, active forum forever and finally found this!

Found you all through google. And last i'd like to say, although I may not be very good at it, role-playing is my life so if there still is any RPG's I can join on this site tell me (cause so far I find nothing I can pop into) as I will be checking everyday!

... hi! *waves*
Hey i'm new too, T838
Hi! I'm BanditBear, I'm a big fan of FMA(of course). A friend told me about this site and I checked it out, and its really cool!! Perfect for all my FMAfandom needs =]
Hi I'm Fullmetal666, and I'm new to the Fullmetal Alchemist series.
I got into Fullmetal Alchemist by watching the anime, and I fall in love with the story, and the characters.
Kasie Elisabeth
Hi I'm Kasie...
I'm originally from a small town outside of New Orleans, called LaPlace.
I moved to Dallas right after I graduated college and I miss the heck out of my friends.
I'm learning French and Spanish via Polyglot & Livemocha. (let me know if you're on that)
I love fashion and style, but...
my daily routine is not very high maintenance (15 minutes to get ready in the am).
I love Youtube and Facebook.
FMA is teh best most Epic anime EVER!!

& i <3 when ppl write like this... techies are sexXxy.
Welcome, Kasie! Reading your introduction, you sound a LOT like me, right until the very end of it. I can't make heads or tails out of l337 sp33k. huh.gif But I do love Youtube, Facebook, fashion, I moved a lot as a kid (So I relate to you there. sad.gif Hey, you never move away from your friends on the internet! biggrin.gif ), AND I'm learning espaņol! Anyway, I hope you enjoy the site as much as I have.

P.S. How crazy is it that we both love FMA too? Scary! XD
hey i"m new. (and i'm not really doofus) :>
Greetings everyone. I am thedespised2166. Joined this site a couple weeks ago because I was trying to find FMA pics for MY upcoming flash series 'Classic Legends'.
hi all, I am a newbie, please don't kill me!

I'm an Italian FMA fan that decided to join this site to talk about one of my favourite series biggrin.gif
I don't have much to say, but that I'm a university student (natural science) and a freelance illustrator smile.gif

Oh and of course feel free to correct me if I do some big and hideous grammatical error tongue.gif
Welcome to the forums, Haughty-Queen! I looked at your deviantart and you *can* draw! Wonderful! Grammar mistakes don't count around here very much, as long as we understand each other, don't know the numbers but a big part of people here are non-english native speakers.

So welcome!
The Shady Ninja
Hi everyone! My name's Sarah, and I'm really glad I finally found an FMA forum. Thanks for having me! smile.gif
QUOTE (SneakyRuler @ Dec 8 2009, 01:04 AM) *
Welcome to the forums, Haughty-Queen! I looked at your deviantart and you *can* draw! Wonderful! Grammar mistakes don't count around here very much, as long as we understand each other, don't know the numbers but a big part of people here are non-english native speakers.

So welcome!

Thanks for both the welcome and the compliment : D

Got it! Anyway I will try to avoid them as much as possible happy.gif
Hello there!

My name's Barb, I'm Spaniard so mind my English, please ^^

I love FMA but no one of my friends read it (they prefer watching it now Brotherhood exists tongue.gif), so I decided to register so I can talk about manga at last!

Greetings to all!
I am Beulahkilborn. I am the student of Computer science. and my hobbies are making Fun with my friends and Surfing web.
Glad to be here
Katya Martin
Oh, wow, this is a long thread.
Hi, name's Katya, I'm a CS student at [REDACTED] University. Random tangent time: Usergroup system here's fun. I wanna be a State Alchemist when I grow up happy.gif

Nice to meet y'all!
From the phils
11 years old!!

I am finding friends who has interests in anime . . .
Thank you for giving me the chance . . . .
Hello, and big "WELCOME" to all our new friends!!
If you like FMA, and love talking about FMA, you came to a right place, and glad you decided to join our board! ^^
In addition to discussions on FMA manga, FMA-1 anime, & FMA:B anime, we also have FMA Pic Gallery, place to post your fanart/fanfics, place to discuss other anime, other music, movies & TV shows, etc., etc. Hope you'll enjoy exploring our board and getting to know our forums, and joining many of our discussions around the board!! biggrin.gif

If you have any questions about posting on our board, please feel free to post your "newbie" questions here, or if it's more technical question, please post on Site Question thread, and we'll try to help out. ^^

Hope to see your around the board!! happy.gif
Welcome to the forum all newcomers. biggrin.gif
Hello to everyone!
The usual blahblah stuff about myself: I'm from Itlay, I'm studying Biotechnology and my other interests are manga (obviously), literature (at the moment I'm focused on Terry Pratchett, Dan simmons and Tiziano Terzani), musicals/OST/celtic/hard rock/metal music. I also love tabletop RPGs.

I remembered today that I've been following the scans since chapter 66, 36 chapters ago. I realized that for the past three years every month I've awaited with great anticipation to read the new chapter, and Hiromu Arakawa still has never disappointed me.
That's the magic of good drawings paired with an awesome story: people addicted to your work! biggrin.gif
Hi All! (:

I'm Scarlett, 16 from England

I got into FMA..about a week ago. I started with the manga, my days it is amazing. I'm on episode 14 of the anime.

Ling and Gluttony are my favourite characters.
Umm, that would be it, I'm rather terrible at making good introduction posts.
Welcome to the forum Loreley and AutumnRush.

QUOTE (Selaphiel @ Dec 21 2009, 11:55 PM) *
Welcome to the forum all newcomers. biggrin.gif
Did someone edit my post because I don't remember posting that.
<@Selaphiel - Yap I did, and sorry about that. sad.gif Your original post said "Welcome to the forum Zenteesox," but it so happened that the post by Zenteesox to whom you made the welcome message has since been deleted by board staff as it contained an embedded spam link, and hence the original welcome post became no longer applicable, and so my choice was to delete your post as well, or keep it but adjust it so that it will remain applicable for the thread, and I did the latter.. but yeah, sorry for the change, and of course, as usual, please feel free to re-edit the post as you see fit. ^^ ~ Tombow>

@Tombow - I don't have a problem with it. I was just wondering.

<@Selaphiel - Thanks. ^^ Hope you have a very happy holidays (Christmas & New Year^^)!! ^^ ~ Tombow>
How come I couldn't find this thread when I joined a few months ago? Oh well, I'll go ahead and introduce myself now, even though it's a little late.

I'm 23 years old and I'm from Michigan. FMA is my favorite anime and manga. I like to make graphics but I haven't done much in the past few months because school got in the way. I got into fan fiction over the summer and I started writing some of my own. I have 3 cats, I'm in my 5th year of college, and I can speak German and Japanese.

That's all about me for now. If there's anything you want to know about me, feel free to ask.
just joined on xmas eve ^.^ I'm from the USA and I LOVE Fullmetal Alchemist! My first and favorite anime EVER!

I've been a fairly large fan of Fullmetal Alchemist ever since I read though the manga back in 2004, and while my interest may wax and wane, I'll always enjoy it like the fandork I am.

I really hope I don't look too bad on here, I have to admit that I've been browsing some of the threads accountless for a while, but I've run into something and I wanted to ask a question...which probably plays better with an actual account.

But... I don't want to seem like a leech um... yeah. I guess I don't know what to do there, but I don't want to spam up the forum by posting in the wrong spot either., hi. I'll probably be less shy and nervous after/if I talk to people on here for a little bit.

I'm actually quite silly when I'm in a normal mood, and not afraid of incurring the wrath of others.
Loreley and AutumnRush and Nagareboshi and FoxSpirit56 and Ulfhade, welcome to our board! Glad you found us!!
Nice to meet you, and hope to see you around the board! happy.gif

@Nagareboshi - I think we already met on Royai thread and in FMA manga forum? Nice to have you with us! ^^
And, since you can speak Japanese, if you feel like it, please feel free to chip in and help us on FMA:Brotherhood official news on the web thread where we get many post with news (in Japanese) from the official JP FMA:Brotherhood site, and scanned pages from Japanese comic magazines are posted. We can use help from people who can read Japanese to translate those in English, and in between your school works, and if you feel like it, please help us out and post translations of these news and magazine scans as they come in. ^^

@FoxSpirit56 - Who is your fav FMA character? Have you checked out our FMA character discussion forum yet? ^^ We got many interesting discussions on FMA characters going on there!! Check it out! biggrin.gif

@Ulfhade - What kind of question you have on your mind? If you can post here and tell us what you have on your mind, I might be able to show you where is the best spot to post that one. biggrin.gif
Um, well... its about obtaining scanlations or raws for some of the mangas guidebooks.

I'm guessing that it would belong in the manga section, but I'd hate to post an unnecessary thread, but from what I've lurked I'm not sure if it would belong to a pre-existing thread.

I... don't want to just ask for/about them, but also want to offer as well. Although, I'm not sure what anyone would want. I'd just hate to take without giving back.
@Ulfhade - Aha, if it's for FMA, please add your post on where to get FMA manga (raw/scanlated) thread.
And, if it's for other manga in general, please post that on Where do you get your manga? thread. smile.gif
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