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Welcome Stickfodder, HeartBreakerJay and cheruu! happy.gif
I think it's time that I introduce myself to you all ^______^
I'm black~hayate, I ... eh... love fma and I luv the MyMasterxRoy pairing, I'm 18 years old.
I live in europe (timezone, that's what I mean).
I luuuv chatting with people and I can be a nice person ^^. Luv talkin about my fav pairing. And my English is very bad. Please ignore my grammar and spelling mistakes xD.

Fma? Well I watched the whole anime, ovas and movie and I like the manga better. I'm counting hours for the new chapter.

Thanxx for all who already welcomed me. Hope to find some nice friends happy.gif
*waves dog tail*
Welcome, cheruu and black~hayate!!
Nice to meet you!! biggrin.gif
QUOTE (Tombow @ Apr 12 2009, 11:41 AM) *
Welcome, cheruu and black~hayate!!
Nice to meet you!! biggrin.gif

Nice to meet you too, moderator-sama, I'll (try to) belave, I promise laugh.gif wink.gif
welcome to the forums black~hayate.
QUOTE (Selaphiel @ Apr 12 2009, 12:51 PM) *
welcome to the forums black~hayate.

wow, what a great rank you have wink.gif Maybe I'll be able to have one like yours too wink.gif Greetings.
Hi I'm new too!... even though I have been leeching off this site for a while... but yeah, hi! I love FMA to death and have been totally immersed in it since I was in the 6th grade (I'm a fish in high school now... smile.gif ). OTP: Royai- that last manga chapter is what drew me over the edge to go on some forums.
Guess I have never introduced myself.. (I'm stupid lol xD)
Soo, I'm Moonflower and I live in the Netherlands. My friend told me about Fullmetal Alchemist in science class. And I'm driving my friends nuts because I can't stop talking about Fullmetal Alchemist xD. My favorite characters are: Edward, Alphonse, Roy, Riza and Black Hayate.
Welcome to the forums sidekick.kep37 and DN-Moonflower-FMA.
I'm a little late with the welcome...oh well.
I've been lurking for like, 4 years but I joined today so I could view some images. *cough*
Welcome black~hayate, sidekick.kep37, DN-Moonflower-FMA and Trizo! happy.gif
Sorry for being a little late XD

Nice to meet you and i hope you have great time here!

@Trizo: I was a lurker too XD
Nearly 4 years has passed since I joined this forum- guess I should finally start writing here (Hope I will find free time to do so!)
Nice to meet you all smile.gif
Welcome to the forums Trizo.
Glad you finally decided to post Alshemi.
I hope you both have fun here.
I'm new! Yay! Nice to meet you all and I can't wait to surf around here.
OTP= Royai.
There's nothing that gets better than that. XD
Welcome, sidekick.kep37, DN-Moonflower-FMA, Trizo, Alshemi, & MyBeloved-a!! (Tho, some of you I already met. biggrin.gif )

Trizo and Alshemi, you were lurking for nearly 4 years?!! ohmy.gif
Glad you decided to start posting!! ^^
And, for those who are Roy & Riza fans, check out our Roy&Riza thread!! ^^
See you all around the board!! biggrin.gif
welcome to the forum MyBeloved-a.
Thanks for a warm welcome ^^
QUOTE (Tombow @ Apr 15 2009, 05:06 AM) *
Trizo and Alshemi, you were lurking for nearly 4 years?!! ohmy.gif

I know it sounds unbelievable but itís true ^.^
QUOTE (Alshemi @ Apr 15 2009, 03:48 PM) *
Thanks for a warm welcome ^^
QUOTE (Tombow @ Apr 15 2009, 05:06 AM) *
Trizo and Alshemi, you were lurking for nearly 4 years?!! ohmy.gif

I know it sounds unbelievable but itís true ^.^

I'm just a sick puppy. tongue.gif
QUOTE (Selaphiel @ Apr 14 2009, 09:32 PM) *
welcome to the forum MyBeloved-a.

Thank you for the welcome, Selaphiel-sama! XD ( Sorry >.< the urge to do that was just so tempting, because of your awesome posting rankness.)

And thanks as well Tombow-sama! (I've had way to much chocolate. biggrin.gif)
I'm Aether. I joined this site in 2006, then I made a new account in 2008. I keep forgetting about this place.
Finally decided to post.

Yeah, probably here to stay if I remember this place.

i joined 2005 and have been off and off on here so im wanting to back and see all the new ppl that have joined and looking forward to meet new ppl. so if ya want to chat hit me up
Welcome MyBeloved-a, sidekick.kep37, DN-Moonflower-FMA, Trizo, and Alshemi!
And welcome back dragonmaster2476 and Aether!

Welcome back, Aether and dragonmaster2476!! biggrin.gif
hajime ma....e!!

i'm yujiro

18 y/o

1st yr college

is there anyone who can speak Japanese??

korekaramo yoroshiku...
Welcome back Aether and dragonmaster2476.
Welcome to the forums yujiro-fma. I think there are quite a few members who speak Japanese but I'm not sure how many are still active.
Hope you have fun here.
~ Love Or Not To Love That Is The Question ~

hey i'm new and i would like to make some friend on here

love is alchemy
Hey fallen. I'm definitely no authority here, but I think it's good to have some more direction to the threads you create. I'm not really sure what we're supposed to talk about in this thread. Sorry, I don't mean any offense. happy.gif

But otherwise, welcome to the forums! Maybe you could try posting in the newcomers thread or the instant messaging thread if you'd like to make some friends? Or you could post in some of the non-pinned threads. smile.gif

Edit: To answer your question (?) - Love!
Thank you, Imbris!! Nicely said!! ^^

@fallenalchemist32 - I know you have been a member of our board for a while, but you've just started posting on our board recently, right?
And, as such, we generally recommend to all our new posters of the board to first learn how to make appropriate posts on appropriate threads, and concentrate the efforts on becoming a good productive posting member of of our board, and NOT on opening new threads for a while. biggrin.gif

And, I see you'd like to meet some new friends on our board, correct? Speaking from my personal experience, a good way to do that on our board is to start making posts (not threads, but POSTS ^^) and becoming a productive regular poster of our board, and while doing that we'll get to know you through your posts, and you'll get to know us through our posts, and I'm sure in the process you will meet and make some good friends on our board. smile.gif

Having said that, we are a "discussion" board, and not a "chat board," and I understand that for many new members, at first it may be confusing, or even intimidating to make some posts on our board....

In case you'd like to introduce yourself so that we can start getting to know you better, how about posting on Newcomers thread and tell us a bit about yourself? Also, there are numerous other threads in this Open Chat forum where members can talk about themselves, such as "Your height?" "Your dreams?" "Your goal in life?" "Your cultural heritage?" and so on and on. If you'd like, you can add your posts on these threads, and letting us know a bit more about you personally!! (Only if you'd like us to get to know about you in these subjects. ^^)

Or, how about joining some fun forum games in Spam Central forum? "How to play" any specific forum game is usually posted on the first post of the thread, or if you post and ask how to play on any specific forum game thread, I'm sure the posters there would be happy to help you out on learning how to play that forum game!! These may look silly forum games to some, but it's a fun way to interact and become friends with some of the (very nice) members of our board. ^^

Or, you can make posts on any of hundreds of other discussion threads we have on our board. ...just please make sure you place appropriate discussion posts on appropriate topic threads. ^^

I'm closing this thread, but hope to see your post around the board. ^^

ETA: June18, 2009 Merged to "Newcomers" thread
I just joined like 10 minutes ago biggrin.gif
Yujiro-fma and Al's.Kitty, welcome to our board!!

@Al's.Kitty - I recieved your message. ^^ If you have questions on posting on our board, please feel free to post here and ask us, and we'll try to help with your questions. ^^ Or, if your questions are more technical stuff, you can post on technical support forum, and we'll try to help you out there. biggrin.gif

@yujiro-fma - Youkoso, yujiro-san!! Yeah, we have quite a few members who can speak Japanese, and other members who can speak some other languages also. (We use English as a common posting language so that everyone can understand.) biggrin.gif You can check out our FM-A board Japanese speaking community thread and Are you Bilingual? thread for some of the members who can speak Japanese, or other languages, although there are other members who can speak fluent Japanese and not posted on these threads.
And, by the way, if you'd feel like teaching Japanese to our members, please feel free to add your posts on Teach Japanese thread, and share your knowledge of Japanese language with our members!! ^^
Tombow- actually, i'm Trilingual... tongue.gif
I know how to speak Japanese(obiously i'm japanese),
English(this is a universal. Everyone should know),
and Filipino(Tagalog)....

To all- thanks for the warm welcome. Yourosiku...(i can't use "sh"-_-)
welcome to the forums Al's.Kitty.
Ahhh!! Hey guys!!

Sorry, i started posting without introducing myself first! D: Sorry!

Well, i'm Sam, from the u.k, bounremouth. I'm into all sorts of anime, but FMA is my favourite, I have seen all of FMA and i watch other things like Death note, elfen lied, Gundam wing and stuff biggrin.gif
I LOVE music, into all sorts of stuff, i love to read, draw and i play guitar biggrin.gif

So, anyone wanna be my friend? smile.gif

Hello samFMA, welcome to the board!!

First thing... please stop making new threads!! biggrin.gif
On our board, we are supposed to ADD our posts to the appropriate discussion threads, instead of opening a new thread every time we like to make our post. XD


I sent you PM with the notification of merging of thread also, but in case you have the new PM notification turned off.... I merged your:

* "Does Anyone Know Of A Decent Anime I Should Watch?" thread to Anime Recommendations thread

* "Season 2 - Why Is Season One Being Reapeated, Differently?" thread to " FMA Brotherhood" Anime Series General Q & A Thread"

* "J-rock Bands, Maximum The Hormone, Girugamesh, Dir En Grey Ect" thread to J-Pop, J-Rock thread

* "Where's Everyone From?" thread to Where are you from?" thread


It's ok this time, because you did not know.. but in the future, instead of opening a new thread, first, you can go around the forums and look for the existing thread that contains the discussions most related to the content of your post, and if you see any, you can add your post there. Our board has been around for quite some time now, so, most of the time, if you look around, then you'll see that someone had already opened the thread with the similar/same topic discussion. biggrin.gif

Anyway, hope to see your posts around the board!! smile.gif

ETA: In case you do not know, to ADD POST to a thread, you open the thread to which you would like to ad your post, then, at the bottom of the thread, you click either FAST REPLY button, or ADD REPLY button. Either way will let you add your post to that thread. smile.gif


@yujiro-fma - Oh, Trilingual!! That's even better!! biggrin.gif
Jolly Good
What's up, mates?

I've been nosing around these forums for a few days, and it just struck me how awesome all ya'll are so I decided to join up! The name's Jolly Good; unfortunately this isn't my first forum so I hope I'll catch on to the rules fast enough, eh heh. I'm from the U.S. and I enjoy writing and listening to whatever music suits my fancy, as well as reading manga and just taking life as it comes. I'm greatly looking forward to making friends here, ja!

@Jolly Good - Welcome!! Aww, you think we're awesome?? Thank you!! ^^
You seem to know more or less the usual forum decorum, so please look around, and if you see some interesting topics, please jump in and join the discussions!!
(And if you do something you shouldn't for our board, I'm sure I or someone will let you know so that you can change it. ^^)

Hope to see you around the board!! biggrin.gif
I'm really late welcoming.
Welcome to the forums Jolly Good.
Hello, as you can probably tell, I'm new!
I've been looking for a place to discuss manga, and since more often than not my discussions tend to focus on Fullmetal Alchemist, this place seemed like the logical choice. :3
Yo people. I'm Simulizi, although Sim or Simmy is perfectly acceptable (Along with other nicknames such as Instafail, Lego Lord and so on).

Anyways, just kinda stumbled across this site while looking for Fullmetal Alchemist-related things on Google. Of course I was quite happy to find this place.
I enjoy quite a bit of anime, but most of the time I'm talking about Fullmetal Alchemist and its wonderful cast (I take it a bit too seriously, but hey, I'm a geek-- that's just how I roll.)

So, on another note, I'm 15 years old (Yay, just what we need-- moody teenagers!) and very female. At least... last time I checked I was... Although I would consider myself more of a tomboy as seeing I enjoyed dissection in biology.
I'm home schooled because I'm dyslexic, so forgive any errors in my spelling or grammar.

I enjoy reading, role playing, drawing and some video games.

And now I'll do you the favor of shutting up. I never knew I could talk/type so much. blink.gif
Here's to hoping to have a great time here (Which I'm sure I will)!
Welcome to the forums namesRhard and Simulizi.
I hope you enjoy your time here.
Hello, namesRhard and Simulizi, welcome to our board!!
Glad you found us!!
Yap, we love to talk about FMA, and other manga and anime, and more!! biggrin.gif
Hope to see you around the board!! ^^
eayea people..


Uhm, what's the relation of Envy with Edward and Alphonse?

(NEW GIRL) happy.gif
welcome to the site mayaMAINE.
Hi people!!! biggrin.gif
I'm new here!!
My name is Liliana, or you can call me Lil if you want
I'm 13 yrs. old and I live in the Philippines
I've been a big fan of FMA ever since I was 9 or 8. Until now. biggrin.gif

My interests are reading, drawing, writing, surfing the net, watching movies and tv.
And I really love anime and music happy.gif
I hope I could have fun here and meet new friends
S'UP FOLKS. I've been a FMA fan for about a decade, but I didn't get back to it until late last year.

I do a lot of RPing, some writing and hang out on LJ. Nice to meet y'all!

Welcome to the forums animechOcO24 and Perrito.
I hope you both have fun here.
mayaMAINE, animechOcO24 and Perrito, welcome to our board!! biggrin.gif

@Perrito - Check out our Role Play forum!!
We got very nice and friendly posters there, too!! ^^

@animechOcO24 - We have Fanart & Fanfics forum, too!! Check them out!! biggrin.gif

@mayaMAINE - In the first series of anime, half brother. smile.gif
I think I've posted in this thread before, but I haven't been here in a LONG time... so why not post again.

I'm SaMaster14. I love anime(FMA, bleach, naruto, code geass, and other animes), sports(water polo, swimming, martial arts, golf, and others), and I'm a big fan of cars.

pretty short description, but i hope to get to know everyone better.
Hi everyone, you can call me Ari smile.gif

I've been lurking off and on and finally in my desperate efforts to not get any work done have joined. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone!
wink.gif Hi, I'm alagracia. I've been a fan of FMA since the early anime1 premieres and was hooked ever since. I'm a language freak (french/chinese/japanese/finnish), and I love competing in equestrian show jumping and eventing.

EDIT: oh yeah and I've been lurking here for literally years. just too lazy to sign up. No more!
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