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No i'm not new to the site though my name is and no probably not.

my grammer sucks,
and i've for-warned people before hand about talking to me

so please bear with my obvious grammer malfunction.

* sorry for any mishaps before This name..
the last one is banned forever, and I can not get it back..*
* somthing about, not re-active untill january 1st of 1970 .*seriously.?*

If anyone can help please do, i'd like to run that name as well.
thanks for you're patience.
no multiple accounts, no ban dodging. see ya.
Why was he banned? For being almost 30 and Rp'ing with 14 year olds?
let's see:
99999999999999999999 Days 0 Days Nov 16 2007, 08:52 PM Carnal Malefactor
Unbearably creepy and incoherent. Goodbye.

yay abuse. do you guys want him back here?
Nothing of value has been lost. Lower than ban length by one day though, to be be fair.
Hello to everyone!
I'm new here, I tried to register some months ago but apparently the forum hated my old mail, so I tried again now that I've changed it and at last I was successful! smile.gif
I'm 18 (turning 19 next month), I really love reading almost every genre of books apart investigation/police stories and mangas, also I'm very interested in sciences and I'm hoping to study biotechnology at the university. I hope to have fun here and to find other people who share my interests, or who'll help me to find new ones!
Since English isn't my mother tongue and here in Italy it's unfortunately taught not very well, I ask you to forgive my mistakes, if they're big ones please tell me so that I can improve! biggrin.gif
helmet boy
Hey, joined quite some time ago but decided to come back. Ever want to talk just add me on MSN.
That One Dude
I'm not new here, but I thought it'd be... right, to re-introduce myself after a long leave of absence and probably all memory of me forgotten. So, yeah, hey there everyone ^^
Hi! I'm juliee :]
I'm sixteen years old and I'm here because FMA is awesomee XD
Ah. Nice to meet you all too! (:
I was wondering where the newbie thread was hiding, (Or it could be that I'm so blind) so maybe I committed an unspeakable taboo and posted in the discussions before introducing myself? -grin-
I suppose I'll introduce myself now.
I'm TheChibiMafia (one of many usernames I have under my belt, for all the other places I've been/am at. Why can't I just stick with one name? I know, it bothers me too.) and I'm not from too much an exotic place... California, aka the American State With the Most Disturbing Problems.
I am a huge EdxWin supporter. XD I've been an FMA fan for about a year, only. Up until now, I'd poked around this site for pictures and stuff and information and stuff... until I learned being a guest held certain restrictions here. Yup.
I enjoy FMA fanfiction and I enjoy doing Photoshop-graphical stuff. ^_~

I guess I'll stop rambling now. Shall I go ahead and make myself at home?
@TheChibiMafia, juliee, and Sortilegio - Welcome to the board!!
Nice to have you with us!! Hope you will like our board!! biggrin.gif

@helmet boy and Nathaniel - Yes, I remember you two. XD
Welcome back!! biggrin.gif

Hello everyone!!
Well, I'm not technically new, I've been a member of this site for around two years, but I only just started to use my account and post on the forums a week ago, hehe.

Let's see, I'm a wannabe writer who lives in Australia annnd...

Um, obviously I love Fullmetal Alchemist, especially the Manga. I adore pretty much all the characters, so it's not really a question of who my favourites are, but more a question of who I'm ambivalent to (pretty much just Scar and that annoying lizard chimera that hangs around Greed). I love FMA for its well-rounded mix of comedy, action, drama and so forth. Also its strong female characters; I can't stand animes/mangas without a decent female cast (which is probably why I could never get into Death Note and a lot of other stuff).
Hello world!^^ Newbie coming through! *crashes* Apparently a newbie that can't drive too well, I hope thats fine with you guys! ^^ You can call me either Lei, or Lanara, but i prefer my pet-name Lani! I don't know if you can tell or not, but im kina shy >> I'm just forcing myself not to act shy in this post XD...... *curls up in corner and rocks back-and-forth in a fetal position*
@Lanara - Welcome to the board!! Hope you enjoy our board!! biggrin.gif

@Saving_Grace - Welcome to "posting"!! XD
Happy postings!! ^^
Hello everyone!
I'm Tamisiek (or Tami) and I live in Poland, Europe. I'm fourteen years old.
Well... My english is... Ugh... XD. I study it in my school.
I'm here beacuse I love Fullmetal Alchemist, especially manga (anime sucks ==).
Nice to meet you all!
Welcome to the board Tamisiek! I hope that you will have a wonderful time posting here and make some friends. This forum has an incredibly active thread dedicated to Royai! There are many talented artists, fan-fiction writers, photographers and cosplayers who contribute their work to that thread. I believe that they just got done celebrating Royai day. I suggest that you check the thread out: The Royai Thread

~Have fun and happy posting. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. happy.gif~
Well... Hello There, Im Sagara the Crimson Alchemist and Im not so new as you can see I joined months ago but yesterday I did my first Post!!!...and...well in dont know wath else to say.
PD: if you want more info about me check out my profile...well there is not to much to see but still...
Oi, Faye here. I hail from the mystical and magical land known as the United States. I tend to get pretty obsessed with anime, and I enjoy making graphics, writing, reading, swimming, and staring at my computer screen for hours.

If I suddenly die, I'm probably stuck to my computer, watching 90 episodes straight.
Welcome, Sagara and Faye!!

Hope to see you around the board!! biggrin.gif
Hey, I'm a bit of a lurker and thought I'd join at last! I'm 18, from Britain...

I love FMA, have done since about...2005/2006 maybe? I don't favour the manga over the anime like lots of fans do, I like them both equally. XD Excited about the new series too!

That's all really. tongue.gif
Hello =D
Well yeah I joined last month, but I havent been on reccently sooo here is a little bit about me.

Hello to all FMA and Anime lovers out there
I may be the wildest Roy Mustang cosplayer you will ever meet. Thats right I cosplay Roy, my fav FMA character. Humph I have hand made cosplay right now, but I will be buying the real stuff soon. Soo then I can make videos of myself in cosplay with my sister, who cosplays Edward Elric. Yah, Yah, I know you may be wondering if I have been to any cons yet, well sadly..I havent been to one con at all. :gasp: I now have alot ahead of me, anime cons, like crazy. I will be attending as many as I can. Whoa..that will be awesome. Oh yeah did I say I have a YouTube account...Yep I do, and I love to make FMA videos all the time. I even have my cosplay group account.
Now lets see what other info about me that I havent said yet... Oh I love to read, draw, and wright. Im actually writing my own anime right now, and when completed I will publish it. =D You will have to e-mail me or send me a pm if you wanna read it so far.
Hmm well I better move on to another topic, I think I have bored you work here is done :3

Oooo one more thing! Im a MSA member, just incase there is anyone else out there who is part of the Mini Skirt Army =P

*peace* tongue.gif
QUOTE(roy_mustang_fan_girl @ Sep 13 2008, 10:15 PM) *
I may be the wildest Roy Mustang cosplayer you will ever meet.

Oh I don't doubt that.

Thats right I cosplay Roy, my fav FMA character. Humph I have hand made cosplay right now, but I will be buying the real stuff soon. Soo then I can make videos of myself in cosplay with my sister, who cosplays Edward Elric. Yah, Yah, I know you may be wondering if I have been to any cons yet, well sadly..I havent been to one con at all. :gasp:

..So you just dress up as Roy and sit about? Isn't that just playing Pretend?

Oh yeah did I say I have a YouTube account...

Wow! Are you like some kind of internet master? I wish I had a youtube account.

Now lets see what other info about me that I havent said yet... Oh I love to read, draw, and wright. Im actually writing my own anime right now, and when completed I will publish it.

I bet it'll be the next Mushashi Gundoh!

Oooo one more thing! Im a MSA member, just incase there is anyone else out there who is part of the Mini Skirt Army =P

um hi guys i'm new lol tongue.gif tongue.gif tongue.gif
i like when ed is in payne and i will make him feel more of it cuz it's cool nyaha

sorry i was postin b4 i introduced myself whoops
I forget Introduce myself my name is Okky
I live In Indonesia ( Q : where is that A : Somewhere in this earth laugh.gif )
Hey I'm new here, but very far from new to forums. I have had many of my own.

I love FMA, it is probably my favorite anything of all time. I hope to be an active member here, I just fear that because this forum is so massive as it is, it might be hard to find places to talk.
Hey I'm new here :D
Eh not really, I only just started delurking, though I don't think I'll be posting a whole lot.
I put in the name 'Hey' just for fun. 8P In other forums I'm usually known as Garmmon (or Garm). But I don't mind being called Hey. xD

I like FMA (obviously), manga more than anime (guess that's because I became acquainted with the manga earlier anyway), and my favourite characters are Riza and Ranfan (I tend to like girls more, but there are exceptions) I'm 13 (14 this December), am overly obsessed with monsters (aka Pokemon and Digimon, call me childish if you want), live in Singapore, and I love drawing (monsters).
...Actually while I love drawing monsters/animals I totally suck at drawing humans. For the sake of getting into a post-secondary art course I'm pushing myself to start sketching humans regularly now to get better, even if they look deformed now. That's why I barely have any FMA fanart, because compared to Digimon (which I've been a fan longer of), most of the characters are humans/humanlike things.

For anime, I like FMA, Digimon, Gurren Lagann and D.Gray-man. You can say my exposure is rather limited

I'm also trying to learn Japanese. At about...1-2 words per month? Chinese (Mandarin) is my mother tongue, but sad to say I'm horrible at it. My English is far better (and I think my English is rather bad, so...).

Oh, nice to meet you everybody. I know I come off as a talkative twit but I'm only this talkative in intro theads, really. ^^'
I should go start a new fanart thread to get juicy critique for my drawing of (yet to be) humans.
Wynter Myth
Hey there, I'm Alaska is Cold and I just wanted to drop by and give a brief
introduction before i begin my journey around this forum XD.

So anyways "hi"
*runs out of room*
QUOTE(Alaska is Cold @ Oct 4 2008, 01:33 AM) *
Hey there, I'm Alaska is Cold and I just wanted to drop by and give a brief
introduction before i begin my journey around this forum XD.

So anyways "hi"
*runs out of room*

nice to meet yah~happy.gif
I like your avy~ n_n
and your siggie rocks! 8D
Hello, I go by the name Edward Heiderich, yes, I know it isn't very creative. But you Red if you wish.
Demonic Rosebush
Hi guys... ^^

I'm Demonic Rosebush, 22 years old and FMA-fan since April. I started watching when a friend told me she bought Cosplay-uniform from a certain anime called "Fullmetal Alchemist" and that "I really should watch the series because it's awesome". So I started to watch and I was hooked right after ep 1. After that I started to collect the manga, which I actually now prefer over the Anime. (Though I prefer Anime!Sloth over Manga!Sloth, 'cause she's pretty XD I sound shallow XD)

I'm Dutch, so sometimes my sentences can be a little off. XD

Fav Characters: Hughes, Greed, Lin, Armstrong, Lust, Ed, Olivia and many more
The Foresight Alchemist
Full Metal Alchemist it's my favorate anime and it's kind weird I didn't found that board before but I'd like to conversate with people about it and "transfer" info about its news.
I finished watching the anime 2 years ago,more or less, and I see that I forgot things here and there but still have the admiration and of course that I still remember LOL, if I wouldn't,I would not come here so... I'm here to chat,give&receive information or just talk.

have a nice transmutation,
T.F Alchemist


P.S: I heard about that a second season is coming and I'm quite in shock so if you'd tell me a little bit about it I'll thanks.
my name is Memor-X, that's the name i go under as everywhere, i rarely go under as Memor or Troy Memor but yeh, 97.56% of the time it is me

i'm a game designer, so far all i can make is RPGs but i'm working on trying to create more than that (still in uni learning about game design), i have 4 years of Visual Basic Coding Expierence and 1 year of C++ Coding experiance so i'm not an expert in programing

i'm also an animator, i started with Microsoft Powerpoint but not i've moved onto Flash mainly because of the time it takes to convert a .ppt file to .avi is a hell lot longer and boring that making swf file

i'm into Megaman, Anime, Final Fantasy, Metal Gear, other games and other stuff which i always forget and bet you i'll remeber after i've made this post

FullMetal Alchemist is one of my favorites, so much so that it's one of the Anime i will not get downloaded episodes of and try and get the original DVDs, i've liked fullmetal alchemist so much i've used some of it's themes in my Megaman series where Alchemy is one of the main themes, i even fixed up my own group of Sate Alchemists, Roy Mustang: Flame Alchemist (kept him the same), Riza Hawkeye: Life Weaver Alchemist (fire seeds from a makeshift gun and uses alchmey to quickly sprout the seed and depending on the location, can either attack of defend), Misty Arian: FrozenMist Alchemist (a genetic experiment who can spawn cloads of mist with her mind, using alchemy, she reduces the tempeture and created ice where she uses in a number of ways), Red Durathror: RedEye Alchemist (using her blood and her vampire abilities, Alchemy is her only weapon that doesn't sedn her in a mad Blood Rage), i do have others but they are major spoilers

so yeh, that's me to an extent, hi
Hey there! Umm, so yeah, I only just started getting into this series. I saw a video on youtube of this fight between Edward and Roy, and I thought it was awesome, so I picked up the first two volumes of manga and I've basically been devouring them. happy.gif So yeah, I don't know too much about the series right now, but I love it so far! (especially Roy Mustang, but shhh cool.gif )
hey, well i'm yuki-snow
so hmm..i've been into fma for awhile now, and I have to say its one of my fav animes (!)

well anyways, I dont feel like writing a big, long introduction so, if you see me around the board feel free to say hi, wink.gif

Social Alchemist
Hi I'm new here.

I've been into Fullmetal Alchemist for about a year now. I started getting into this when a friend suggested it to me when I was studying some of the differences between Western and Japanese animation for my animation class (I'm not really into anime so I pretty much read the manga & watched the anime for using it as one of my example), in the end I actually enjoyed it enough to take a more serious interest into it. smile.gif

Other then that my other interest are videogames (most on Nintendo consoles), going out with friends and most sports.
Well, I'm Allie. I joined a long while ago, but my computer died and I haven't had access to the web since July. I just about went insane from the boredom. Anyways, I'm a big FMA and Roy Mustang fan. In the real world, I'm an EMT-B and I work 96 hour weeks, so I don't have a whole lot of "me" time; if I'm not working, I'm at school. I'm a bio major and when I graduate I plan on going to med school. When I find a second to relax, I'm online, writing, or having fun with my friends and boyfriend. I'm pretty friendly, so feel free to chat it up with me sometime.
Hey, I'm Kevin and I'm new here. I'm 14 and I live in NY. I LOVE watching anime and listening to music. I'm really looking forward to making new friends here. If you have MSN or AIM, feel free to add me, I'm always looking for new friends biggrin.gif
Hello everyone, I'm g1m, this is my first post here. I recently got into FMA a few months ago, got hooked on the anime and finished watching the entire series. I absolutely loved it, it's one of my favorite series ever, anime or otherwise happy.gif I hope I can meet fellow FMA fans and make some new friends here smile.gif
Hi I had this account from a long time ago...just thought I should introduce myself again lol.
Broken Chouchou
Yeah same here... I came, I posted, I left. Then I heard about the new FMA series being in production and thought I might pay this site a visit.. for old times sake. And doing so I discovered that the board isn't quite as dead as it used to be. So maybe I'll hang around.. for a while at least ;P
ph34r.gif Hi to all. Want to have a Filipino friend? Just contact me. I'm Jesus Christopher A. Dugayo. 24 years of age. My e-mail address is My mobile number is 09077181479.

Richers Blog smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif
Jesus Christ

I see what you did there.
*Waves* Hi, everyone!

Well, I'm 19 years old, *female* (too many people think I'm a guy! o3o), and I live in British Columbia, Canada. I like FMA, Naruto, and Death Note, as far as anime and manga goes. I love to draw, and write, and I've got a deviantArt account under the name DarkBlysse.

*Shrug* I guess that's about it. I'm still making my way through this site, and I'm loving every bit of it! biggrin.gif
Hi everyone,
I've always been a big FMA fan, and I was a member of this site a long time ago, and only remembered recently, an made a new account. I wonder if some people I know are still around...
Hello all! I joined back in September, but haven't posted until now.

Hagaren is my absolute favorite manga series (I liked the anime ok, as well). I love to talk about it, to the point of annoying my friends and family (except my mother, who also reads it). So, instead I will come talk about it with people like me. tongue.gif

I am a 31 year old stay-at-home mother, and I am addicted to shounen manga.....seriously. I am currently reading 37 active series (weekly and monthly), and have read tons more completed ones. The only anime I watch every week is Bleach (currently at episode 198) and Naruto Shippuuden (currently at episode 88). Other than that, my favorite anime is Yu Yu Hakusho, and has been ever since I first saw it back in 1997.

I hope to make new friends here, as I am a bit of a forum junkie! biggrin.gif
Hello, everyone. My name is Sarah, and I love Full Metal Alchemist.

((why did that sound like I should be saying 'hello my name is Sarah, and I am an alcoholic'? dry.gif ))

Anyway, I watched almost all of the FMA anime a few years back when it used to be on Adult Swim all of the time and hadn't really thought about the series at all until more and more people started raving about the manga to me. About two weeks ago, I finally decided to read the manga and now that I am all caught up, I am hooked. This series is probably in my top five favorite manga series of all time now, so I had to find a good site for it. An acquaintance (points to Maphisto's post above) from a Bleach site introduced me to this one. I hope to have some great FMA discussions with you all! happy.gif

I'm paranoid when it comes to the internet so call me Poesy. Gay, I know. I'm not going to state the obvious reason why I'm on this forum. I like other stuff too. Like Ouran, Gravitation, Katekyo Hitman Reborn and more. I'm not all about manga either. I like Harry Potter, books by Mary Higgins Clark, books by Tamora Pierce and again, a lot more than I bother to remember right now.

I'm shirking my studies and should prolly go back to studying.
I'm new.
I like many things in life like video games, shooting guns, and playing guitar.
And obviously I like Anime some of my favorites are FMA(duh), Wolf's Rain, Cowboy Bebop, and Blood+.
Oh and I just started watching Samurai Champloo.
I decided to come join after hereing about the new series that's coming in April.
I'm pretty glad to here that there's more FMA coming. smile.gif
Hi! I joined a little while ago, but this is the first time I actually posted. I loooooooooooooooooooooooove fullmetal alchemist, which is why I'm here! tongue.gif
welcome to the site new people.
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