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Full Version: Newcomers, Please Say "hello" Here! ^^
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QUOTE(Tombow @ Mar 16 2007, 06:03 AM) [snapback]518304[/snapback]
@Emily_BrokenAngel - Hey, that's ok!! Just keep coming and post your "welcome" to our new friends!! happy.gif

Hahaha thanks happy.gif
And.... As I said...U.U
I have hurry again so....
See ya!! and follow the links that my friends already gave you wink.gif
Welcome to the board Catzzzrule, and Yumeitsumo happy.gif! Be sure to read the Rules and The Beginners Guide to Forum Decorum, Sweety_Pie posted the links to those pages so take a few minutes to read everything. I hope you two make a lot of new friends and have fun posting and uploading images on this site ^.^! If you have any more questions please PM either me or someone else on this site to help you!
Well hi am new to this forum but this place is very exciting
Hi fullmetallover1221, Welcome to the Board ! biggrin.gif

its good to see you like the forum , I'll be guiding you through some things here now,
you can totally enjoy everything here , but first you should go through the Rules, their violation can get you into trouble !
Also Read the The Beginnerīs Guide to Forum Decorum, its full of helpful tips so you can learn more about posting here ! biggrin.gif

This is the Forum Home Page, and as you can see its been divided into 4 sections , 3 are for posting and 1 is for general stats.

The first section is Genearal Discussion , where you can talk of General Animes , General Manga, General Games , General Music and much more.

you could try out the Spam Center for fun games...

This section is simply dedicated to all things NOT related of FMA !

If you'd like to talk about FMA anime , the you could go to the Fullmetal Alchemist Discussion Section , there you will find the FMA Anime , Manga ,Game , Charecter Discussion and much more...
This section only has threads related to FMA.

You could see the Gallery if you want , its full of cool pictures...!

If you have any questions feel free to ask them here or at the Questions thread !

I'd recommend that you see the
General Anime Terms/ Abbreviations, you can find some helpful things there too, and ever term has been explained there , so can check up with it ! Also see the Frequently asked questions and Answers to them thread , you might just find a question there and the answer to them , you can post your questions here too ! biggrin.gif

happy Posting ! biggrin.gif
Welcome fullmetallover1221!! smile.gif

Like Amol said you should read The Rules.
The rules are imprtant for all new members too read.

Anyways have fun, and please ask any questions you can think of! biggrin.gif

@Amol - Great job helping out all our new members. smile.gif

@Yumi - Thank you so much for introducing me to your website. I really like it there.
Hello! I' ve finally decided to register here. I love the website. smile.gif
Indignant Judgment
Hey Twilightz Welcome to the board

Here are the rules that every newcomer has to read

So like I said Welcome and have fun posting and ask any questions that you may have happy.gif
Welcome Twilightz. Glad you like the website. smile.gif

As you have already been told by ArmouredSoul you should read The Rules.
Also you might want to check out A beginners guide to forum decorum.

Have fun, and happy posting!
Also I hope that if you have any questions you will ask them.
Ratzenheich FMA Super fan
Whoa. It's just now that I saw this thread. I haven't introduced myself yet so here goes.

Hi! My name is Alphonse. And no, my nickname isn't Al. happy.gif People usually just call me Phonse or Phonz for short. I'm 13 years old and I live here in Manila, Philippines. I'm currently a 1st year high school student. Well, I'll be second year now when school opens again this June. I enjoy surfing the net, chatting, playing computers games and sports like soccer and tennis. I suck at soccer though. biggrin.gif I'm basically an average person. smile.gif That's basically who I am.
Hi! I registered about 45 secs ago and my name is Tulikukka. This place seems very interesting and I hope I'm welcome here :)
Hello Tulikukka. Of course you are welcome here. biggrin.gif

As a newcomer you should read The Rules.

Have fun and please ask any questions you can think of.

Hope too see more of your posts around. smile.gif
@Ratzen - Nice introduction. I doubt if I need to give you the rules, anyways, you are a member for a while, and probley know them all by now.
i'm armelle

i'm 17

Welcome to the forum Armelle! I hope that you enjoy your stay here. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. Before posting I suggest that you look over the following threads:

The Rules
A Begginer's Guide to Forum Decorum (This thread is really helpful and will provide a lot of tips for new posters.)

~Be sure to have a great time
Hi Armelle , Tulikukka and Twilightz , Welcome tot he board biggrin.gif !

As Edamame and sweety pie have mentioned before , please read the Forum Rules, its a must for all members. Dont forget to the The Beginnerīs Guide to Forum Decorum, its full of useful tips for posting here , I'm sure you find handy stuff there.

Moving on , this is the Forum Home and you can see its divided into 4 parts , 3 are for posting and 1 is for general stats.

The posting sections are as follows :

1) General Discussion Subforums : This section mainly has threads related to General Animes , General Manga , General Game ,General Music , General Video and other threads !

You could check out the Spam Central for fun games and other random threads.

2) Full Metal Alchemist Discussion Subforums : This section deals with threads related to FMA ONLY !

you can find Character Discussion threads and other threads related to the Anime and the Manga

There is much more inside !!! biggrin.gif

3) The Third section is the Site Support Subforums , you can seek help if you have any questions or you could just put in your comments and suggestions there. We'd be gald to get them and know what you feel biggrin.gif

You can check out everything here ,
If you wish you could see the Gallery too , its full of pictures and I"m sure there are many interesting ones there.

If you have any questions of feel you can understand anything , feel free to post you questions here or you could also post them at the Questions Thread.

Happy Posting all of you biggrin.gif


Thanks for the compliments sweety pie, I'm trying to make some good posts here and trying welcome the newcomers ! You do a Great job too, keep it up biggrin.gif !
@Ratzenheich FMA Super fan - Nice to meet you!! Glad you like our board!!
Keep up with your postings, and see you around the board!! ^^
ETA: And, yes, I agree with Kenji.. I like your drawings, too!! happy.gif


Hello Larry-Chan, and yumeitsumo, and catzzzrule, and fullmetallover1221, and Twilightz, and Tulikukka, and Armelle, WELCOME to the board!!
Glad you all decided to join us!! Nice to have you with us!! biggrin.gif

Hope you will all enjoy posting on our board!!
We have a variety of FMA and non-FMA discussion forums on our board.
You can find the links to our various forums on discussion forums home page.

Hope to see your posts for Ed, Al, and all your fav FMA characters in FMA character discussion (both FMA manga and anime) forum, and about your thoughts on FMA in FMA Anime forum, or about your favorite episode in FMA Anime AA sub-forum!!
Or, check out the info on the songs you heard on FMA in FMA Music forum!!

For your non-FMA anime/manga interests, we have General Manga and General Anime forums with threads on many of your favorite shows and manga!!

@Larry-Chan - We have General Music forum with Linkin Park thread and Evanescence thread and much more!! Or check out Naruto and Bleach and Inuyasha and other threads in our General Anime forum!! biggrin.gif

@yumeitsumo - Hope to see your posts on our Teach Japanese thread!! biggrin.gif

@catzzzrule - Your fanarts are amazing!! And, wow you like Royai??
You got to come to our Royai thread!! It's one of the nicest threads on our board!! (And won the Best Thread Award on this year's Board Award. ^^)
Also, since you like photography, you might enjoy checking out our Photography thread for pics taken by our members also!!

@fullmetallover1221 - You can find threads for TV programs and movies in our General Video forum. biggrin.gif

@Twilightz - Hope you would join some of our Roleplay threads in our Roleplay Community!!
And, since you like reading and drawing, you might be interested in our Fanfics sub-forum, or posting your drawings on one of our Multi-artists Fanarts thread, or opening a thread to post all your fanart collections in our Fanart sub-forum!!
And, we have Ganeral Game forum for game talks also. smile.gif

@Tulikukka - If you like, we have many talented Signature makers who can make a custom made sig for you!!

@Armelle - Love your cute avatar!! ^^ Hope to see more of your posts around the board!! biggrin.gif

Also, for everyone, as mentioned by others, please make sure to visit:
The Forum Rules (MUST READ for all new comers) and
The Beginnerīs Guide to Forum Decorum
They are full of useful info on posting on our board!!

Oh, and in case you have a problem of not being able to use ADDREPLY button, that one is explained on Can't use ADDREPLY button? thread.

If you have any questions on posting on our board, feel free to post here and ask us!!
We are here to help you, and ready to answer your questions!!

Hope you all have wonderful time on our board!! biggrin.gif


@Amol - I try. ^^ You're doing great, too!! happy.gif

@Kenji - I agree, on both accounts. ^^

@All our Welcome Hosts - You guys/gals are awesome!! Plaese keep up!! happy.gif
Tombow has arrived , he's somewhat like an official welcomer for the site tongue.gif

Tombow never misses the chance to welcome others biggrin.gif
QUOTE(Tombow @ Mar 19 2007, 11:30 PM) [snapback]519534[/snapback]
@Ratzenheich FMA Super fan - Nice to meet you!! Glad you like our board!!
Keep up with your posting, and see you around the board!! ^^

Erm...I would like to add...

Keep up with your drawings too!!!

and of course...
Hats down to catzzzrule, fullmetallover1221, Twilightz, Tulikukka, and Armelle.
Enjoy! This is a great place to be in... ^.^
i've gotten some bad comments already...... sad.gif
Welcome to the board:Fullmetallover1221, Tilightz, Ratzenheich FMA Super Fan, Tulikukka, and Armelle! I hope you all have read the rules and The Beginners Guide to Forum Decorum, if you havent please take a look at them. After that i hope you have a fun time posting and uploading pics!

Sincerely ~Edward~Elric~Fan~ (Katie)

~PS: If you need any help just PM me or anyone else thats at this site and we will help however we can happy.gif!~
Welcome Fullmetallover1221, Tilightz, Ratzenheich FMA Super Fan, Tulikukka, and Armelle! happy.gif

I hope you enjoy the forums here!! There's a lot of things to do around here!! happy.gif Make sure you read the rules and know what you can do or can't do!! happy.gif Also remember to enjoy!! If you need any help with things you don't understand just ask our fourm moderators or any member who's willing to answer your questions!! happy.gif

Have fun!! happy.gif
^ Those happy.gif was alligned so beautifully... lol

@Larry-Chan Some comments are meant to be read, while some comments are meant to be binned. Furthermore, it is only bad comments about your favourite singers instead of insulting you... Just forget it...and remember, your record are still clean... tongue.gif laugh.gif

By the way, not the right thread to post in... ^.^
Welcome Armelle.

Hope you have fun, and like it here.

Like people have told you, The Rules are important for you to read.

I like your siggie. It is really cute. wink.gif

Anyways, have fun, and ask any questions, you can think of. smile.gif


@Larry-Chan - Sorry that you got bad comments. May I ask who left them? (if you do not mind me asking)

Btw your post was kind of spam. This thread is where you post an introduction. Tell us about your self. Your fav. stuff, how old you are, where you are from. etc. I guess just like a brief story about you.
Besides, I think you have already posted an intro here.
hey miracle , Ratzenheich FMA Super Fan , is a old member ... you welcomed him too .. laugh.gif !!!
@Larry-Chan - To avoid getting "bad comments," I think it is generally a good idea to stay away from making "flaming" posts, and stay polite to others on your posts. biggrin.gif
Also, reading other people's posts on the thread before making your post is a good idea, too. smile.gif

Nah...she's whining because she received bad comment about LP and Evanescence... not because of her attitude... You are a good girl Larry-Chan... wink.gif

-starting to off track-
Ratzenheich FMA Super fan
I'm quite an old member already. happy.gif Anyway thanks for the welcome, and for those who are new, it's nice having you here with us at the boards. We need new active members and we hope you participate occassionally in our forum. smile.gif

BTW, I just wanna ask the people here and any one who is new. I just want to make a survey and know if anyone else here has a long or weird or both name. I've been a bit shy to reveal my full name because it's long and some people find it weird. But here goes...

My full name is Alphonse Serafin Kyle M. Lopez. wacko.gif dry.gif

I wish I had a shorter name. It's annoying especially when I'm filling out forms and having my quarterly exams (they require us to write down our full names during quarterly exams).

Please tell me your full names if you dont mind. I just want to know how many people here have long, weird, multiple names.

Thanks a lot to those who answer me!


BTW, is it safe to give out your full name online?
WOW , Alphonse Serafin Kyle M. Lopez , thats certainly long ohmy.gif , mine is really short , Amol Mishra ( thats only 10 letters).

Anyways may be miracle made a mistake while adding the names biggrin.gif
Ratzenheich FMA Super fan
Thanks for replying. Wow! You've got a short name there. >_< You're probably having an easier time filling out forms. When I fill out forms that require me to shade a box with the corresponding letter, I always ask them what to do because my name never fits because there aren't enough boxes!!! sad.gif mellow.gif
Ratzenheich , ( i hope i can call you that ) , yea small name is good , mine is infact liked by many of friends and teachers too !

About the forms and application laugh.gif , do you even have enough blocks to fill in your name.

And I think the names thing can be discussed some place else.
Ahh , i think you can post about the names here!

lets not fill up this thread with junk biggrin.gif
@Ratzenheich FMA Super fan - I can understand your predicament, and your passion for discussing your real name, but please contain discussions of real names to name thread only.

And, no, I do not want to see us asking real names of the newcomers on this thread.
Any personal biographical information they tell us voluntarily without being asked is fine, but IMO, us asking their personal information is impolite. We should go by only what they give us freely.
Ratzenheich FMA Super fan
Oh sorry about that. Can you please transfer my message and the ones after that to the thread your referred me to. Thanks!
hi, my name is...well....just read it. anyhoo. i wanna get my name changed to Shuriken Specialist. but the mods are too lazy to do anything about it. j/k mods. ph34r.gif tongue.gif anyway, i hope to have fun on here!
QUOTE(SHITHEAD @ Mar 24 2007, 06:28 PM) [snapback]521433[/snapback]
hi, my name is...well....just read it. anyhoo. i wanna get my name changed to Shuriken Specialist. but the mods are too lazy to do anything about it. j/k mods. ph34r.gif tongue.gif anyway, i hope to have fun on here!

My flamer sense is tingling....
Oh yeah!!!
More new members!!!! biggrin.gif
Im so happy rolleyes.gif
HAVE FUN!! And visit our gallery happy.gif
Comments please... Read the rules that my companions already gave to you n_n
Hi SHITHEAD laugh.gif , Welcome to the Board ! biggrin.gif

I think it would be wise to read the Forum Rules first and then The Beginnerīs Guide to Forum Decorum, these would guide you through the posting process here !

I'll explain the set up of the site to you , I hope you can find this handy to browse through it ....

This is the Forum Home , as you can see the site has been divided into 3 posting section and a general statistic section.

The posting sections contain Subforums for General Discussion , where you will find the General Manga , General Anime , General Music , General Game , and other general threads.

Basically this Subforum has been dedicated only to the Threads NOT related to FMA~

The Full Metal Alchemist Discussion Subforums , include ONLY threads and Sub-sub forums related to FMA !
We have the Character Discussion, Full Metal Alchemist Anime, Full Metal Alchemist Manga, and much more ....... !

The third section that of the Site Support where you can post your Comments and Questions or just post a request .... !

You wanted you name changed right ?
Then I suggest you go to the Change Display Name thread !
I'm sure the Mods will attend to you problem with speed !

If you have any questions regarding any thing feel free to post them here or at the Questions
thread. You should also see the Frequently Asked Questions, And Answers For Them thread , cos many people tend to have the same questions when they are new ... biggrin.gif

Hope you have a nice time....

Happy posting ! biggrin.gif
@....HEAD - As Amol has kindly posted, I recommend you post on Board Id change thread, get your name changed, then come back and post better introduction again, in case you'd like to have better "fresh start" on our board. smile.gif



@Ratzenheich FMA Super fan - No way I'm moving any more of your posts from here, or from anywhere for that matter, to the "name" thread again, after already moving more than 30 plus posts to the "name" thread because of your spam posting on other thread!! laugh.gif
(I just delete it, and any related posts on this thread. XDD)
BTW, I don't recommend you'd try to start up another "name" discussions on anywhere again, except on the name thread. You could get more than a verbal warning next time. smile.gif


ETA: Today. Replying to posts below. ^^
@Ratzenheich FMA Super fan - Yap, that's my specialty. biggrin.gif (insert evil laugh here laugh.gif )
The thing is, I'm not mad at you personally. From what I see, you seem like a good person. biggrin.gif But, I'd like you to know that persistent Spamming is regarded as an offense on our board, so that you can avoid getting in trouble in the future from doing that, since, IMO, I do see some tendency to spam in your postings. smile.gif
BTW, I agree with you, and it is sad that many of the new people don't post beyond few posts. I'd like to see them participate in more postings on our board also. sad.gif

@Kenji - Are you saying the poster has been suspended (again?? huh.gif ) after he/she had made his/her last post yesterday on this thread?? Wow. blink.gif
Ratzenheich FMA Super fan
It's scary that Tombow can remain in a generally infuriated mood and still say it in a nice way with so many smilies. ph34r.gif

And it's kinda sad, there are a number of people joining the forums but none of them seem to post. I noticed most of the new members' post counts don't go past ten.
QUOTE(Tombow @ Mar 25 2007, 06:09 PM) [snapback]521734[/snapback]
@SHITHEAD - As Amol has kindly posted, I recommend you post on Board Id change thread, get your name changed, then come back and post better introduction again, in case you'd like to have better "fresh start" on our board. smile.gif

He/She can't do anthing...from what I know, he/she was refrained from posting...

-end of spam-
404~Error-Not Found!
Hi everybody!

My name is Naminé, Iīm 17 years old and Iīm from Spain tongue.gif

I love the asian culture and one of my favourites hobbies is read mangas (specially FMA and Death Note) I have a very bad english so sorry if I make some errors when I write xDD

See ya!
Hey! I'm Ray! I'm 13, almost 14. I live in Ohio. Nice to meet you all!
HELLO Ray [kuzon234ray] and Namine [404~Error-Not Found!]...
WELCOME aboard... ^.^

As starters,
read as a guide-
The Forum Rules (MUST READ for all newcomers) and
The Beginnerīs Guide to Forum Decorum

The FMA section is divided into two sections, FMA Anime Discussion forum and the FMA Manga Discussion forum

Other mangas and animes can be discussed at General Anime thread and General manga thread.

To make things tense up, feel free to vote for 2006 anime of the year awards at The Red Carpet thread.

In case you have a problem of not being able to use ADDREPLY button, that one is explained on Can't use ADDREPLY button? thread.

Have fun and happy posting!
See ya!
Hiya 404~Error-Not Found!, kuzon234ray, and SHITHEAD (Or whatever your new name is). Welcome to the board, please read the Rules and the Beginners Guide to Forum Decorum (as Kenji posted, thank you biggrin.gif). Once you took a look at that, have fun posting and uploading images happy.gif!

~Ps: If you have any ?'s just us me or one of the other board members here wink.gif!
Carnal Malefactor
Hi, my name's Ralph! I'm 46 and I live in a tar-paper shanty down by the docks. I like to scrounge for tin cans for recyclin' and make hooch in my bathtub. Sometimes, when I get real shitfaced, I like to go down on the boardwalk and flash the young girls that buy snow cones there.

Hey everybody, my name is Josh. I live in Ontario. I love anime, lots and lots of anime. I can't wait to have fun here and get more friends!
Hello Josh [LastExile] from Ontario!!
Welcome aboard!!

As appetizer, you can read The Forum Rules and
The Beginnerīs Guide to Forum Decorum

To 404~Error-Not Found!, kuzon234ray and LastExile
If any of you has any question please post in Question tread


@Ralph [Abstruse Eulogy a.k.a SirBacon] Glad you had fun here... tongue.gif
Hi 404~Error-Not Found (Naminé) from Spain, kuzon234ray(Ray) from Ohio and LastExile (Josh) from Ontario , welcome to the board biggrin.gif

Firstly you should read Forum Rules and The Beginnerīs Guide to Forum Decorum, they should help you out knowing the rules and tips for posting here biggrin.gif

I'll start of with a General Introduction to the site and then I'll cover up for things of your interest .... biggrin.gif

The Forum Home , is divided into 3 posting and a general statistics part !

The Posting Sections are as follows ; General Discussions , Full Metal Alchemist Discussion Subforums and the Site Support .

The General Discussions contain general threads with context to the General Anime, General Manga , General Music, General Video and the General Game threads... !

In this section you can only find discussions of general things , that is everything other than FMA is included. NO FMA related thread is in this section !

Next is the Full Metal Alchemist Discussion Subforums , where you can find threads related ONLY to FMA ..... such as the Character Discussion threads , where you can talk of your favorite characters from FMA or just talk of a particular Episode or chapter from the FMA manga at Full Metal Alchemist Anime section and Full Metal Alchemist Manga section , respectively !

The SITE SUPPORT Section helps you to post your Comments and Questions and you can also ask for other help there.... !

If you have any questions pertaining the board , please feel free to ask them here or at the Questions
thread !

Happy posting everyone biggrin.gif


404~Error-Not Found , you mentioned you like Death Note Manga , well here is the link to the thread related to it ... and for FMA I've provided it above in the FMA discussion section ..... hope you have fun !

LastExile you can make plenty of friends here , I surely be one ... !
Welcome to our community SHITHEAD, 404~Error-Not Found!, kuzon234ray, and LastExile. biggrin.gif

I hope you all like it here, and have fun. wink.gif

Blah blah blah. Read The Rules.
(Like Amol said.) They are important to read, and follow.

If ya'll have any questions please ask them.

@404~Error-Not Found! - We have a Death Note thread here. If you want to check it out. smile.gif
You are from Spain. That is cool. I speak a little Spanish. So do quite a few of our members.
Also if you wanna, you can talk about where you live here.
Talk about how old you are here.

Hope you have fun around here.
BTW I really like your avatar. It is cool. biggrin.gif

@kuzon234rayYou can also talk of your age here. smile.gif
We have an Avatar: the last airbender thread. If you want to check it out.

@LastExile - We have a game forums here.
You can talk about video games, and such there.
Also in case you wanna check it out we have an RPG forums here. smile.gif

@Void - Oh god. You are really creepy. blink.gif


Anyways. I hope you all have fun. Meet new people. And like it here. smile.gif

Welcome SHITHEAD, 404~Error-Not Found!, kuzon234ray, and LastExile! I think all the ground needed has been covered, so I'll just extend my welcome. Follow the rules, have fun, and happy posting. happy.gif
Void- laugh.gif That just made my day.
Hello Josh (Last Exile), please read the Rules and Begginers Guide to Forum Decorum (as Sweety_Pie, Amol, and Kenji posted, thanks happy.gif!). After doing so, have fun posting and uploading pics biggrin.gif!

~Ps: If you have any ?'s just ask me or any of the other board members wink.gif.
Ok lets see...
404~Error-Not Found!

Hope you already read the rules that my partners already gave you happy.gif
Visit our gallery!! We have lots of pics there rolleyes.gif
Wheeeeeee new members!!! *dances*
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