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Hey sup im another newbie! I'm 14, from MD. I'm a total nerd and i wanna learn about alchemy. I had herd about the show through a commercial on cartoon networks adult swim and the prospect was intresting (I think thats how you use the word) so i decided to look into it and found this site. So i'm here
Ah. I see we have a fan because of the dubs that will playing. My advice to you is to get your paws on the subs and quickly. Or you'll most likely never appreciate the japanese voices in their entirety. So quickly! Gooo~ xD

Oh yeah, and welcome! x3
same here! WELCOME you two! im also new..not to old ...tee hee hee!

btw....i'm bored... ^-^;

oh and I started this really really stupid comic book call "WORLD DOMINATION"..
the two main characters are girls(very chaotic and destructive) but insanely stupid of their actions... : 9
srrys,i put my intro in the rong place
but this is now my intro,and again i say,this place is huge!
Riza Babe
yeah alot of people are comming in like errr elephants laugh.gif couldn't think of and describtion
um,well,FMA is awsum and we'll be getting thousands more when the dub come out i bet
Riza Babe
its comming out tommorrow
OMG,IT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm kinda new, so I guess all I can say is...HI!!! laugh.gif
Hey People im indroducing myself im matt and i like anime lol laugh.gif
i like anime too lol
Hm. If you're on this forum its pretty much assumed you like anime. o_o
hey i am a newbie to this site but not a n00b...

but this is a n00b question: how do u get higher ranks & what not?
oh and i like anime aswell hahaha happy.gif
Number of posts little grasshopper. happy.gif
yo thanx Ail... if i were to just add random (but meaningfull) messages to boards would that work? unsure.gif
-=] AkunoToraNo Ouji [=-
New member, friend introduced me to the site and I've been readin up on the manga,.. interesting stuffz.

Anyways, name is gomez
18 yrs old , dallas , Tx
senior in highschool, varsity football player (season is over now *tear*) :/
friendly, a good friend to talk to so if im online feel free to msg g0m3zthepimp on aim (lame sn friends made for me years ago ) tongue.gif
of course i like anime and the asian culture , lol i have endless korean and japanese friends, I even drive a 300zx twinturbo biggrin.gif

anywayz , trying to keep busy with my free time i have now with no job and easy schedule in school tongue.gif
Welcome y'all. biggrin.gif
Eee~ You used "y'all"! You are now officially cool in my book. >w<

And yes Switch, just start responding to some of the random posts on Open Chat if you need to. And try to add your opinion to things. People get to know you better as well. happy.gif
-=] AkunoToraNo Ouji [=-
Omg! another Texan? lol... I actually try to limit my use of that word around non texas people sad.gif
texis! is it tru tat every thing is BIGGER there? blink.gif
Not very funny.. dry.gif
QUOTE(Gashole @ Nov 9 2004, 08:12 PM)
Welcome y'all. biggrin.gif

I'm sorry, that was supposed to be:

Welcome y'all. rolleyes.gif
QUOTE(Ailuro @ Nov 9 2004, 09:35 PM)
Not very funny..  dry.gif

Well i thought it was funny! mad.gif was it? huh.gif
android #17
[COLOR=green][FONT=Arial] Hi, i absolutey love FULL METAL ALCHEMIST smile.gif I started watching it about a month ago and after seeing the first episode i was like "OMG, I HAVE TO THE REST OF THIS SHIT!" So right now, i'm up to episode #36. I also like NARUTO, DB-Z-GT,RUROUNI KENSHIN ,INUYASHA, TRIGUN, and lots more just i don't have much time to name them all. I'll be some other time to talk about FMA. For now, SAYANORA MEENA-SAN! biggrin.gif
Sapphire Alchemist Naur
Greetings and allow me to introduce myself I am National Alchemist Naur, the Sapphire Alchemist *strikes dramatic bishie pose*. But for all you ladies out there I'm just Naur *poses with a flower and sparkley things about him.* To give you a general idea about my appearance, just picture the elustreous Col. Roy Mustang.........but with brown hair and a stylish goatee.

Ok, r/l here, got into FMA at the end of summer when we started watching it in anime club at school. We're now about at episode 30 (or the one where they go to dante's home and greed and his goons show up) and with every episode I continually grow in my thought that this is the most well written and thoroughly concieved anime, as well as most balanced, to date. It has the philosophical notes of eva and lain, but without the freakiness. It has the humor of trigun or FLCL, the character development of cowboy bebop, to put it plainly it is a perfect mixture of every element the best anime have. Anyway stumbled on this forum while doing an image search and given my cartooning abilities hope to contribute to the fanart section of the forums.
Hi. Even though you may think I'm an elementary schooler (From my name, telepika, and from the way I write), I'm actually a 1st year in college. I live in Los Angeles but I'm currently attending college in San Diego. I've been watching FMA since February but I've only started posting here last Tues., or Sun...???

I'm Asian. I'm a super huge Ed fan. Besides FMA, I like Rurouni Kenshin, Hunter X Hunter, Naruto, Bleach... among many many others. I specialize at being weird and frightening people with my randomness.

Well, English dub FMA is on again so I'll be watching that now. Ja ne.
Hi i'm.... 12 turning 13 on nov. 16 lol^^. I love anime and FMA. Just watched it on cartoon network last saturday and i'm perminatly addicted. The other anime series i love are inuyasha, samurai x and roni kenshin, and trigun.... lol so many that i cant tell u ^^.
Well still in middle skool and going to be a freshman next year! yay! lol
And also i live in california... the sunshine state.
Love ya all!^^
Kairia Yuna
I'm 12, and new. Female... Comp. Freak... Yeah, that's preety much it
hey, i'm 13, live in MN, USA, the name is Tou Sue and i don't like my name either. smile.gif
Riza Babe
hi everyone!!! and welcome to the Forum!!!hope u enjoy it if u need help pm me!! laugh.gif
-Zhou Yu-
Im 14 sortof new im an otaku ive lived in japan for 4 years my favorite anime is case closed plus FMA and thats about it.
Hello. I'm Maggie from Poland, 21. I'm great fan of Final Fantsy and FMA series. Hope, that my english will be not any trouble for You. biggrin.gif
-Zhou Yu-
final fantasy is awsome im playing ff7 now
hagane no hitsuji
Hello, my name is Ketty, I'm 17 from Israel.

Erm.. *thinks*... well, as you can see from my username, I'm a sheep tongue.gif and not just any sheep, a metal one. I've no idea why the hell I chose this nickname, but I guess we're all just gonna have to live with it.

Anyways, I just finished watching the FMA anime, and I can't believe it's actually over. *sob* I'll be moving to the manga now, then, I suppose.

Yeah... and my point is... well, there isn't actually one. Let's just settle for 'hi im new lolz'.
Hello Ketty. Glad you could be a part of our forum community. You're from Israel? Wow, that's awesome. o_o

I hope you like it here! I love your username by the way. x3
Hello, I'm new here and a member of three other forums at the time, so bear with me if I don't keep up.
-Zhou Yu-
l am the demon Akivasha
True FMA
Hey, guys. Im not all that new, but it would still be nice if people said hello to me. tongue.gif
-Zhou Yu-
How do you raise ur ranking?
True FMA
Im pretty sure its when you reach a certain number of posts.
QUOTE(-Zhou Yu- @ Nov 13 2004, 11:37 AM)
How do you raise ur ranking?

by making more posts... i think u get rank increased every 50 posts or so. laugh.gif
... cool.gif
you stole my avatar mad.gif
Riza Babe
lol O.O well cloud had it before u so u stole his advata
he stole my avatar by the way whats an advata
Riza Babe
lol im bad with my typo
lol doesn't happen to me much but it sucks for those who it happens too constantly
and i think gugclo had the same one before too, with his name on it sleep.gif
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